Chapter 9: I'm home

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A/N: Okay so I'm trying to go by all the Japanese names (really hard to do) but for the names in Japanese version I'll fill you in –

Luke –Luke

Akari – Angela

Yuuki – Kasey

Takuya – Arthur

(And an extra for people who don't know)

Hikari – Molly

Tao - Toby (Keeping it Toby for this story.)

Chihaya – Chase

Gil - Gill

Akari tensed as the island came into view and gripped at the strap of her rucksack and the handle of her suitcase. She wanted to back out but it was too late now, she was back and she had to face Luke no matter what.

Luke. . .

Yuuki saw Akari standing on the deck, ready to get off, or looked ready but her legs were shaking. Walking over to where Akari was he put his hands behind his head and glanced from her out to the sea and the island that grew ever closer to them. "So sis, are you going to be okay?"

Akari stiffened and shifted a little before looking to Yuuki, "honestly, I don't know." Akari admitted as she looked back to the island, spotting someone fishing. Was it Ozzie? No it was, "Toby!" Akari waved from the boat and called out his name again, jumping up and down waving her arms about. She looked like an idiot but she didn't care.

Toby had heard his name being called and looked up seeing a boat and, a monkey? He titled his head in confusion, "It's the sun. You're out in the sun too much Toby." He said to himself and looked back to his fishing line. He heard his name being called again and looked up as the boat had anchored at the dock. "Akari!" He gasped as she nearly tripped off the railing and onto the sand. Toby ran up the beach and onto the dock and over to Akari who hugged him tightly.

"Toby!" Akari gasped, catching her breath, "I. . .I'm back." She said quietly, letting go and looking up at him, "I'm sorry I left and," Toby cut her off as he hugged her around her neck causing her to feel confused and a little awkward, "Um, Toby?" She poked his then paused at what he said next.

"I missed you, don't ever leave again Akari." Toby said before pulling away with his hands on Akari's shoulders and looking down at her, "So," He grinned, "you haven't grown." He teased causing Akari to puff out her cheeks and look away, "I'm just kidding." Toby chuckled and flicked her forehead, "Luke is waiting for you, he's at your farm putting in a new fence. Ever since you sent him a letter he's been working on your land like crazy. He said," He paused putting his finger to his china and other arm around his ribs in thought, "he said that he wanted it to look nice for you and that he had a surprise for you too."

"Surprise?" Akari rose a brow at Toby who just shrugged and put his hands on his hips and nodded to the path, "start running Akari, he's been waiting for you all this time." When Akari didn't move he stared at her curiously and titled his head at her, "Akari, what's wrong?" He asked and Akari looked down, tears in her eyes.

"I'm scared Toby," Akari admitted and Toby tilted his head the other way, "I'm scared to face him, I don't know what to say."

"Well that's an easy one Akari," Tony grinned as Akari looked up at him curiously with a questioning look. "Tell him hi!" He fixed her rucksack so it was over bother of her shoulders as it had fallen a little off her shoulder and handed her suitcase o the guy next to her, "Go."

Akari stared at Toby then swallowed hard before taking a deep breath, "Alright," She looked to Yuuki, "I'm going, Toby and show you to the inn." She tapped the toe of her boot on the dock and leaned forward a little before breaking off into a full out sprint.

"And there she goes," Yuuki said as he had his hand over his eyes to block out the Fall sun.

Akari ran as fast as she could. She ran past the point her body was used too. As she ran all of the smells and all of the scenery filled her senses. Everything was the same as it was when she had left the island. Akari remembered that her and Luke had ran up and down this path all the time. They raced and Luke always won. Akari smiled at the memory. The memory continued as she closed her eyes for a moment and imagined Luke running with her. The sounds of his boots hitting the patted dirt path in front of her could be heard as well as the sight of his back. His broad shoulders, his lean yet built body, his bandana and his blue hair. She took it all in before speeding up, opening her eyes as she was almost there, almost to her farm, where her animals were, where her memories were, her memories of Luke. She remembered it all clearly.

The day she met Luke, how he teased her about being too weak and tiny for a farmer, the day they spent laughing and enjoying each other's company as she just admired him and watched his every move everyday she saw him and talked with him. She even remembered the day Luke was crushed by a tree and the days that she spent waiting for him to wake up. She remembered the night of the summer festival when Luke had first kissed her and even the day she left.

She remembered the good and the bad, all of it rushed through her as she ran.

As she continued to run her legs became numb, they were at their limit. The crisp air stung her red cheeks and nose along with her ears as she ran. Her lungs burning, aching and begging her to stop running, to give them air but she refused to stop until she saw Luke, saw his golden cat like eyes and his wonderful smile. She felt tears sting her eyes as she ran, she heard the sounds of her farm, her cows, sheep and chicken in their homes, cuddling up for warmth. Akari felt all her muscle in her body ache so back that they were numb. Her farm came into view along with a person. That person had a green jacket on along with tight pants, boots, shark tooth necklace, a band-aid over his nose and a flaming bandanna and that person turned around and stared before dropping what he had in his arms and ran.

