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The Heart Will Go On

Dark RaphEL was annoyed. Dark Leonardo just got under his shell even at the best if times, but day it was dufferent!

He'd realized how truly alone they were, how no one took the time to understand them…undeerstand him! He pouted at the sky, watching futery stuff fly round, like cool spaceships he didn't care about. If only he knew how his orignial coped.


"Ick…another cretin" an voice moaned from behind him. "Now scoundril…away with you…go home!"

DRaph turned to find a massive robot behind him, his armor a sleek shiny shine and his eyes as green as the moss.

"Sling? Where'd you go?" another voice soon asked.

The robot jumped, ready to transform and roll out in an instant in case of any danger, but nothing happened. The night was still, and all that was was the boy staring past the robot was Dark Raph.

"MASTER! Stay back! It's one of those monsterous clones!" his buttler leapt forward, stopping the youngster from any movement.

Dark Raph merely stood and stared, unsure what to make of Serling and Cody.

Cody smiled, "Serling? Do I smeel smoke?"

"GOODNESS!" The robot said in a smartass British voice, "The coffee will stick to the pan if it burns!" He ran off the roof, and all Cody and Dark Raph saw was a massive smash.

"So…you wanted to know how THE Rapheal coped then?" Cod asked Dark Raph.

He nodded definitively, "Shell yeah, I'm so angry cause I'm angry and I want to know how Rpah coped with his angry anger…grrrrrrrrrrrr ANGER!"

"Come with me then, I can help you" Cody smirked, heading back into his house and Dark Taph followed briskly. "In my lab there's a time windown that is like a TV onto the past"

"SO?" Dark Raphie growled loudly.

"I'm going yo show you him in the past so you can get your answer"

"Oh okay then" Raph immediately backed down, heading over to the stalkerous device. "Show me then!" he asked keenly.

Cody started mashing buttons on a panel and the machine flew into life, showing the turtles' lair back in the past, all the way in the year of 2010. Dark Raph went to leave when he saw his clonee, his donator, and the one who allowed him to be born, almost like a brotherly father…the original Raphael.

"Keep watching" Cody stared intently at it, a glimmer of interest flashing throughout his eyes.

Dark Raph went to moan but soon saw a girl turtle run up and hug Raph, soon kissing him tenderly.

"See her? WHO IS SHE?" Darkie asked, growling at Cody with a glare.

"That's Maryssa…Maryssa Uda…Raphael's wife"

Dark Raphel recoiled slightly. "WIFE? OMFG! HOW THE SHELL DID HE GET HITCHED! AHHH!" He then stopped, thinking carefully. "Wait…so why won't she cloned too?"

Cody shrugged, "Dunno…"

"Thanks anyway kid" Dark Raphael left after glancing back at the screen. As he headed home, he couldn't help but smirk. "SO I need a Maryssa too, overwise I'll always be inferior and incomplete"

As he ran into his house, the three other clones brothers, Dark Leo, Dark mkey, and Dark Don, ran at him.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" Dark Loe demanded, looking happily at his brother.

"I found out something so important!" he grinned sharply at their leader. "And it's called Maryssa"

"MAH-RISS-AH?" Dark donn frowned deeply, "HUH?"

"I was anger then Cody showed me Raphael in a window and I saw her…our true love…Maryss!"

"But…isn't she dead?" Dark Mikey cocked his head in confusion.

"WAIT!" Dark Don jumped up, "What did she look like? Was it like THIS?"

He dragged Dark Raph over to a large slab of Raph. In the rock was a beautiful feminine figure, clearly fossilized.

"YES! That's her!" DaRaph jumped up excitedly. There right in front of him was a true Maryssa fossil. It was clearly a female turtle, her hair sculpted delicately into the stone prison, as her body lay there imprisoned.

Dark Don thought for a moment. "I found this in the bathroom, and thought I could study it…but I may, with the right amount of science, reanimate her!" he grinned, raising his chest high.

"Do it then!" Dark Raph growled suddenly.

Within minutes, Dork Don had set up everything and the other clones gathered to watch.

"It's ready" "Good!" "Let's do it!"

Dark flicked the toggle switch and electromagnetic energy waves swept throughout the fossil of Maryssa. All of them stared in ore as the rock glowed green, almost like plutonium. There was soon a massive poof of smoke and Dark Raph had to squint to try make out the form.

