Chapter 1: An Innocent Act

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Just about a week ago Akari woke up in a hotel room after passing out on the ship during a storm. She felt so embarrassed for passing out like she did but that past after the first few days. She felt so happy to be here on Waffle Island with her friends.

Anissa was the sweetest girl she had ever met in her whole life and, the most beautiful, her long chocolate brown hair, soft light brown eyes and her angelic voice. Akari couldn't believe that a person so perfect was here on earth. Akari often wished she was her older sister since she didn't have any siblings of her own.

Akari had few other friends.




Toby, now was he a strange one. Akari could never understand what was on his mind. Since she lived by the river she often saw him watching her farm as he fished which weirded her out at times but once he talked to her and offered her some sashimi.

Akari didn't know how Toby knew but, she just LOVED fish dishes. She also loved sweets and other foods, she wasn't really picky when it came to food but fish was just her absolute favorite dish.

Akari finally had a chance to head to the mines so she took the shortcut way that was on her map. She couldn't wait to meet the people who lived there. Akari felt happiness and excitement weld up inside her. Meeting new people always made her so eager – and nervous. She was very friendly but very shy which made it difficult to make friends right away but for some reason the people here were just so friendly that she wasn't as bad as she was back home in the city.

Her dad often blamed himself for keeping her sheltered half her life and trying to protect her from foul dogs – AKA boys. She had a cute face and a petite figure making her an easy target for creepers though she was never approached by these kinds of men. Maybe she should thank her dad for that one day?

"Okay . . . so this path should lead me to the mines –. . ." Akari stopped in mid-step her face frozen with her happy face but in a creepy way. She tilted her head then turned her heel and quickly walked back down the way she came. "Okay long way here I come." She muttered under her breath as she went up and down the snake like roads.

As if this place wasn't confusing enough. She thought.

Akari finally made it to the mines and walked up the path seeing a scruffy looking older man with silver-blue hair and beard.

He was a short, big boned, well toned and built man. He was outside the shop chopping up some wood and piling them up in bundles after tying them and checking them for perfection.

Akari stood and watched for a while wondering what to say to this man, though he was short he was still a bit taller than herself – just a little – and had a scary face.

The dwarf like man turned on his heal to grab more wood to chop up when he spotted a new face, a cute face with wondering eyes.

"Why hello there lil' missy what can I do for ya?" He asked with a husky, gentle voice.

"Oh uh. . ." Akari looked around her then back at the man noticing he was talking to her. She pointed to herself moving her feet inward awkwardly. "M-Me?" She asked timidly.

"Do ya see another lil cutie 'round here?" He asked with a deep chuckle placing his gloved hand on his tough belly. His mustache twitched with every word he said and more some when he chuckled.

"I guess not." She giggled nervously scratching the back of her head. "I uh, moved in a few weeks ago and uh. . ." She paused as he stared at her.

"Now tell me how such a tiny girl like yourself can work the hard life on the farm?" He teased as he set his axe down and walked to the opening of the gate.

"Well, it was kinda of a dream of mine." She said giving him a very faint smile.

"That so?" He huffed amused. "How rude of me I haven't introduced myself." He took his glove off and wiped his palm on his pants. "Name's Dale, I rune this here shop along with my two apprentices here in Waffle Island." He held his hand out to Akari who quietly took it.

His hand engulfed her own making Akari feel even smaller than she was.

"Y-Yeah but that's not my only dream." She smiled, "I'm Akari. " She added quickly.

"What's the other then Akari?" He asked curiously.

Akari's eyes lit up and her face beamed as she made to fists with a childlike face, "I want to eat all the fish dishes in the world!"

Dale stared at her then let out another deep chuckle, amused with her reply. "I see, well then you'll be one healthy little rancher won't ya?"

Akari found his humor amusing and his kindness not matching his outlook but she didn't judge by looks much. People took a look at her and saw a weak little fragile girl but she was tough and strong willed.