Luke heard footsteps, fast ones and looked to the path spotting someone but not just anyone, a skinny girl with small breasts, short brown hair and a green dress with boots and shorts on. Luke dropped the lumber he had in his arms and ran for Akari. He saw Akari start to wobble as she ran and ran faster down the path, his heart pumping for its dear life. His lungs taking as much air as possible with each breath he took. He had to keep going until he had Akari in his arms and felt her tiny body against his, smelt the sweet coconut scent of her hair and her tiny arms around him. He wanted it so much, to just hold her forever and never let her go again. He saw Akari start to stumble and reached out for her, catching her and holding her to his chest.

Akari felt her tears fall as her body was going to fail her, it gave up and she tripped but then someone grabbed her and pulled her to them.

This scent, these arms, this necklace. . .

Akari swallowed and gasped for air as she gripped as his jacket, her legs shaking insanely. It hurt to stand but she didn't care, she was in his arms, his strong, warm, safe arms and his scent filled her senses as did the beating of his heart. "I. . .I'm home." She breathed as she looked up at Luke.

Luke held her closer and didn't say a word, he just panted as he caught his breath. He had an arm around her and a hand to her head, holding it to his chest as they both caught their breath, Luke swallowed as he took a chance at talking, "Akari," he started, taking a deep breath and letting it out, "I would ask my dad about my mother and he would look sad," he started and held Akari closer to his body, feeling her nuzzle his jacket, he smiled, "I always wondered how painful it must have been to not be able to see someone you loved ever again," He paused, catching his breath and pulled Akari away a little so he could look in her eyes, "but I never knew the pain my father felt until I lost you," Luke said, his eyes locked onto hers.

Akari felt her face got red from his words as she looked up at Luke and stared into those wonderful topaz eyes but they got misty with tears. Akari stared at him with concern and guilt filling her expression.

"I," Luke gripped her upper arms tightly but not enough to hurt her as he stared down at her, "I was an idiot and I don't deserve you," He said suddenly making Akari's face drop with horror, tears falling from her face once again.


Akari felt her chest get tight, "Luke," She started but was cut off as his tears fell.

"That's what I thought everyday while you were gone, I thought that you should be with someone who is smarter and better than me. Someone who wouldn't hurt you," he continued on, "someone who could love you more than I do but then," he paused and pulled the letter out from his back pocket and showed it to her, "you proved me wrong," he breathed slowly, "I thought you didn't love me anymore and I just wanted to disappear from the world but then you sent me this letter and," he put the letter back in his pocket and caressed her cheek, "from that moment on I decided to keep going, I told myself I would keep living the way I had before and when you came into my life and wait, wait for you, wait until I could see the girl I love." Luke rubbed his thumb on her cheek, "Akari,"

Akari tensed and looked at him, "Yes, Luke?" She replied meekly before he leaned forward and touched his forehead to Akari's.

"Akari, I love you." He whispered in a deep, soft, loving tone that made Akari's heart jump. She smiled and gripped at his jacket. "I love you more than anyone or thing in this world," he continued, "I always want to be with you, I want to stay with you for the rest of my life, I want to see you smile that cute smile every day, I want to see you're beautiful face, I want to hold your body to me and tell you how much you mean to me every day."

This is. . .unlike Luke. . .he must have thought hard about this. . .he. . .he's trying so hard. . .

Akari started t sniffle and sob, "I. . .I love you too Luke, I'm so sorry." Akari rubbed at her eyes as Luke pulled away and lifted her head by her chin to look at her in the eyes and ran his thumb over Akari's cheek to wipe away the tear.

"No Akari, I'm the one who's sorry, I acted like an idiot, in the bad way." He kissed her forehead, "I don't know how you could still love an idiot like me but I'm glad that you do, Akari." He smiled at her and enjoyed the moment for a while before she grinned, picked her up and spun her around then held her bridle style, "let's get you to your house, you can barely stand." He carried her to her house, holding her close to him.

Akari looked up at Luke and smiled, she was back, Luke was back, and everything was going to be alright from now on. . .so Akari thought.

Luke sat Akari down on the couch and stood proudly, puffing out his chest, "So, like the new house?" He asked as Akari looked around, "um, why is the bed bigger?" She asked causing Luke to flush and scratch the back of his head while he tapped the toe of his boot on the floor, "Um, I'm going to be living with you from now on." Luke smiled and picked up Akari, hugging her tightly. "So I'll see you in the morning, cook for you, go to work come home and sleep with you! It will be awesome I'll be with you all the time now!" He put Akari back on the couch as there was a knock on the door. He made his way to the door and opened it, "Hey pops and. . .um, who are they?" Luke pointed to three other people behind his dad.