"Maryssa?" he asked uncertainly, seeing a beautiful feminine silhouette in the smoke.

The smoke suddenly cleared instantly and stood there was Raphael, a mop on his head making it look like hair. "Maryssa? Honey? Where are you?" he asked confusedly yet desperately.

Dark Don yelped and quickly hit the undo button, the 'Maryssa' fossil left in place.

"GREAT! ARGH! Dark Raph roared out, "That was my LAST chance! I guess I'm destined to be alone!" he emoed as he ran out the lair blindly.

His four brothers merely stared.

He ran up to the highest rooftop and struck the wall in anger, nearly breaking it. "Fml…FML! FML! FML! F MY F-IN L!" he shouted rage filled over the night.

He went to scream out again when he heard a whimper from two rooftops over. He whipped round and crept to the edge of his roof to see a girl standing on the edge, her hair blowing gently in the rough night wind.

He jumped one rooftop closer, trying to see her more detailed. He saw a shimmer of liquid run down his face, now realizing he was crying. He turned away and sat, curling into a ball, hugging his legs tightly as more boiling tears escaped.

"Are you okay?" a sweet but quiet voice asked.

He daren't look, worried about what was going to happen. He kept his eyes to the ground, the tears still flowing freely. Suddenly, he saw the form crouch in front of him and he found a beautiful face looking at his, their sparkly and radiant golden eyes staring into his own amber orbs.

Without warning, the girl who he'd seen before reached out and delicately wiped away the stream of tears with her thumb, keeping her warm clammy hand placed on Dark Raph's face.

"Better?" she asked, her voice reaching out to Dark Raph and quelling any angery rage left within him.

"Um…yeah…" he muttered, still afraid of what was happening. "I was…upset" he eventually added.

She smiled at him, still holding his face delicately, "I saw…" She sighed, sitting down in front of him. "I was kinda upset too…wanna talk?"

"Why would you wanna talk with me?" he dipped his head again, feeling more tears threatening to escape.

The girl got him to look at her. "We're more alike than you realize" she winked at him with both eyes.

He looked at her fully now, no longer focused on only her eyes. Indeed, she was also a turtle, but her skin was a soft turquoise color and her shell a very deep brown, her frontal sheel being a lovely pearly beige. So shiny. Her hair was red, plain and simple, it was a very crimson red colour, but it was styled so that it was in a nice curly but layered bob, but not too curly, more of a natural messed up look about her curls.

"Wowe…" he breathed a sigh, "You're beautiful"

She shook her head, "I wish…my sister/cousin is much more beautiful than me"

"NO!" he growled deeply, "YOU are the best!"

She blushed slightly; smile creeping onto her face. "Intros then?"

His breath hitched, he didn't really have a name…he knew he was often called 'hothead' by the others, and 'dark raph' by the turtles, but he didn't know.

"I'm…" he closed his eyes, trying to think, "I…don't really have a real name...really not really" he sighed eventually.


"I'm an enhanced clone of some chump called Raphael" he winced.

The girl seemed unfazed. "Enhanced?"

He nodded, watching a sly grin come onto her mouth. "I guess you could call me Dark Raph if ya wanted"

"Hmm…how about I call you…sexy" she teased, tracing a circle on his chest plate shell.

He blushed too, but found himself grinning too.

"My name is Rafaela" she purred, shimmying herself closer, allowing her to crawl onto his lap and hug into him.

"I'll call you 'tifil then" he exchanged another smile with the girl, somewhat comforted by her closeness.

He inhaled slowly, vaguely smelling a sort of sweet wild berry mixed with orange smell. He shuddered slightly, feeling it make him feel…warm and loving.

Rafaela sighed slightly, a bit saddened by her next words. "That chump Raphael…could you tell me about him?"

He tensed, watching her almost grieving eyes watch his, becoming tearful each moment he hesitated.

"Well…he was, uh…stu-strong-pid" he quickly and expertedly corrected himself, trying not to badmouth his counterpart to the girl who asked. "Hotheaded I guess would be the best description…he was me but not if you can get that sort of thing"

She nodded, sighing again, "I don't care if my father disapproves…I love you" she hugged into him more. "It may be wrong…but his clone is the nicest people I've ever met"

Dark Raph almost jumped up…almost. "Father?!" He blushed suddenly, "Him and Maryss…had you?"

