Kurama stood with Hiei, watching the newly named Kiyomi playing in Genkai's game hall – under the old woman's careful supervision.

"You see it too." It wasn't a question.

"Yes," Kurama admitted. "She reminds me of Mukuro, actually, though I can't place how. The child is at least part demon, if not entirely so. It was good of you to take her out of there."

"Hn. Even I am not so heartless as to leave an infant where they will be told lies about their nature," Hiei admitted. "Has the Detective set a date yet?" he asked suddenly, changing the subject. They had barely been back twenty-four hours, but Yusuke had gone straight to Keiko after dropping Hiei, Kurama and Kiyomi at the temple. He'd called once, about an hour later. Hiei hadn't spoken to him, but Kurama had.

"Yes, he's moving fast so that nothing happens to forestall this wedding as happened with the previous one. It's going to be next Monday. Just him, Keiko, their parents, and a registrar. He is determined that nothing will go wrong if there aren't enough things with room to get messed up," Kurama answered, smiling. "Though there will likely be a celebration afterwards, to which everybody he can find will be invited."

Hiei nodded. "I'll take any missions Koenma has. The Detective should not be forced to postpone his marriage to the girl a second time, if nothing comes up, then I will be there also. He will outlive her though."

Kurama nodded sadly. That was true. Yusuke would likely outlive Keiko several times over, and not age very much at all. He wished them happiness. The red head smiled a private smile as his hand and Hiei's found each other, quite accidentally, and laced their fingers together.

"Hey Mum, I'm home!" Yusuke called as he got back to his parent's house.

"Yusuke, how was your day honey?" Atsuko asked, appearing around the counter of the kitchen, a slightly sudsy plate and a dish cloth in her hands.

He smiled. "Great," he answered, walking up and giving her a kiss on the cheek. "I gave all the guys a real work over today, and then Souketsu and Kujou gave me an even bigger working over to keep the score even and my head small."

"Will Souketsu be long?"

"No, I won't," came another male voice from the door, laughter in his voice. The vaguely lizard-like demon appeared at the door, purple beret in place and a smile on his face. "I'm right here. Hi love."

"Hey," Atsuko returned, putting the plate and cloth down and stepping into her new husband's embrace, smiling happily. "How was beating my boy into the training mat today?"

Both of the males laughed.

"Harder than yesterday," Souketsu admitted, smiling proudly at Raizen's heir. "Your old man would be proud of your progress, Yusuke."

Yusuke scratched the back of his head and ducked to hide his blush.

"Keiko called by the way Yusuke," Atsuko said, bringing her mind back to her son. "I know you two normally have family dinner with us on Fridays, but she said to send you home quickly, some kind of big news."

"Okay Mum. Love you, I'll see you some other time," Yusuke said, kissing her cheek before turning back to the door. The first week Yusuke had been back from Europe, Souketsu and Atsuko had gotten married. The second, he'd finally tied the knot with Keiko. Kuwabara was due to graduate from University next month – a doctor – and was planning to propose to Yukina soon.

"Yusuke!" Keiko cried happily as he came through his own door.

"Hey Keiko," Yusuke said, wrapping his arms around Keiko's waist before he swept her into a dip and, smirking down at her as she laughed, kissed her. "Mum said something was up," he said when the kiss broke off.

Keiko laughed. "You're going to be a father Yusuke," she told him, smiling. "Don't worry about those SDF guys either, I got checked out by Botan, so Koenma already knows and we're in the clear."

"Keiko, you're serious?" Yusuke said, a huge grin lighting up his face. Lifting her from the dip, and then into the air, he spun her around, laughing. "Oh man, Keiko! We're gonna be parents!" he yelled happily. When he lowered Keiko to the ground again at last, he took her face in his hands and kissed her thoroughly, still smiling the whole time.

He couldn't wait to tell the guys.


Author's Note: Anybody asking for a sequel? The answer is no. At least from me. If you want a sequel, please feel free to write your own. I feel like I did a bad thing with the creation of the little girl as it is. I'm not writing more.