"Hey son, this is Akari's father and brothers." He stepped in the house past Luke and Akari's family followed.

"Daddy, Yuuki, Takuya what are you doing here?" Akari asked as she tried to stand from the couch but failed as she fell back on it.

"We wanted to check out your place, it's alright." Yuuki put his hands on his hips teasing Akari then looked to Luke, "So, you're Luke." Yuuki down frowned at Luke who stared up at Yuuki and swallowed with nod. "You hurt my baby sister?" Luke nodded again and glanced at Akari.

"I'm sorry for what I did, I was stupid." Luke admitted, looking back up at Yuuki who still stared down at him then grinned putting hands on his shoulders. Luke looked up at him confused, "Um. . ." He didn't know what to say.

"It's cool, you're cute so it's all good." He peered over at Akari who sat on her couch staring at her brother then narrowed her eyes.

"Stay away from Luke, he's mine." She hissed getting an even bigger grin out of Yuuki, "I mean it Yuuki!"

"Don't worry Akari, I'm not into carpenters like you." He teased and grabbed Takuya, "I've got him." Yuuki kissed Takuya's cheek, "So, I'm Yuuki and this is my twin brother Takuya." He turned to his dad, "This is my father."

Luke tensed as Yuuki introduced his father which was also Akari's father. He bowed to Akari's father, "I am very sorry for all the trouble I have caused but I promise I won't do anything to hurt your daughter again sir!" He waited for an answer but only heard a chuckle out of Akari's father who waved his hand back and forth at Luke. "Um. . ." He straightened out and watched Akari's father, "you're not mad at me sir?" Luke asked, utterly confused.

Akari's father turned to Dale, "Dale my older friend, you're son is just like you. I remember something similar to this when we were young, am I not wrong?"

Dale groaned at the memory, "Yeah, I remember, all too well." Dale turned to his son, "Son!" He spoke loudly.

Luke stood at attention, "Yes pops?" He asked getting tense. He watched his father's face which turned into a big hearty smile, "I'm proud of you son."

"What?" Luke stared at his dad even more confused than ever, "I don't get it."

Dale shook his head, "you don't have too son, just know that I am proud of you." He turned on his heel, "now I have work to do, you have today off." He looked to Akari's father, "come by before you leave the island."

"Will do Dale," he nodded then bowed his head to Dale who left. "So," Akari's father slowly turned to look at Luke who tensed again, "I have know you're father for my whole life and I know he is a good man, I trust you will treat my daughter well?"

"Yes!" Luke smiled, "I promise I'll take good care of her sire, you can count on me!" He gave a thumbs up at the elderly man who chuckled again.

"Good, as her father I just want my princess to be as happy as can be and if being with you makes my little girl happy, then I am a happy and proud father." Akari's father put a hand on Luke's shoulder, "You are a good young man, I see it in your eyes." He grinned Akari then Luke, "and I want cute grandkids."

"Daddy!" Akari's face turned red, "just go away you're embarrassing me!"

Her father chuckled, "alright, come on Yuuki, Takuya, let us explore the island!" Suddenly Akari's father was in a safari get up, "On ward!" He marched out of the house.

"There he goes," Yuuki sighed as he ruffled his hair. "I guess we'll leave now. Be good to her Luke, or you will greatly regret it." He gave a creepy grin with narrowed eyes that made Luke feel uncomfortable and shiver. Takuya and Yuuki left Luke and Akari in the house.

"Okay, I was expecting you're brother to beat me up. . ." Luke muttered as he turned to Akari who looked away.

No, he would rape you Luke. . .he would. . .

"Yeah. . ."Akari chuckled awkwardly, "So, what do you want to do Luke, have today off?" She asked with a smile as she titled her head and looked up at him, "well?"

Luke walked over to Akari and tackled her into a hug on the couch, "I want to hug you forever!" He replied before kissing her nose, "What do you want to do Akari?"

"I want to plant some new crops and get going with work." Akari said simply, "I really miss working on my farm." Akari sighed as she nuzzled Luke's neck with her cheek, "Do you want to help?" She asked and Luke nodded.

"Let's do it!" He picked her up in his arms and spun her again before setting her down. "Can you stand and walk now?" He asked as Akari stood a little wobbly.

"Yeah, I think so." She nodded as she looked up at Luke, "I'm glad to be back Luke." She smiled, hugging him around his neck. Luke held her around her waist and touched his forehead to Akari's and smiled back down at her.

"Me too Akari, me too," He whispered as he titled his head a little and pressed his lips softly to Akari's. Akari didn't see this coming and stared at his face before slowly closing her eyes and kissing him back, playing with his hair. She missed him so much and wanted to kiss him forever. Akari enjoyed his lips pressed to her own before they parted. "I love you Akari, always." He kissed her nose and Akari giggled, her cheeks red.

"I love you too Luke, always!" She hugged him tightly around his neck, "Always" She whispered.

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