"If ya head up to the small woods up that thar hill you will find my son." He pointed his stubby thumb to the hill path. "He's an odd one I warn ya Akari." He added quickly before he went back to work. "Much work to be done here." He huffed to himself scratching his beard.

"Thank you Dale" She called to him with a bow before she headed off and up the hill. I

It didn't take long before she reached the top and heard the sound of trees being chopped down to nothing.

Akari walked into the woods area seeing it was small and the trees were far spread from each other. She glanced around the place until she spotted silver-blue hair in a fiery red bandanna. He looked to be about her age but taller, a lot taller. She watched him as she did to Dale as he chopped at the trunk of a tree before it fell over on its side with a loud crashing sound that made Akari jump at the loud sudden sound.

"All right!" The boy cheered giving himself a thumbs up. "That's awesome I should make this my best one yet!"

Akari froze at his loud voice and energetic tone as he walked over to the tree looking it over. He turned on his heel and walked towards Akari. She stayed frozen wondering if he was going to greet her like his father or shout some more in his childish way.

He did neither of the things but kneeled down to a tool like box and pulled out a huge saw that he held with one hand.

He's stronger than anyone I've ever seen! Akari bursted in her mind as the boy stood back up and turned his back to her.

"H-Hey um. . ." She was cut off as the boy quickly spun on his heel again with a shocked and confused expression planted on his face.

"Whoa, where did you come from?" He nearly shouted almost dropping the saw in his hand.

"Oh um. . .I've been here for a little while." She said with an odd smile.

He's weird . . . not as weird as Toby. . .

"I'm Akari. I just met your dad." She told him with a now more relaxed smile.

"Oh my old man huh?" He huffed under his breath, "I'm his son Luke!" He grinned widely with white teeth that almost sparkled.

Akari nodded looking him over for a moment. He had a medium build and toned skin similar to his fathers. His hair the same color but more blue and his eyes, he had perfect golden cat like eyes that made her face heat up. He had sweat glistening off his muscular arms and brow making her shrink where she stood.

"Hm. . ." He leaned in looking her over.

"Yes?" She muttered as he stared at her.

"Aren't you a bit skinny to be a farmer?" Luke bluntly stated.

Akari giggled, "So says you." She poked his chest. "I'm tougher than I look when it comes to farm work." She told him seriously her hands on her hips.

"Really?" He asked raising a brow.

"I'll have you know my grandfather always had me help with his ranch when I was younger!" She huffed puffing out her cheeks.

"Let's see how long you last." Luke teased as he chuckled at the cute face she made.

"Fine!" She huffed again crossing her arms over her small chest turning her face to the side.

"Anyway, lots of work to do so I'll see ya around okay, Akari?" He grinned again and walked back to the tree he had chopped down.

Akari nodded and turned her heel when she nearly tripped at the sound of someone yelling at her.

"Good luck!" Luke shouted loudly back at Akari who smiled to herself and waved as she ran down the hill before running into someone and falling on her butt.

"Ow. . ." She grunted rubbing her lower back.

"Oh I'm so sorry I didn't mean to run into you I wasn't watching where I was going!" Came a younger voice.

Akari looked up and saw a boy with short blond hair, a head band and freckles.

He's adorable!

"Here." He held his hand out to her and helped her up.

"Thanks." She smiled as she stood up and dusted herself off. "I'm Akari."

"I'm Bo. Dale just told me about you." He smiled cutely.

"Um if you don't mind me asking . . . how old are you?" Akari asked quietly.

"Seventeen." He said proudly, "I'm almost an adult!" He huffed.

Akari wanted to hug him and take him home. He was too cute with his little freckles on his cheeks and his childish face.

"Well I should head home, it's getting late." She bowed to Bo who quickly bowed back in respect before Akari ran off back down the path to her house. It was dark by the time she got there and she was tired.


Akari jumped and let out a squeal as she turned around hearing a sudden voice.

