Way into the future…

"Okay, Arthur. This has to stop. If we continue like this, both of us are going to loose our jobs."

Although Arthur wasn't feeling too well – probably due to the hanging upside down, rope around his ankles and attached to the ceiling – he didn't want to give in to Merlin.

"Arthur, please say something!" Merlin said as he tried to scratch his itching neck. Which is quite difficult to do if one is lying on the floor, both hands and feet tied behind ones back, unable to move. Unfortunately, Arthur knew his knots. And to make things even worse, the itch started to spread down to his back.

"Hmpf," Arthur scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest, which looked strangely comical in his given position. It wasn't his fault that neither of them were able to leave the house! Or even the room… He couldn't help it that Merlin had planned the snare in the same position he himself had planned to tie up Merlin and put itching powder in his neck?

"Arthur!" Merlin rolled over and was now lying on his face.

"What do you want me to do about it?" Arthur snapped back, annoyed. "It's not like I can do anything."

"Well, true, but –"

"It's not like I carry a knife around with me all the time so I can free myself from snares randomly placed around the house!" Arthur continued. Merlin smirked; better not tell Arthur about the snares in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

They went quiet. Neither of the boys knew what to do to get out of their current predicament; screaming for help wasn't any use, the neighbours were or off to work, or completely deaf. Arthur wasn't going anywhere and the only thing Merlin was able to do was roll around and wiggle a bit. Desperately trying to ignore the itch, Merlin tried to start up a conversation to kill the time.

"So… Arthur…" he began, trying to think of a topic. "How's err…"

Merlin couldn't think of anything. And it looked like Arthur wasn't going to talk to him anyway. That's when Merlin heard a door open with a creaking sound and he rolled over again to see who it was. His hopeful smile fell.

Frankenstein, the black cat, was trying to push the door open with its paw, and stuck his head in the room when the opening was big enough. He saw Merlin lying on the floor and padded over to him.

"Hi, Franky," Merlin said as the cat stared at him in wonder. The cat looked up and saw Arthur hanging. He saw Arthur's hair and noticed how it dangled as the boy moved. Those looked exactly like one of those toys he had! The cat jumped over Merlin's body and snuck up to where Arthur was hanging. His tail and behind were wagging slowly as he was patiently calculating his next steps.

Merlin followed the cat's movement, and evilly decided not to say anything.

Arthur couldn't control which way was he was facing, and was continuously turning around slowly. At the moment he was looking out of the window, discovering that trees look very funny from an upside-down angle. At the same time, he was wondering what Merlin was doing behind his back. He had heard him say 'Hi, Franky' but what was the cat going to do to help them? Merlin was trying to train the cat, teach him a few tricks, but none of them included fetching knives or scissors.

Maybe Frankenstein was able to chew through the ropes? Arthur wasn't too positive about it, useless cat… The second that thought entered his mind, however, as though the cat itself had heard his thoughts, he felt something pull at his hair.

"Oww!" Arthur yelled.

Franky jumped back at the sudden noise, but that made the dangling strands of blonde hair even more interesting! He waggled his tail again and this time started chewing on the strand of hair he caught with both it claws.

"Franky, get out of here!" Arthur yelled, swooping his arms down to scare the cat off. Franky didn't mind though and started chewing softly on Arthur's fingers. Arthur growled and petted the cat on the head. "Not your fault…" he said gently as he tickled the cat under his chin.

"Nor mine…" Merlin added.

"Are you saying its my fault?!" Arthur went back into defence-mode.

"Well… you're the one who started it!" Merlin said, as he tried to scratch his back by wiggling his shoulders.

"You are the one who… who… returned the favour!"

"What was I supposed to do?! You really thought I was just going to think 'Haha, funny, not having any revenge'?!" Merlin cried out. The scratch wasn't going away by itself and Merlin was now rubbing his back at the rug he was lying on. Pure. Agony.

"I don't know! But this is not my fault!"

It went quiet again, both sulking and drowning in self-pity. What if they were going to be here forever? At some point, the blood in Arthur's head was going to kill him and Merlin would probably die of scratching his own back open.

"We did have fun though, didn't we?" Merlin said after a few minutes, smirking and remembering the wonderful memories.

"Yeah," Arthur sniggered. He would never forget Merlin's face during the sambal-incedent. "Precious times."


After some time, Arthur decided he needed some exercise and grabbed himself by the ankles. He pulled his upper body up. It wasn't very comfortable and he wasn't able to keep himself up very long, but at least his head was feeling a bit better. He really hoped somebody was going to stop by soon: he wasn't going to last much longer.

Merlin noticed that Arthur wasn't feeling so good and suddenly realised what he had done… If they weren't going to be saved soon, he would have killed his own flatmate! Scaring the living daylights out of Arthur, Merlin started thrashing around and screaming till his throat was on fire.





