Mine's Flame

A/N: I am ignoring the fact the Guren lost his memories. Masahiro thinks he did but Guren remembered anyway.

Summary: Guren knew he should trust that Seimei knew best for Masahiro. He knew he had no right to decide what should happen in the boys life…That wouldn't stop him though.

Warning: This is slash! If you can think it, it is probably in here!

Pairing: Guren/Masahiro!!

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General PoV

Guren watched as Masahiro fought demon after demon. He growled in anger for he was not allowed to help the younger boy.

Masahiro was 16 now, three years after he had 'Killed' Guren. He had grown just a bit, and his hair was now longer than it had been before. He looked a lot like Seimei but Guren knew, he could see the differences.

It could be seen in the way Masahiro carried himself. It was the same pride but Masahiro just seemed more delicate…or maybe Guren was just biased.

Back to the fight…Guren was angry because not only was he told not to help, which he wouldn't have listen to too begin with, but he was also being sealed by Seimei to make sure he couldn't help!

"Seimei! Release me now! Masahiro needs me!" Guren snarled to his 'Master'.

Seimei was his master…for now. What Seimei didn't know was that Guren had found a ritual that would free him from Seimei. From there…well, that is a secret.

"I'm sorry Guren but he must learn to fight on his own!"

Guren snarled once again before turning his eyes back to Masahiro.

He struggled more as he watched one of the demons claw at Masahiro's arm, drawing blood.

"Masahiro!" he yelled again.

The battle lasted about another 30 minutes before Masahiro sealed the last demon. The instant Seimei released Guren though, Guren made his move.

Rushing over to where Masahiro had now collapsed, he knelt down and sat the boy up with one arm.

"Masahiro…" he whispered as he took in the numerous injuries the young boy had.

Raising his other hand, he cast a circle of flame around himself and Masahiro, blocking the others from getting closer.

"Touda?! What are you doing?" Seiryuu yelled.

Guren sighed and picked Masahiro up bridal style, cuddling him close to his chest.

"I will not stand by and let Masahiro be hurt." He replied. He saw Seimei stare in shock before something clicked in the older mans head.

"You, you were supposed to have forgotten everything…" Seimei said.

Guren shook his head.

"How could I have forgotten something like the one I love? After I have denied myself this feeling for so long, I would not give it up that easily. I am sorry Seimei but I am taking him."

Seiryuu was about to force his way through the flames when Seimei spoke up again.

"What do you plan to do after he dies?" Guren just grinned.

"He will not die." Seimei was about to ask again when it clicked.

"Ah…then I must concede. If you force him though…I will let them kill you. If this is what you think is best though, then I know that not even all of us together can stop you."

Seiryuu went to attack but Seimei stopped him.

"Why Seimei! He is going to take your heir and you are just going to let them leave!?"

Seimei shook his head.

"There is no way to stop them. Let them leave…for now. Guren, Bring him back when he has made his choice. If he chooses you then I will respect that…just don't keep him away forever."

Guren smiled at his former master.

"Yes, Seimei."

Guren turned to leave, he didn't know where they would go…somewhere not human at least, but he would protect Masahiro.

He thought a bit until he figured it out. 'I will take him to mount Kifune…She should know what to do.' Guren thought to himself.

Heading to the mountain, he held back a grin when he saw the purple haired woman waiting for him at the bottom of the mountain.

"Takoa, I require shelter and…I have a few questions as well."

The purple haired dragon woman nodded and smiled slightly at Masahiro.

"I helped him to kill you."

Guren nodded. "I know. I understand why you did it though…I almost killed him…I will never forgive myself for that but I must protect him."

Takoa smiled slightly and nodded.

"Then follow me. I will lead you both through the gates and into a world of your own. It will make things easier if he isn't in some cave."

Guren nodded, and hugged Masahiro closer to him. He smiled as the young boy snuggled closer to his warmer skin and murmured softly.

Guren leaned down slightly to press a warm kiss to Masahiro's forehead before continuing to follow Takoa. She led him to her shrine before stopping and holding her hands out in front of her.


"Open oh door of the hideaway. Give these lonely souls a place for them exist till they have discovered and solved their problems. Allow the god Touda and the Onmyoji Masahiro to finde safety and peace within your hold…"

There was a bright light before a door appeared.

"Enter here, I cannot follow you but I will see you both when you come out. This place will keep you both until you are both ready to leave it. It is now up to you Touda to convince him of your love and it is up to him to accept or decline."

Guren nodded and stepped up to the door.

"I will return him as soon as he wants to come back."

With that, the pair disappeared into the doorway.

Takoa smiled slightly and turned to the forest.

"Seimei, I know you are out there. The place I have sent them is a place that will protect them both."

Seimei stepped out of the forest.

"Yes but you added something to the spell that I didn't understand…" He replied with a slight grin.

She laughed and nodded.

"Let us say that it is something that will help…move things along…"

Seimei laughed as well and shook his head before frowning.

"Would that make it against his will?"

She shook her head.

"That will only work if he feels the same. If he doesn't, then he will have a bit of a belly ache and that will be the end of it. If he has yet to realize his feelings even in the slightest though, then it will make him notice, in which case he will then feel the effects and then it will happen."

Seimei nodded and turned away.

"Tell me when they come back." Was all he said before he left.

Takoa nodded after him and turned back to the door.

"Be careful, boys. I have done all I can to push this along…now it is up to you."

Inside the door…

Guren smiled slightly as he looked around the place they would be staying. There was grass and flowers and trees everywhere as well as a lake in the center. On one side of the lake was lovely house that had a dock that went over the lake slightly.

"He will be happy." Guren said to himself as he walked towards the house. He was glad to see that everything was furnished and that the kitchen was set up as well as directions on how to get food.

He went into one of the bedrooms and found it ready for Masahiro. Laying the young boy down, he removed the tie from his long hair and started to remove his shirt.

He left for a bit to locate bandages and set to work on dressing the wounds on Masahiro's body. As he finished up, he took notice of the scare from when he tried to kill Masahiro.

Brushing his fingers against it, he sighed.

"I never got the chance to apologize for that, huh?" he asked to no one. Guren wasn't expecting an answer.

"It's fine…I forgave you right away." Masahiro said as he put his hand on top of Guren's.

"I am just glad that you remember me again." Guren shook his head.

"I never forgot. How could I have?" His gold eyes bored into Masahiro's brown.

"I thought you did." Masahiro sat up, wincing slightly.

"Where are we?" He asked. Guren smiled.

"Not really sure but Takoa sent us here." Okay, so part of that was a lie but Guren wasn't about to spring a love confession on Masahiro just after he woke up. He would have to gather his thoughts and then, when Masahiro was healed, he would tell him!

Yeah…that will work perfectly.

"Strange…well, I guess she will let us out when she is ready to!"

Guren nodded nervously but smiled at the younger boy.

"Sleep! You are hurt!" Guren said, and pushed Masahiro back into the pillows. Masahiro laughed slightly and put his arms out.

Guren sighed and transformed into Mokkun before crawling onto Masahiro's chest.

"I missed you, Guren." Masahiro hugged him to his chest and stroked the white furred mononoke.

Guren nuzzled Masahiro's chin and agreed.

It wasn't long before both were asleep, happily in each others arms…Guren having taken the chance to turn back as soon as Masahiro was asleep.

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