It was Toby.

"Hey. What are you doing up so late?" He asked holding some fish hi his hand.

"T-Toby don't you ever sneak up on me like that again!" She blurted alarmed her hand over her heart. "I'm still a little scared being out here alone." She reminded him.

He tilted his head innocently, "oh, shall I sleep with you then?" He half teased.

". . ." Akari blushed a bit but frowned at him, "N-No." She waved her finger at him her other hand on her hip. "What are you doing out here so late?"

"Oh, I was taking a nap after my morning fishing and woke up around the middle of noon then went to go home but that hot spring up there in the rocks was just so demanding."

Akari stared at him then shook her head smacking her face in the pal of her hand. "I'm going to bed now Toby. . .um. . .well good night." She said quietly.

"You're strange." He suddenly said making Akari stare at him.

Me? You're the strange one.

"How so?" She tilted her head.

"One minute you're all chatty and normal then the next you're quiet and shy." He teased, "It's kind of cute." He added.

She felt her cheeks heat up at his comment, "Oh just. . .leave Toby!" She huffed before running into her house leaving him on the pathway.

Toby just chuckled and walked on home with his fish and his hat.

After a nice long, warm shower Akari headed to bed falling onto it face first muffling her grunt. After a few moments Akari rolled onto her back lazily staring blankly at the ceiling. She thought about Luke and how he looked while chopping the wood and his eyes – she couldn't get over his perfect golden eyes. She wanted to see him again but what would she say to him, what reason would she have to see him?

I just met him and I already want to see him again. . .why?

Akari rolled onto her side eyes half closed as she continued to think about Luke. She didn't notice the slight blush on her face.

She thought about Luke again.

I guess – it's not so impossible after all. . .making friends here has been easier than at home. . .maybe he'll be my new friend.

"Dang it Toby just go fishing already!" Akari shouted irritably at her silver haired friend as he leaned on the fencing by her field his arms rested on it holding his head up.

"Ow, you're so mean." He said acting hurt with a pouty face.

Akari growled and gave him a glare her hoe in the dirt as she was tilling her field for her new crops that Anissa gave her as a welcoming gift.

Toby pushed himself off the fence and put his hands up defensively, "All right – all right, I'll leave you be just tell me how everything goes with Luke today." He grinned teasingly.

"What!?" She shouted after him, "What are you talking about Toby!?"

"I saw the look in your eyes when you said his name." He waved to her as he walked down the river with his hat around his neck as usual, fishing pole in hand.

". . .stupid Toby." Akari huffed as she puffed out her cheeks and lifted her hoe over her head to till into the dirt again when she heard a loud familiar voice from behind her house.

What did he mean "the look in your eyes" I don't get that.

"Akari!" The voice called, "Yo Akari!" It called again.

Akari froze. She turned her head, her arms still over her head holding her hoe tightly. "L-Luke!" She sputtered as he ran over to her.

"Hey! I thought I'd bring ya a welcoming gift to help start up the ranch." He smiled brightly.


Akari gained back her thoughts and put the hoe down against her house before turning back to the waiting Luke with a beaming face.

"Here!" He suddenly shoved and axe into her hands forcing her to take it. "It's old and light so even a girl as skinny and weak as you can use it." He teased her poking her forehead.

"H-Hey!" She huffed offensively, "I can't even use an Axe that well Luke and I'm not that weak!"

Luke paused, thinking for a bit before grinning that perfect grin. "I'll show ya how!" He took her hand and dragged her up the path to the mines then to the small woods. He stopped in front of a tree the knuckles of his fists on his hips. "Perfect!" He grinned before turning back to the very confused Akari.

She slowly took her hand back from him feeling her cheeks heat up as he stared down at her grinning. "What?" She asked softly.

"Chop at the tree!" He huffed. "Just chop right through it." He motioned her to the tree.

"Wait – that's too much for me!" She spat turning her head to glance at Luke as she pushed her by her back to the tree.

