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General PoV

"Masahiro…" Guren stared down at his young charge.

Masahiro was writhing and panting on the floor, staring up at him with a scared and confused look.

"Gur…en…what's…happen..ing…" he panted out, fear tingeing his voice.

Guren looked towards the table and saw the bowl of berries.

He reached out and picked one up.

"You ate more of these even though I told you not to. This is what happens. I assumed if you ate the first ones, they would tell you if you were in love with someone but you would be fine. I thought you would have listened but you ate more."

He knelt down next to Masahiro.

"They act as an aphrodisiac if you are in love."

Masahiro flinched when Guren went to touch him but relaxed when all the fire god did was brush his hand against the younger's cheek.

"They only way to stop the heat is to have sex with the one you love. So tell me, who is it that you care for?"

Masahiro flinched again. Somehow the tone that Guren used scared him…it sounded almost jealous.

He heard Guren sigh before he was suddenly lifted off the floor and in to the arms of the god.

"You have to tell me, Masahiro, or it will only get worse." Guren let his hand glide over Masahiro's thigh, causing the boy to gasp and his thigh to shiver slightly.

"I…I…like…" Masahiro flushed and looked away.

Guren smirked slightly and dipped his head down to whisper in the boys ear.

"Who?" he breathed, letting his breath ghost over Masahiro's ear.

"Guren…" came the breathy reply.

Guren's smirk grew to a terrifying smile.

Without replying, he carried Masahiro to the room they had been sharing. He laid the smaller boy on the bed before quickly climbing over him and pining his arms above his head by the wrist with one hand.

"You like me, Masahiro? Heh, I'm glad…you see, I have liked you for quite some time…Masahiro."

With that, he claimed the cherry colored lips he had wanted for so long. It started out gentle but Guren wasn't a very patient person. He nibbled on Masahiro's bottom lip, enjoying the small moan, and stuck his tongue into the warm cavity.

Masahiro moaned again at the feel of the hot appendage in his mouth. He slowly kissed back at Guren's encouragement and tasted Guren as well.

Both reveled in the flavor of their lover.

Guren pulled back moments later to let Masahiro breathe only to place his lips on Masahiro's neck. He reveled in the moans he drew as he bit down on his pulse point.

Guren slowly moved lower, removing the kimono as he went, until he reached Masahiro's chest.

He took one of the rose colored nipples into his mouth, biting and sucking on it till it was hardened and sensitive.

Masahiro twined his hands in the red locks of Guren and arched into the mouth on his chest.

"Guren…" he moaned loudly.

Guren smirked and switched to the other nipple, rolling the first one between his fingers. When he had both rosy buds hard he leaned back up to look Masahiro in the face.

"Masahiro, if we do this, then I will mark you as mine and you will live as long as I do. Is this what you want?" he had to know if he was forcing Masahiro into this.

Masahiro was quiet for a second before smiling.

"I may have just realized it now but I have loved Guren for as long as I can remember. I want to be with you forever."

Guren smiled and kissed his deeply.

"Then you will."

He stripped Masahiro of the rest of his clothing before standing and doing the same to himself. He climbed back over Masahiro and ran his hands over the creamy skin.

Bronze and snow clashed as he touched Masahiro.

"You are beautiful…" he whispered as his hand made contact with Masahiro's erection.

Masahiro arched into his palm and clutched the sheets. He looked so cute that Guren couldn't help but tease him just a bit.

"Such a sensitive virgin…" He whispered as he bit Masahiro's ear.

Guren pushed himself up slightly so that he was balancing on one hand while still stroking Masahiro. He noticed the red berry next to his hand. Moving so that he was on his knees over Masahiro, he picked up the berry.

"Hmm…I guess it can't hurt." He popped it into his mouth and grimaced slightly at the sour taste.

It took only a second for the effect of the berry to hit him. If it wasn't for the fact that he was a god, he would not have been able to control himself. He felt his body start to strain for Masahiro and kissed the boy again.

"You are mine." he growled as he moved down Masahiro's soft body.

Masahiro arched completely off the bed when he felt Guren's mouth around his cock.

"Guren!!!" he moaned.

Guren reached one hand up and presented three fingers for Masahiro to suck. Masahiro took the hint and took the fingers into his mouth. Guren moaned at the feel of Masahiro's tongue wrapping around his fingers, imagining they were his cock.

When he felt that his fingers were wet enough, he sucked hard on Masahiro and removed his hand from the boys mouth.

"Guren!" Masahiro screamed as he cam into Guren's awaiting mouth.

Guren swallowed the sticky substance and released Masahiro's member. He lifted Masahiro's hips and smiled up at the younger boy. He then slid one finger into Masahiro's entrance.

Masahiro tensed instantly but Guren nipped at his inner thighs, causing him to shudder and start to relax. As soon as the ring of muscle was looser, Guren slipped a second finger in.

Masahiro whimpered slightly but Guren licked his slowly awakening member and Masahiro relaxed again. Guren slipped a third and final finger in and grinned when Masahiro arhed off the bed as he struck his prostate head on.

Masahiro shivered and mewled as sparks of pleasure shot up and down his spine. He whined when Guren withdrew his hand and opened eyes that he hadn't meant to close to send the fire god a questioning look.

Guren responded by getting up and leaving the room for a moment. He came back a bit later with a jar of burn cream. He scooped a bit into his hand and started to rub it onto his hard cock.

Masahiro stared at him, fascinated. He had never really touched himself before but watching Guren touching himself made him feel really hot.

"Guren..." he moaned. He didn't know what he wanted, all he knew was that he wanted Guren NOW1

Guren smirked at his young lover and climbed over him.

"This will hurt but it will get better." Guren promised before thrusting roughly into Masahiro's virgin hole.

"AHHHHH!!" Masahiro screamed as tears escaped his eyes. Guren was so big and thick, even with the preperation and gel, it was too much.

"Shh, my love..." Guren whispered soothingly as he kissed away Masahiro's tears.

Masahiro clutched on to Guren as he waited for the pain to subside. It took awhile but Masahiro finally nodded that he was okay and Guren started to move slowly in and out.

Guren smirked again when Masahiro cried his name when he found his sweetspot. Aiming for it with eac thrust. It wasn't long before Masahiro came. Guren groaned as Masahiro's tight walls spazemed and clutched his cock thighter, pushing him over the edge.

Guren snarled leaned down.

"Mine!" he growled and bit into his lovers neck. Masahiro arched agin as Guren came, deep within him. The pleasure and pain from the bite became to much for Masahiro as he came once more before fainting in Guren's arms.

Guren pulled out carefully, not bothering to clean up as he moved so that Masahiro lay on his chest.

Guren wrapped his arms around the youger boy and watched as the bite mark healed and transformed into a moving crimson flame on his neck. Guren ran a claw against the mark and delighted in the slight shudder he got in return.

He pulled the blanket over them and kissed the mark.

"You are mine, Masahiro...I love you." He whispered before driffting off himself.

Never would either have guessed what was waiting for them on the other side of their little world. Evil was rising and battles would start again...but for now, two lover lay in each others arms, each happy in their own dreamfilled world...

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