She nodded, "Seeing as you're enhanced though…you are different to him, no?"

"Y-y-yeah" he stuttered, suddenly the most terrified he'd ever been ever. EVA! "Th-theres…only a…a…a…handful of duh…d-differences in…our our our….Duh en eh"

"So your like a totally different turtle to him right?" her eyes ringing with the words: Please say you are!

He nodded, whimpering suddenly. "Puh-please…don't le-le-leave muh…muh…me"

She cuddled him closely as she tried to calm the childlike fears. "I won't…You can stay round moine tonight"

He shivered more, still frightened thoroughly. Rafa kept shushing him, gradually goading him up and leading him the way she came from.

They leapt another roof and landed where she had been before. "Home sweet house" she sighed.

Dark Raph drooped slightly, exhausted by the rush of emotions he'd already experienced.

"Come on…you can sleep with me tonight" She grinned, goading him into a window one floor from the top.

Raph's clone couldn't really comprehend much, and soon fund himself flopping onto a super soft double bed, which had a lovely red patterned blanket atop. There was plenty of room for a big cloned turtle and a turtlette. Rafaela began stroking his cheek delicately, tracing the delicately placed lines on his face. He sighed in satisfaction and fell asleep.

"Can I tell you something?" Raphael whispered.

"Mmhmm" he mumbled glancing up at her.

She smirked slightly. "I've always liked…..rebels"

Dark Raph sighed slightly, but couldn't come up with an answer, so soon slept soundly.

"Also…" she almost whispered, "I…" she stopped herself as she looked at her sleeping guest. "Never mind then" she grinned.

In the morning, Dark Raph heard a squabble and instantly ducked under the covers. "Fearless…shut up!" he moaned.

The talking suddenly ceased, and he found the covers ripped off of him.

"What did you call me?! :(" The deep yet dark blue turtle demanded.

He looked her up and down, seeing she had a light blue plastron, a turquoise shell and deep dark blue skin, plus she had aqua blue hair and lovely brown eyes.

"Sorry…" he mumbled, spying Rafaela behind her, "I thought I was back at our lair…"

The blue turtle put her hands on her hips, scowling slightly. "And you just happen to call someone the same name that Rafaela, Dani and Tamiko call me?"


"Oh…okay then" her audacity just melted all of a sudden. "Hi, I'm Leanneardo Hamato…but please, call me Lea"

"I'm Dark Rpaheal" he said quietly, but loud enough for her to hear him.

Lea foldered her arms and got a smug smirk on her face. "So, this is the boy you're in love with Rafaela…a clone of your father? Awkward"

"He is not! He is his own turtle and is totally different to Raphael!" Rafaela yelled.

Something flashed through Lean's eyes. "Do you have three brothers?"

"Why yes, I do" Dark Raph stood up, finding he was about a foot higher than Leanne.

"You should bring them here!" she suddenly looked excited, all her fearless leader mask dissolving only to be replaced with girly stuff Dark Raph couldn't comprehend.

He shrugged and pulled out his Dark Shellcell and called up Dark Don, explaining there were some lovely ladies/turtles/other to meet and within moments, the others dove in through the window.

"Dark Leo?" Lea scowled at the blue one, coming up in front of him.

"What's it to you Bluebell?" he mocked.

She hid a smirk and turned around. "The names Lea….not bluebelle"

He growled in response "I hate you"

"I hate you too" she snared back at him.

"Let's get married" he blurted out suddenly.

Lea turned and smirked at him. "Okay"

And with that, the two leaders went skipping out the room together arm-in-arm and got instantly married in the chapel next door.

That left the other three Dark turtles and Rafaela in the same room.

"DANI! TAMIKO! GET IN HERE?" Rafaela roared, linking arms with Dark Raph as they waited.

In ran a Pink turtle that had a purple shell and lilac plastron. Her hair was black with streaks of purple in it and her eyes were deep brown. She instantly bumped into Dark Donnie.

"Ow! Rafaela…" She looked up and blushed. "You're not Rafaela…"

"Nope…Dark Don's the name"

"I'm Danitello" she smirked.

Dark Don reached forward and brushed a lock of hair out of her face. "Got a lab?" he asked casually, smiling to her.

"Yeah! We should go compare molecular equations!" she beamed, so they both bolted out the room to do so.