Luke stopped shoving her and stood there with his hands still on her back, letting her lean on his hands. "I guess you're right. . ." He muttered looking around the small patch of trees when he found a stump and some uncut pieces of lumber that he was working on.

"Uh. . .Luke?" Akari said snapping him out of his trance.

"Oh. Uh. . .here!" He dragged her over to the stump by her arm.

Akari huffed as he continued to drag her around with him, dust covering her work boots. "What now?"

"Here, you can chop these small pieces of lumber in half!" He told her as he snatched his hatchet from his belt and placed it in her hands.

Akari stared from the hatchet in her hands to Luke who just kept smiling his goofy smile. She couldn't help but smile back at him.

"Okay then. Go ahead." He placed a piece of wood on the stump and took a few steps back.

Akari stared at the stump with the wood on it, "Luke I might mess up so. . .hey!" She turned to her to look at him only to see Luke all the way on the other side by the fence. "Why are you so far away!?" She asked shouting at him.

Luke cupped his hands around his mouth taking in a breath, "Just in case the hatchet flies out of your hands!" He called back almost shouting.

Akari frowned and turned back to the stump gripping the hatchet firmly in her small hands before raising it ready to cut the wood in half.

Before she knew it she had been hit in the head with one half of the wood leaving a red mark on her pale skin. She stumbled back and landed on her rear-end rubbing her head.

"Hahaha!!!" Luke busted out laughing holding onto his gut. "You. . .look at you!" He pointed to her face gasping between words. "Your. . .here." He pointed to his forehead and continued to laugh. "The look on your face was priceless!" He teased.

"H-Hey that's. . .Luke you. . ." Akari frowned rubbing the spot the wood hit her, "that's not funny!" She pouted quietly crossing her arms still sitting on the ground.

"S-Sorry, you're right." He took a moment to calm down. "I never thought you would get hit like that, you okay?" He asked looking down at Akari who continued to pout.

"I'm okay. . ." She muttered softly getting up slowly off the ground dusting herself off.

"I didn't mean to laugh." He apologized with his sweet smile.

Akari felt her cheeks flush a bit at the smile he gave her then even more as he leaned down and moved the hair from her forehead looking at the red mark.

"Looks like it hurts." He muttered to himself then glanced at Akari.

"N-No. . .well a little bit, but I'm okay!" She stammered feeling her face go red.

What's wrong with me?

"Hm. . ." Luke went silent as he stared at her forehead.

Akari just stood there, confused and face almost beat red. Then she felt something warm on her forehead – warm and soft. She glanced up and realized Luke had pecked her forehead where the piece of wood hit her.

"All better!" Luke grinned as he pulled away from Akari and put his knuckles on his hips again as he did before looking happy as ever.

Akari felt her face burning as she instantly raised her hands to where he had kissed her forehead. "W-Why did you do that!?" She shouted flustered.

"Huh?" He glanced at her confused. "What do you mean?" He asked bluntly.

Akari swore he was almost as weird as Toby, or worse.

"My mom used to kiss my cuts or scarps when I got hurt when I was a kid!" He smiled innocently at Akari.

"Oh." He stared at him her face back to normal temperature.

So he was trying to comfort me. . .how sweet.

Akari thought for a bit before her face instantly heated up again, "Uh. . .well, thank you Luke I guess that was kind of. . .sweet of you and all." She said quietly.

"No problem." He gently placed his hand on her head ruffling her short chestnut brown hair with his same smile. "Feel better?"

"Y-Yeah um. . .I have to go finish my farm work, bye!" Akari ran off back down the hill path and the long way to her ranch.

After she got back she went to pick up her hoe to finish tilling the soil when she noticed something was in her hand. "Stupid!" Akari smacked her forehead only to wince at the stinging pain.

