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Edward and I have been having the time of our lives. The past few days have flown by. We only have two more and I plan on making those memorable for my love. He has taken me to art galleries, a wildlife observatory and a really old library. Now, these are things I don't give two shits about, but for Edward, I will do anything. He means everything to me and to see him smile while doing all the nerdy things he loves is worth every minute of torture I put myself through to do it with him.

My appetite for him has still not waned. I have fucked him on almost every surface of our room and I still need to be sheathed inside of his warm heat every time I see him. The intense connection that has always been there burns even hotter now that we went for forty days without being able to express it the way we are used to. Edward's intimacy project worked, I love him even more now than I ever did.

Today is my day and I have planned it from morning until night. He made me a promise that he would say nothing about what I decided, since I extended him the same courtesy. I woke up this morning at 5AM, anxious to start this day. I have been sitting here for the past hour, watching the sun come up through the glass wall in our room. The purple, orange and red hues peeking above the dark sky are slowly making their way across our bed. The light is gradually moving north, lighting Edward's body inch by inch. His hips are draped with the navy sheet and the rest of his delectable, perfect body is slowly being illuminated.

I follow the path of his long, lean legs that are lightly dusted with the same soft, copper hair that tops his head and stop at the top of his calf. The skin behind his knee tastes delicious and I lean down to run my nose there and inhale his scent. He smells wonderful. Laying my head on his thigh, I nuzzle his skin and place gentle kisses there. After a few minutes, I lay back on the pillow and admire the beauty of his chest and abdomen. The sun reflecting off of his skin is making me want to kiss and taste every single inch of it. I want to run my tongue along every ridge of muscle on his upper body and knowing he is naked under the sheet is making me crazy with want for him.

My gaze pauses on his slender throat, because I know if I see his face I won't be able to stop myself from having him again. This man makes my body ache with need for him every minute of every day and that hasn't changed in all these years. Edward is the most intricate piece of my soul and without him, my life would be but a flicker of the brilliant flame that he creates inside of me.

His neck is so fucking perfect and leads up to the strong line of his jaw that is covered in stubble and in a flash...I am lost.

Leaning down, I bury my nose in the hollow of his neck and inhale the salty skin. My tongue wanders out of my mouth and slowly trails up Edward's throat. His body shifts slightly at the sensation. My body knows what it wants from Edward and I scoot behind him after pulling the sheet off. His body molds immediately to mine, shifting back until his ass is nestled against my cock and I groan into the skin of his shoulder.

"Edward...baby?" I whisper into his ear. He says nothing, so he must still be asleep. Gently, I place my hand at his hip and without warning, his hand grabs mine and wraps it around his hard, throbbing cock. My thumb rubs the dripping tip and smears the liquid around.

"Fuck, Jasper," he moans while grinding his ass into my cock.

"Calm down, baby or I won't be able to go slow," I tell him while stroking his length in my hand.

"Don't go slow," he whispers. "Fuck me...now!"

"Oh god," I groan before sinking my teeth into his shoulder. My hand moves faster over him and my cock is sliding up and down his crack and I need to fucking bury it inside of him or I am going to die.

Quickly, I let go and roll over to the nightstand. In a split second I am ready for him, rubbing the lube all over myself before moving behind him.

"Are you ready?" I ask him, placing my cock at his entrance, dying to thrust in and fuck him senseless.

"Goddammit, Jasper," he cried out. "Would you fuck me please?"

I wasted no time in grabbing him by the hips, lifting up one leg and wrapping it around my thigh and pushing in gradually. His heat slowly encompasses me. Inch by inch the current circulates through my body until my hips are flush with his ass. He squeezes around me and I gasp, trying to stem the rise of pleasure. I don't want to cum too quickly. I fist my hand in his hair and pull his head back. He turns, seeking out my mouth with his.

"Edward," I whisper into his open mouth before his tongue slides in. My hips start moving slowly and I feel him in every cell of my body. Being connected to him in this beautiful and intimate way makes my throat sting with emotion. His kiss is passionate and he pushes back into me with every forward thrust I make. We take our time, basking in the love surrounding us as the sun rises gradually, filling the room.

Releasing his mouth, I bury my face in his neck and wrap my hand around him.

"Oh my fuck, Jasper," he says in a low growl.

Surrounding myself in everything Edward, I nuzzle his hair and start stroking in time with my motions. Our grunts and hisses fill the air as we move together in perfect sync with one another. My heartbeat picks up as I move faster and I feel Edward tense before he cries out my name, spilling himself all over my hand.