But Merlin couldn't hear Arthur calling his name, and Arthur kept quiet until the boy was done screaming. Merlin was panting, tears streaming down his face.

"Oh, Arthur, I am so sorry!" he whispered and pressed his face into the carpet.

"It's alright, Merlin…"

"No, it's not! You… I…" He started to sob into the carpet again. "I'VE KILLED YOU!!! I'm so sorry about this aaaaaallll!"

"Shh, Merlin…" Arthur tried to hush the boy, who was wailing out loud. "Really, it's okay. I'm not dead yet."

"But you will be!"

"Like I said a couple of weeks ago, I am too sexy to die. Remember?"

"Yeah…" Merlin sniffed and sniggered. "Yeah, I remember…"

"So no more crying, agreed?"

"Agreed," Merlin wanted to wipe away his tears and growled at the rope cutting into his flesh. There was still an occasional hiccup, but Arthur's determination to stay alive made him more positive. If Arthur was able to do it, so was he!

More time went by without anything happening. Arthur and Merlin were chatting casually with each other, Frankenstein now nibbling Merlin's toes – and the clock ticked it's way up to 1 pm. They had been in the room for half an hour now, but it felt like a lot more. The itch on Merlin's neck started to subside, but the pain in Arthur's head didn't, instead increasing to a quite painful measure.

Even though Arthur told him not to, Merlin was getting worried. Of course he noticed the twitches of pain on his friends face! But the knowledge that he couldn't do anything to help him, made his stomach ache. Franky lost interest in Merlin's toe, walked over to the door and started to scratch at it. He wanted to go out and wasn't able to open the door on his own again.


"Sorry, Franky, can't help you," Merlin said. "Great, they are going to find us covered in cat pee."

Arthur sniggered.

"I can already see your tombstone! Here lies Merlin; he even smelled when he was dead."

"Oi! I do not smell!"

"He does smell, doesn't he, Franky?" Frankenstein mewed once more.

"See, he agrees!" Arthur sniggered.

"He does not, he just needs to pee!" Merlin replied, offended.

"Don't we all…" Arthur mumbled.

"You need to go as well?"

"For the past fifteen minutes…"

Merlin couldn't help but laugh, and received a smack on the head. And that made him realise…

"Wait…" Merlin looked up at Arthur. "How long were you able to do that?"

"Do what?"

"Stupid question, but how long were you able to smack me on the head?"

"Err, dunno?"

"I hate you…" Merlin said as he rolled over, holding his wrists up at Arthur. "Untie me."

Arthur stretched out his arms and started to pick at the knots. It was hopeless.

"I can't, Merlin. They're too tight"

"Your fault."

"I… I know…"

"So, what's next?"

Before Arthur could answer, there was a knock at the front door. Merlin's jaw dropped, his eyes grew wide, couldn't believe it, but Arthur smirked silently.

"HELP!!! PLEASE!!!" Merlin started to scream again, but stopped as he heard the front door open.

"Arthur?" a deep voice asked. Merlin recognized it: Uther. The door to the living room, the door Franky was scratching at, opened and the cat slithered through the moment he was able to. Uther jumped back, patting down his coat to get rid of the non-existing cat hairs and looked up to see the two boys.

"Hm," was the only thing he said.

"Hi, father," Arthur said with a grin on his face. "You're late!"

Uther mumbled something about a traffic jam and turned to walk into the kitchen. Merlin hoped he was getting a knife to get Arthur down from the ceiling, but gasped for air as he noticed that the man was making coffee for himself! Merlin turned back to Arthur.

"He's… late?! Late?! You knew he was coming?!"

"Yeah, sure."

"YOU KNEW?!" Merlin yelled, arching his back so as to look Arthur in the face. "I cried over you!"

"IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!" Arthur started to laugh out loud. Merlin joined him after a few moments. When they were done laughing, Arthur's body was aching all over.



"We really need to stop doing this… I mean, you were right about our jobs… Mr Smith is getting a bit annoyed with me falling asleep behind the counter. Like… every day."

"Sorry about that," Merlin said, but Arthur kept quiet. "You know it is usual that you reply with an apology yourself?"

"Okaaaaay… I'm sorry too… Friends?" Arthur stuck out his hand, wanting to shake on it.

"Haha, funny," Merlin replied, deadpanned, shaking his head as he pulled at the rope around his wrists. Arthur just smirked.

"I don't even want to know what this is about," Uther said as he cut the rope, not caring whether Arthur landed safely or not. The boy smacked down onto the floor and groaned as he pushed himself up.

Merlin took him by his shoulders and helped him up to sit on the couch. It seemed Uther really didn't want to know what it was about, because he had left when Merlin turned around to thank him.

"Doesn't hang around that fellow, does he?"

"Merlin, if it's all the same with you, I've sort of had enough with the 'hanging around' thing."

"Okay, let me rephrase that… Hang on…"

"Oh, shut up."

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