"Okay then I'll finish this up and head home. Now where did I put up my hatchet." Luke glanced around noticing it was gone from his belt and the area. "I swore I had it before I handed it to Akari. . .duh!" He smacked his hand on his face.

"Should I take it back now or. . ." Akari looked up at the sky noticing it was getting dark. "Hm. . .Tomorrow." She walked into her house and put it in her tool box then went back outside to put her hoe away when something tapped her shoulder. "Gah!" She shrieked.


"D-Dang it Toby!" She shouted at her fish loving friend. "What did I tell you yesterday night!?"

"I don't recall seeing you yesterday night." He smiled innocently his hands behind his back as he leaned back on the heels of his feet.

"It's creepy." She frowned grabbing her hoe and turning away from Toby back to her house, "what do you want?"

"How was it with Luke?"

Akari spun around and stared at him her face heating up, "W-What do you. . .I mean nothing happened!" She stammered.

"Oh, something did happen." He smiled but Akari swore she saw a hint of a grin of triumph in that smile of his.


"Then why is your face red?"

"I hit my forehead with a piece of wood then Luke kissed it like a mother does her child-. . ."Akari paused hearing what she just said to Toby. She face palmed and groaned.

"Ah. So it was an innocent act." He hummed in thought putting his hand to his chin. "That's boring. Well, I'll see you tomorrow, same time same place." He waved and left.

What is with thatguy?

Akari stirred in her half asleep state as there was a knocking at the door early the next morning. She looked at her clock and it was five thirty – about time for her to get ready for the day. There was another knock and she groaned.

"Coming!" She called slipping into her green dress and shorts. Snapping on her belt and lacing on her boots.

There was another knock.

"Okay!" She called as she walked to the door smoothing out her short hair. "Morning – oh," She frowned. "It's you."

"That's not very nice you know." Toby frowned looking hurt.

"What do you want?" She asked simply nearly tapping her foot.

"I thought I would bring you some breakfast." Toby smiled holding up a basket had the sweet aroma of cooked fish dishes.

"Oh, s-sorry I'm just a little cranky in the mornings. . ." She chuckled nervously scratching the back of her head.

"Sure, I can see that. You awake now?"

"Come on in Toby." She opened the door for him allowing him in then shut the door.

Toby set the food at the small table glancing around the room as he took a seat, "That's Luke's hatchet right?" He asked as he glanced at the hatchet in the tool box that was open.

I can't tell where this guy it looking with his eyes closed all the time.

"I forgot to give it back. . ." She said quietly.

"Because he kissed your forehead." Toby teased as he pulled out the food from the basket.

"It was an innocent and sweet act. He did it to comfort me after teasing me." She noted.

"Okay." Toby put his hands up in defense. "Any way. You should eat then take it back. . .I'll go with you I have free time." He smiled.

Akari rolled her eyes, "You always have free time when you're not talking with Renee." She teased back.

"Whatever do you mean Akari?" He gasped acting confused.

Akari just groaned and slammed her head on the table.

After what seemed like the longest breakfast ever Akari and Toby walked down to the carpenters trying to ignore Toby's many teasing comments.

Why does he even bug me about these things?

Akari stopped at the door of the carpenters staring at the door before walking in.

"Morning lil' lady!" Dale greeted with a kind tone.

Akari smiled at him and bowed to him then waved to Bo before glancing around the shop for Luke.

"What can I help you with?" Dale huffed through his thick blue beard smiling.

"Where's Luke?" She asked holding up his hatchet, "I forgot to give this back to him yesterday."

"Luke!" Dale's voice roared.

Akari froze and Toby just tilted his head as he looked around the place, he had never really bothered going to the carpenters because it didn't concern him and his fishing.

"Yeah dad?" Luke called as he walked through the front door spotting Akari. "Akari!" He smiled and ruffled her hair as he did the day before.

She didn't mind, she liked it if it was Luke.

"Oh uh. . .Luke I brought this." She smiled timidly as she held out his hatchet.