He turns his head and kisses me once more before I cannot hold back anymore and I feel him clench around me as I thrust one last time and groan out his name. I hold his hips tightly, until my body has given everything it has and then I pull him as close to me as I can, inhaling the scent of sweat and sex that envelops us.

"Jasper," Edward whispers as he traces my hands with his fingers, "I love you."

Placing kisses on his damp shoulder blades I murmur back, "Edward, love isn't enough to describe how I feel. You are my everything, my soul, my heart and my life. I will love, adore and need you every day for the rest of our lives...don't ever forget that."

Edward turns in my embrace and his bright green, tear-filled eyes meet mine. His lip is trembling and I watch his long, amber lashes lay on his alabaster cheek as his eyes close. Soft, red lips slowly pucker and he presses them into mine. His mouth moves gingerly at first, kissing my closed lips with his own before the wet heat of his tongue drags slowly across my mouth and I smile as I open up for him.

Edward makes love to my mouth like he does to my body. He takes his time, tasting every inch and sliding his tongue against my own. Teeth gently nip at my bottom lip before his fingers plunge through my hair and wind them tightly in the strands. Between the pain of his sharp tugs and playful teeth, I am lost in a haze of lust that is threatening to overtake us both. His slick body is slowly starting to writhe against mine and I have to stop him. As much as I want to be inside Edward again, I have plans for our day and there will be plenty more time for this later if I have my way.

Reaching up, I rub his fingers with my own and pull them down as I slow our heated kisses. My tongue takes one more leisurely journey around Edward's delicious mouth before I plant several closed mouth kisses on his lips, cheeks and nose.

"You make me crazy," he says, his breath coming out in heavy pants.

"You made me crazy for 40 days," I tell him, a smirk on my face.

"I bet I can still make you crazy," Edward says as his eyes light up with mischief.

I kiss him once more.

"You can try, love."

Edward puts his lips on mine, "I want to feel your cock on my tongue, sliding in and out of my mouth."

He pushes his hips forward and I feel his hardness grind into me.

"Goddammit, Edward," I whimper as I imagine him on his knees in front of me, sucking me.

"I want to lick you and suck you until you come down my throat. Do you want that baby?"

As hard as my dick is, you'd never think that I just fucked him...he always has that effect on me. My body naturally reacts to every nuance of Edward. The sound of his voice, his penetrating stare, his hands on me, his kisses, even looking at his legs make me hard. I imagine them wrapped around my waist while I make love to him, holding onto them when he is at the mercy of my mouth while I suck him dry...yes, my body is his.

There are times I give control over to him and lose myself in the passion, but today is not one of those times. Pushing his hips away from mine takes a supreme effort, but as much as I want to fuck him all day, we have to go.

"Edward," I taunt, 'if you don't stop right now, I will go on my own forty day celibacy mission and there will be no touching whatsoever!"

"You wouldn't," he says, a fearful undertone in his voice.

Of course I wouldn't, I wasn't stupid...I liked sex.

"Try me," I say.

Edward looks from my face to my cock several times before he leans down and says, "Sorry buddy, the big guy says no, so I'll have to suck you later."

I burst out into fits of laughter. Only Edward would apologize to my penis.

He looks at me, his green eyes twinkling, "Wanna shower with me?"

"Okay," I smile back at him.

We shower surprisingly quick, because I am anxious to start our day together. After a fast breakfast, I gather all the supplies I need, load up the trunk, make a quick call and we are on our way. Our first stop is at the Point Sur Lighthouse. Edward's eyes light up when he realizes where we are, it is an amazing thing to watch. His childlike enthusiasm for the things he enjoys fills me with so much love and joy that sometimes I feel like I am going to burst. When he is happy, I am happy and my world is as it should be.

I never thought of myself as the type of guy to base my happiness on another person, but when I was sixteen years old and I saw Edward Cullen, I knew he was what I would always need to be truly content. Loving him is the best thing. He makes me believe in things I would have thought impossible, pushes me to my full potential. He has never once made me feel like there was anything I couldn't accomplish if I wanted it bad enough. Our relationship is 100% give and take, we are equal partners in everything.

Edward is listening intently to every word the tour guide says. He is that person. The one who who has to buy the recorded tour as you go through the museum and stop at every piece of art and listen until instructed to move on. It is annoying and endearing all at once.

We follow the tour guide hand in hand and Edward is like a sponge. He absorbs all the details at each of the ten stops along the way. Stories of ghosts from keepers past and the history of the light house fascinate him. He is in his element here, surrounded by nature and learning something new. Little does he know that while he is taking it all in I am thinking about is how fucking hot it would be to bend him over the railing and fuck the shit out of him while he screams out in pleasure. His cries would be swallowed up by the ocean in front of us as it slams against the rocks.