"So what about me?" Dark Mikey frowned, but soon gawped as a true beauty walked in. The lights in the room dipped as a halo surrounded the female turtle. The lights around her were dazzling, but everyone realized the world stopped turning for a second when she entered. "Whoa" he couldn't help but stare.

The female who had entered had beautiful pearly light green skin, a gold shell and light silver plastron. Her eyes were the blues eyes Dark Mikey had ever seen; they looked like sapphires. Her golden blonde hair was long and down to her waist, and had a cute orange bow tied into the back of her head.

"What did you want Rafaela?" She asked, flicking her hair and sending sparkles off of herself.

Dark Mikey couldn't help but run forward to her. "Wow…you're the most precious most beautiful thing in this whole existence" he inhaled her perfect scent, she smeeled of everything nice one could even think of!

"Aw…that's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me" she said, a very cute light blush going on her cheeks which only made Dark Mikey melt more.

"I'm…Dark Mike y"

She glanced him up and down and smirked, "Come here!" she pulled him closer to herself and kissed him suddenly, brushing her perfect lips over his.

"EW! Get a room…that's not mine!" Rafaela moaned.

"Okay!" Tamiko giggled, pulling Dark Mikey out the room, who seemed to have forgotten about everything and was on cloud nine.

Rafaela turned to Dark Raph and smirked, "I wanted to try that though…"

"Ya might persuade me hun" he grinned back.

She pulled him round and roughly kissed him. He didn't resist, kissing back. They were so engrossed in their kissing that they didn't notice Cyber Shredder climb in the window.

They only noticed when he grabbed Dark Raph and pulled him back. "NOTHING WILL STOP ME NOW I HAVE THE ULTIMATE POWER!" he cackled as he threw down a smoke bomb and teleported away with Dark Raph.

"NOOOO! DAAAARRRRRKKKKK RAAAAPPPPPPHHHHHIIIIIIIEEEEE LLLLLL!" she squealed, finding the three other pears run into her bedroom.

"What is it?" Lea demanded, still in her wedding dress.

"We were….talking….and, and….Cyber Shredder took him…"

"WHAT?!" Leo roared. "He took him? WHY?!"

Rafaela shuffled nervously. "He said…there was some sort of ultimate power in him"

All three of the other clone brothers began LMAOing and couldn't contain it at all, soon ending up ROFLing.

"WHAT is so funny?" Lea demanded to her husband.

"Hothead with power!" Dark Don answered suddenly. "He couldn't find the remote, let alone control any sort of power related object…including himself! Trollface" he chuckled, exchanging a smirk with Dani.

"Yeah, Rafaela's the same" Dan giggled back.

"WE HAVE TO SAVE HIM!" Rafaela yelled out.

"What is all the noise my daughters/grandaughters?" Splinter's walked in, looking around suspiciously, noticing Dark Leo and Lea in wedding clothes.

"Well, we got married" Lea gestured between the two of them.

"And we're engaged" Dani pointed at herself then Dark Don.

Tam flicked her hair again, releasing more sparklies and giving a cute look at Splinters. "I met the sweetest boy and decided to try being his girlfriend" She hugged into Dark Mikey lovingly, nuzzling him with her delicate perfectly shaped beak.

Rafaela sighed. "I found Dark Raph last night and started all this, but Cyber Shredder took him! We hafta save him! I know he's my true love!"

Splinters frowned. "I didn't improve the engagement, but I'm fine with the wedding" He bowed to the pair. "Leanneardo, Dark Leonardo, you both have my deepest and most heartfelt and true blessings" He then turned to Dark Don and Dani. "But you two have rushed into things far too fast! How could you not consult me?!"

"I'm sorry daddy/granpar/sensei" Dani pouted.

"All is forgiven then!" he beamed happily. "Just invite me to the wedding and give me the whole cake and then you can have my blessings"

"You're the greatest!" She grinned back before hugging Dark Don tightly.

"Right…Rafaela, how do you know Dark Raphael is your true love?"

Rafaela brought a hand to her plastron, resting it over her heart. "I just know it…everytime we touch I get this feeling…"

"And every time you kiss you swear you can fly?" Splinters asked only to receive a nod. "So you are true loves" he confirmed, smiling. "That is good, but we must find him"

Dani butted in, "Well, Cyber Shredder likes the internet, so naturally he'll hang out in a place with a powerful wi-fi signal…"

"STARBUCKS! OF COURSE!" Rafaela yelled, "There's one opposite! LET"S GO!" she instantly ran out the room, the others choosing to follow after a few minutes.