"Ah, I knew you had taken it when you ran off so suddenly." He took it and smiled, "how's the head?"

"Oh, fine." She touched her forehead with a meek smile. "Thanks." She smiled again.

Luke stared at her for a while before poking her forehead, "I still can't believe that the wood smacked you dead center in the forehead!" He chuckled.

"H-Hey!" Akari huffed, "it's not like I did it on purpose!"

"What happened?" Toby suddenly perked as he heard what Luke said, "Details Luke, details."

"Oh Toby, never see you 'round that much." Luke grinned. "Well she was chopping some wood. . ."

No he's telling the story! Don't tell Dale and Bo about kissing my forehead!

She pleaded in her head as she just stood there feeling her face go beat red.

Dale didn't say anything but shake his head at Luke's obliviousness to the innocent act he did at the end of the story.

Toby glanced to Akari with a half grin, "oh really?"

Akari winced knowing Toby would tease her even more now.

"I have work, bye." Toby then left quickly.

Probably thinking of ways to tease me. . .

"Are you okay?" Dale asked looking her up and down.

"Y-yes, fine sir!" She held up her hands nervously. "Don't worry I'm tough!"

"Well Akari, I'll see you later. Work to do, you know?" Luke walked out the front door taking some tools after ruffling her hair.

Akari watched him leave and felt her heart racing as she played the scene again in her head form yesterday.

Wait. . .why am I suddenly thinking about that!?

"B-Bye!" Akari ran off back to her ranch and finished her work then went to talk with Anissa.

"Oh dear, Akari sweetheart is your head okay?" Anissa asked worriedly.

"Yes." Akari smiled then blushed a bit, "Luke kissed it better. . .in an act of kindness!" She quickly added.

"Oh, but you're face is red dear," Anissa said putting her hand on Akari's cheek, "are you sure that it didn't seem like more to you?" She asked softly.

"I don't know. . .I mean for some reason after Luke told the story I didn't want him to tell about the kissing my forehead part I felt a bit shy about I guess."Akari played with her feet as she looked down at the floor of Anissa's bedroom.

"I think you might like him Akari." Anissa smiled innocently.

She's not teasing me. . .

"How can I? I just met him." I asked a bit confused.

"Love at first sight." She noted putting a finger in the air as she did.

"I don't believe in that stuff. . .dad thought it was love at first sight with mom but. . ." Akari trailed off not wanting to talk about it at the moment.

"I know Akari." Anissa cooed patting her head tenderly, "but it's not the same for you right? Luke has never had a girl or kissed or a girl or even cared for a girl in that way. There's no way he can cheat on you or be in love with another woman." She pointed out.

"R-Really!?" Akari suddenly perked with a faint childish smile.

"Yes." Anissa smiled.

"Well I'm the same!" Akari pointed to herself getting excited, "so maybe we're better off than mom and dad!"

"I believe so." Anissa nodded, "why are you suddenly so happy about it? I thought you didn't like Luke and you just met him."

Okay now she's teasing me.

I frowned and touched my forehead, "well, he seems like a really nice guy and. . .he's really sweet and caring even though we only met a few times." Akari thought aloud.

"You never know if you don't take a chance."

Akari glanced to Anissa who just smiled lovingly at her as she always did. Akari wished Anissa was her sister, she was the best. An angel.

"There is one thing that is bothering me."Akari put up one finger in Anissa's view.

"He seems too oblivious and naïve. . .also a bit thick headed." Akari noted.

"Well, yes. That's why he's never been with a girl. Maybe he's the one for you."

"Maybe. . .I'll let things stay as they are for now." Akari said as she walked to the door then paused and turned to Anissa and hugged her tightly. "Thanks."

"Sure." She hugged her back then let go as Akari left.

Okay Akari let's see if it's love. . .

"Oh dear. . .Akari is going to have a hard time. She doesn't know about Selena. . ." Anissa sighed getting worried.

~Desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu~

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