"Jasper?" I hear Edward ask as he snaps in front of my face.

Shaking myself, I get out of fantasy land and let him pull me along.

"Where were you?" he asks.

Leaning over, I whisper, "Inside you."

Edward stops, turns and looks at me. His lips part and he lets out a slow breath.

"Fuck," he rasps.

"Later," I promise, kissing him quickly and walking toward the crowd.

Out of the corner of my eye I see my poor husband adjust himself and I smile. His discomfort makes me feel slightly victorious for the episode he tried to pull this morning. His hand slips in mine and we follow along with the rest of the tour. Looking out with his binoculars, Edward was able to spot some whales. He has all the tourists crowded around him, wanting to take a peek as well. I just step back and watch my husband wow the crowd.

When we are finally done, we head to the car and Edward's curiosity gets the best of him.

"What now, hubby?" he asks me.

Looking at him over my sunglasses I tell him, "Lunch."

He rolls his eyes, knowing that is all I am giving up.

Edward's eyes are on me while I head back towards the Inn and there is a knowing smile on my face that is driving him mad. I know what he has in store for him and my erection is straining against my pants at the thought. In less that an hour, Edward would be spread in front of me, naked and ready for me to feast on.

After we park, I get my bag from the trunk and come around to take Edward's hand. The feel of his ring against my fingers makes my body feel like it is 100 degrees outside instead of the 60's it currently is. I am on fire.

"I thought we were going to lunch," Edward says as I lead him towards the lush forest just off the property. There are nature hiking trails all over the place and I secretly scouted some out while he napped the other day.

"We are, love."

"What are we eating? Bugs and flowers?"

I burst out laughing, but keep his hand in mine, walking him deeper into the forest.

"You'll see, Edward and no, we are not eating bugs."

We have been walking for almost half an hour when the trees ahead allow the light of the sun to break through so I can see our destination ahead. Pulling a piece of black silk from my back pocket, I stop and turn to Edward.

"Close your eyes, love," I whisper into his ear.

He turns and looks at me and I wink before reaching up and tying the blindfold around his face.

"Jasper," he murmurs, reaching up to touch the silk. "What are you doing?"

Pressing my body against his, I tell him, "You are going to trust me and I am going to have lunch...on your naked body."

"Fuck," he says, groaning as I rub the length of my cock against his.

"Can you handle that, love?"

"It's cold, Jasper," Edward says, but his cheeks are getting flushed as he thinks about what's to come.

Grabbing him by the belt loops, I kiss him, fierce and passionate and full of all the love I feel for him. When I pull away, Edward is breathless in front of me, his lips wet and shiny and I can already see them wrapped around me. Taking him by the hand, I walk him into the clearing I found, feeling the heat of the sun against my face. Even though it is a little chilly, I am hoping the rays of the sun will keep Edward warm enough.

"Stay here," I tell him as I pull out a blanket and lay it on the ground.

"Where would I go? I can't see," he says sarcastically and I feel like spanking that smart attitude right out of him.

I tiptoe across the grass until I am right behind him and I quickly wrap my arms around his waist and pull him against me.

"Watch it, love," I whisper into his ear as my hand cups his cock. "You wouldn't want to make me punish you, huh?" He slowly hardens in my hand as I lick his neck.

"Jasper," he sighs as his hips start moving against my hand.

"Oh no you don't," I say, taking my hand away. "I want you naked. I'm thirsty."


"Thirsty, Edward...so I need you naked...now strip."

"Strip?" his voice is shaking as his hands reach for the hem of his shirt.

"Do I stutter? Speak in a foreign language?"


"Then get fuckin' naked...right now!" Backing away, I sit on the blanket so I can enjoy the show. There is no way I will be able to do this without touching myself and I am not even going to try. Edward's hands reach for the hem of his shirt, pulling it up and over his head. He hisses as soon as the air hits him.

"Let the sun warm you up."

"It's fucking cold, Jasper."

"Give it a second, I promise you'll warm up." I had tested the theory the day I came out here, I don't want him to be cold. He is such a wussy sometimes.

He drops the shirt and then starts to undo the belt around his hips.

"You know what, Jasper?" he says, taunting me with his movements and voice.

"What?" I rasp.

"In an effort to be sure the I don't try to cover myself back up, I think you should put this to good use." He lightly slaps his leg with the belt and I swallow...hard.

"I think that's an excellent idea...now finish taking off your clothes so I can do just that."