"Why Starbucks?" Dani shouted to her as they caught up and gathered in the elevator.

Rafaela laughed, "Well, everyone knows Starbucks gives free Wifi! It's the best hotspot in the whole of New New York! Well…next to McDonalds, but that clown creeps me out!"

They all arrived at the bottom level and ran across the street into the coffee shop, drawing their weapons instantly.

"It's over Shredhead!" Dark Leo growled at the same time as Lea as they stood in front of the group, both in Leadernardo mode.

Cyber Shredder caked, pointing at Dark Raph who was tied to a chair with a load of wires attached to him. "Move any closer and I'll drain him dry of all of his soul!"

"WHAT?" Dark Don screamed, "How is that even possible?"

"He is the clone of Raphael, he contains the powers of Raphael through the stolen soul of the true Raphael he acquired when created which means I can easily pull it out if I want, nyah-nyah LOOOOOOSERS!"

They all stood still, watching in terror as he laughed more.

"I will gain Raphael's power, and then I can become the greatest! I'll win for once!"

Rafaela gritted her teeth, ready to pounce but couldn't bear to. Dark Raph locked eyes with her, clearly scared like the other night…she had to comfort him. She used their true loves connection to send soothing thoughts and feelings to him while she couldn't get to him. Afterall, she did inherit such awesome power from her native Maryssa DNA.

"NOW!" Cyber Shredder pointed at them, "Street Feet attack!"

A load of foot ninjas in Street phantoms capes cam out the floor and began the relentless attack. All the while, Shredder skipped over to his controls and began the draining process.

"SOON I will have the SPIRIT of Raphael AND I will BECOME the greatest ON THE planet…possibly EVEN the UNIVERSE"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Rafaela screeched, diving and destroying the machine. She destroyed it so hard, the draining process reversed, and Cyber Shredder was sent back into the internet, meaning his Street Phantom Foot ninjas instantly vanished.

Splinters helped untie Dark Raphael, and helped him up along with Rafaela.

"SPLINTERS?" He asked suddenly. "What are you doing here?"

Splinters bowed his head humbly and spoke honestly. "I'm immortal my sons...and so is Carly" She was there too.

"Makes sense I guess" Dark Raph nodded.


Shadetrike looked at Teriyaki confusedly. "I think

Splinters got them all a coffee each and sat them all at one four person table, the four girls on one side, the four clones on the other and him on top sat cross-legged.

"Our origin is a little odd, but not too much to comprehend" he spoke slowly and clearly so all of them could understand him. "We were born"

"Wow...that's SO DEEP" Dark don nodded in recognition, knowing Splint's words were true and heartfelt.

Rafaela jumped up suddenly. "I got it! he perfect name for Dark Raph…how about we call you Ella?"

Dark Raph smirked, "Tempting…but no" he move over and hugged her, "I don't care about that any more…we have something much more important to get to first"

"What?" She asked eagerly.

"What the Cyber Shredder wanted" He grinned, "We have the Bikini contest to win!"

"HELL YEH!" she cheered, all of them running out of the starbucks to get ready.

Dark Leo and Lea wore deep blue ones, Dark Raph and Raf wore red ones, Don and Dan wore purple ones, while Dark Mikey and Tamiko wore sparkly glittery shiny pink ones.

They all entered the couples category and

After an hour, Dark Raph and Rafaella stood together, hugging the trophy between them on the stage.

"I knew we could win thanks to the Raphael gene" Rafaela giggled, "I don't know how Shredder would have stoled that, but I could have still beat him even if he had!"

"That's my girl!" Dark Raph nuzzled her.

An AHEM caught the couples attention. Turning, they saw a pair of Allecorn's before them. A blinding flash flashed them and Maryssa and Raphael stood before them.

"MOOMY! DUDEY! (She calls them that...moomy=moonmummy & dudey=dudedaddy) You're back from internet!" Rafaela ran forward and hugged Dark Raph.

Maryssa closed her eyes. OOOOOOOOO. "I can sense it. TRUE LOVES!"

Raph glared at Maryssa, "THEN GET MARRIED!" he ordered.

The turt gurl and clone guy looked at them like O_O and Rafaela looked at Raph with like a anime eye and sad "Really? YOU APPROVE?"