Edward takes off his shoes and sock before undoing his button and zipper on his jeans. As the fly opens more and more, I see his creamy, white skin and then...

"Fuckin' hell, Edward," I jump to my feet, stride over and yank him against me.

"Goddammit...no fuckin' underwear?" My hard cock strains against the confines of my pants and I start grinding my hips into his.

"They were getting in the way," he murmurs as his hands wrap around my waist, holding our groins together.

"You never cease to amaze me," I say as my mouth trails up and down his neck, licking, sucking and biting.

"Fuck me!" he cries out. "Please!"

Gripping his hips tightly in my hands, I try hard to catch my breath and get a grip before I bend him over right here and shove my cock up his perfect ass.

"No," I say softly. "I told you, I'm thirsty...hungry...and you aren't naked for me."

Pushing back, I undo my pants and free my cock, stroking it a few times as I watch his pants fall to the ground. He steps out of them and his pale, lean body is on display for me. He is breathtaking, wearing nothing but the blindfold around his head. The sun lights up his skin, reflecting off the places I want to lick. His cock is beautiful, nestled in the trimmed, auburn curls and his balls underneath are begging to be in my mouth. They will be soon enough.

"Lay down," I tell him, my voice rough with lust.

He carefully sits on the blanket, then leans back and kicks his legs out. I lean over him and run my hands down his chest, abdomen and thighs.

"Perfect," I hiss. Then, because I am more naughty than nice, I lean down and wrap my lips around the head of his cock, giving it one fast suck before I begin.

"Oh god," he cries out, his hands grabbing onto my hair, trying to push my face down.

"Tsk, tsk, Edward," I say, disentangling his fingers in my hair. Grabbing the belt from where he dropped it I tell him, "If you can't behave, I guess I'll have to tie your hands up."

Edward's fuckable mouth curves into a devious smile, "Darn it."

Laughing, I straddle his naked lap, rubbing my erection gently against his as I take the belt and tie up his wrists over his head.

"Leave them there," I say as he moans from the friction of my body on his.

"Okay," he whispers, his lips tilting up, begging for a kiss.

I lean down and kiss him chastely before getting up. His skin has goosebumps, and I need to alleviate that immediately. Grabbing my backpack, I lay out everything I will need, smiling to myself because Edward has no clue what he is in for.

"Are you ready?"

"Fuck yes, Jasper...get on with it." His frustration is evident in the need behind his words.

Reaching over, I grab a container and starting just above his navel, I lay a line of fresh strawberries. He hisses as each cold berry touches his skin, but does a good job of laying still. I pull out a thermos that has melted chocolate, hoping it has stayed warm.

"Yum, Edward...you look so edible with strawberries lining my path to your thick cock. I don't know which one I want to taste more."

"Holy shit," he groans, "my cock, taste my fucking cock, Jasper." His hips have moved slightly, marring the perfect line of red berries.

"Edward," I admonish, "you need to hold still or I won't let you cum any time soon. Don't mess up my artwork."

"Christ, Jas," he moans. "You're evil."

"Shh," I tell him. "Now, what goes good with strawberries?"

I unscrew the cap, sticking my finger in to test the temperature. It is perfect.

Edward is biting his lip, trying to stay still, he is about to be greatly rewarded for his efforts.

"Chocolate tastes good, doesn't it?"

Putting my finger against his lips so he could lick off the sticky sweetness I ask, "Would you like me to have chocolate with my strawberries, Edward? You know I have a sweet tooth."

Edward's full, red lips part and his tongue comes out, licking my finger. With no warning, Edward takes my finger into his mouth, sucking it like it's my cock and I nearly come in my pants.

How the fuck did he turn the tables on me?

"Fucking shit, Edward," I said, pulling my finger free from his succulent mouth.

"I love sucking chocolate off you," he smirks.

I tilt the thermos slightly and watch the warm, brown liquid drop onto his chest in a thin line. He moans at the contact, but tries his hardest not to move.

"Such a good boy you are," I say as I drip some onto each of his nipples. They shrivel even more when the warm liquid hits them.

"I'm really fucking hungry, Edward," I tell him as I pick up a strawberry and dip the tip on his nipple.

"Me too," he murmurs, "give me some."

I bit into the end of the berry, moaning out loud in pleasure at the sweet taste. Touching it again to the other nipple, I place it against his lips.

"Open," I whisper. "Wide."

Edward opens his mouth and takes a bite of the berry. Red juice runs down the side of his face and I lean down to lap it up with my tongue. His face is rough with stubble and his taste is positively sinful.

"You taste so fuckin' good, love...I wanna lick you everywhere," I say into his ear before nibbling the lobe. His hands are struggling in the belt, he is so desperate to touch and it thrills me that he can't. He is at my mercy.

"Please," he whimpers.

"Please what?" I ask as I sit up and grab the bottle of champagne.

"Touch me," he sighs.

"I'm about to...with my tongue," I growl against his mouth before kissing him thoroughly. He can't help it, his body bucks off the blanket and the berries go rolling.

"Naughty boy, you dropped my lunch...whatever will I do now? Oh, I know...drink."

I pop the cork on the champagne and let it bubble over in the grass before letting it drip on Edward.

"Fuck," he hisses, "it's cold."

"Brace yourself, push your knees up." He complies and I lay my head under his legs, facing his delicious balls, his cock jutting straight into the air. I want to suck him so badly.

I move until his balls are right above my mouth and I lick them before sucking the sac into my mouth.

"Fucking shit...goddamn...Jasper!" he screams, lifting his hips and then dropping back down, his balls lightly slapping my face. It is so fucking erotic, taking my time and torturing him.

Opening my mouth, I separate his balls with my tongue then pour the champagne slowly over the top of his cock and drink steadily as the fizzy, sweet liquid drips down his sac and into my mouth. It takes my breath away, his body writhing, begging for more and his cock glistening from the bubbly beverage being poured over it.

After a few drinks, I turn over and lick his entire groin. Removing all traces of champagne, then taking his entire cock in my mouth, I suck and nibble and swallow until the only flavor left is the taste of Edward's skin. It's delicious.

"Jasper, need you...to...fuck me," He cries out painfully with the need to come, but he can't, not just yet.

"Aren't you thirsty too, Edward?" I ask, getting on my knees and stroking my aching cock.

"Yes, so thirsty," he says. "I want a drink too."

I take the bottle and hold it over his open mouth, pouring a little bit in, watching hungrily as he swallows it down.

"Still thirsty?" I ask hoarsely, "because I have something special for you to drink.'' I place the head of my cock against his lips, it looks so perfect there, the head laying on his full mouth.

"God," he rasps. "Yes, so thirsty."

"I'm gonna stroke myself now, Edward, can you hear it?" I ask as my hand moves swiftly and efficiently over the skin of my cock.

"Fuck, baby...feels so good wish it was your hand," I groan while bringing myself closer and closer to orgasm. My hand is pumping my cock and Edward's hands are straining in the leather. When I look at his mouth, I feel the fire race through me.

"Open, now!" I scream and then I cry out loudly, "Edward!" Jets of white cum erupt from my cock and I aim them all into his open mouth. Most makes it in and he swallows it all like it's the finest nectar in the world.

"Fucking delicious," he says softly. "Thank you for quenching my thirst, Jasper, you take good care of me." The erotic tone of his voice is hypnotizing.

There is a dribble of cum next to his mouth so, leaning down, I lick it up then plunge my tongue into his mouth as I lay my entire body on top of him. He immediately begins to grind his hard cock into mine.

"Need to...god...Jas...need to cum," he pants into my mouth as he slides his hips against mine as best as he can with his hands bound. I wrap my arms around him, holding him in place and kiss him again, helping him get his rhythm. Our tongues slide furiously, tasting, teasing, savoring this exquisite moment.

Edward buries his face in my neck, biting hard as his body convulses above me and I feel the slick heat of his release as he moves against my stomach. He is screaming into the bite and when he finally lets go, my neck stings where his teeth were latched.

"Fuckin' perfection," I whisper into his mouth before kissing him one more time. Reaching above his head, I undo the belt and rub his wrist where he fought against his binding. He rolls off of me and lays on his back, pulling off the blindfold. He squints, trying to get used to the sun before looking at me.

"I'm not cold any more," he tells me with a grin. "Glad you got to keep your clothes on, mostly."

Looking down I see that I am still dressed save my pants that are undone and half pulled down. My shirt is smeared with chocolate and cum...it's pretty gross. I take it off.

"It is my day," I tell him, smiling and clasping his hand in mine.

"I love you, Jasper, thank you for making this day one I will never forget."

I lean on my elbow, looking down at him. He is a mess too.

"I love you too, Edward...let's get you cleaned up now, love." I have thought of everything. Pulling out a package of wipes, I carefully clean up every speck of grime on his body until he is clean.

There is no hope for my shirt, so I shove it in a bag and in my backpack. We fix ourselves as best as possible and head back to the Inn. He has no idea, but his day is nowhere close to being over.

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