"YESNOWGETMARRIED!" Raph said calmly.

SO they did.

Dark Mikey cooed over Tamiko more, still flattering her with compliments and showering her. "You're SOOO perfect, that's why they let them win, so they thought they were better! ;D"

"You're so right! My names too long though…" she frowned.


She inhaled sweetly, making him almost melt. "My full name is: Tamiko Michelle Jiao Mei Calista Rose Yumi Fattana Belle Urara Houriyya Sumi Girl_66 Zayaba Eternal Hamato"

"That is the greatest name ever!" He rolled his tongue out, grinning manically.

"Tamiko Michelle Jiao Mei Calista Rose Yumi Fattana Belle Urara Houriyya Sumi Girl_66 Zayaba Eternal Hamato! WE'RE HOME!" Mikey woopsed.

Splinters stepped forward, looking at Rafaela and Dark Raph. "As your reward for winning, you shall now be wed by none other than our sister/cousin…Cyber Shredder!"

They all gasped as Cyber shred came out happily. "I may not have won today! But I will next time!" he cackled madly.

"HOW IS HE RELATED TO US?" Raf demanded?

Then out the sky, Shredder and Shreddyssa catapulted to Earth and landed in front of the group. "HELLO SON!" Shredder beaned.

"So what is your name then cous?" Lea narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

Cyber Shredder face palmed. "CYBER...DUUUUUUHHHHHHH"

"Let me guess…you want your own pairing too…" Dark Raph growled, possessively hugging Rafaela close to himself.

Cybera looked taken aback "HELL NO!"

Shredyssa pulled a face. "Why would he want a pairing? He's happy ruling the internet and trying to oust you in the bikini contests" Shredder agreed with his wife. Cybere probably did too.

"Fine, can we get married now?" Raphaela sighed.

"NO" Said a voice.

"Okay…by the power vested in me blah blah blah I now pronounce you Rafaela and Rafaela-el"

The two kissed and everyone cheered.

"I got something to tell you!" Rafaela grinned at Dark Raph.

"Don't tell me you're pregnant!" he moaned.

She raised an eyebrow. "Nah! I think you look hawt in a bikini"

"Not as much as you" he grinned, kissing her again.

Over at the otherside of the room, Leanne and Dark Leo leant against the wall, playfully bickering about how they should go about moving in together.

"Tough, you're a getting a divorce" Leo came in, glaring at his clone. "I want to marry you" he was drunk. They all LOLed and continued bickering as a three.

Dark Don and Dani pleaded Splinter to let them marry now but he refused as there was no cake present to bribe him with.

Carly walked talking with Donatello. After hearing the situation, they LOLed loudly at the pair and refused too.

Sh'Okanabo then entered with Carly. They too LOLed and also said "HELOO NOOO!"

And Tamiko and Dark Mikey talked about matching outfits they could wear, mostly consisting of lovely pink colours.

All was well, and all was right. Everything for the Dark turtles had changed and all for the better. All they all almost certainly all in their allness knew was everything was ALL right.

Or is it? :)

Actually, it clearly was. The turtles all lived and stuff. It was over forever. Even the clones got an ending, happy now?!

Just for ref:

Splinter + Carly = immortal

Raph/Leo/Don/Mikey = not immortal, but turtles live pretty damn long, like 100 years or something more

Maryssa/Shreddyssa = You know

Teryaki & ShadeStrike =married and shit

Sh'Okanabo = Oldass I guess and is probs immortal since Carly is.

Rafaela/Danitello/Leanneardo Hamato/Tamiko Michelle Jiao Mei Calista Rose Yumi Fattana Belle Urara Houriyya Sumi Girl_66 Zayaba Eternal Hamato - Are enchanted so they live the same amount of time as their parents and/or pairings...which ever lives longer.

Dark turtles - I dunno...clones of the turtles? SO the same lifespan to the minute? Yeah.

Cyber - lives in internet... Internet never dies. Love never dies.

Anyone else? Nyeh whatever.

All there to say now is a big whopping THE END!

Cause you know. The end forever.

No more Maryssaverse. It's the end of canon. It's been fun and I've hoped you enjoyed your maryssa based journey, and I hope through telling this epic story, you too have learnt to embrace your inner Maryssa Uda and to cherish the magic of friendship.

May Maryssa live on in our hearts.

For this is truly the greatest modern love stroy ever written.