Sorry I haven't written in so long. I dropped my last story, a twilight fanfic. Sorry to any of you who started reading it. I might pick it up later though. Anyway enjoy this cute little storry about Kyoko and Ren.

Kyoko: amnaw does not own skip beat though she wishes she did. Now on to the show!

Ren Tsuruga came back home exhausted from work after a long day of shooting his newest drama. He loosened his tie as plumped down on the coach with a sigh.

Today was Ren's birthday and it had been the same as last year. He arrived to LME with co-workers and fans (some times a mix of both) giving him present and congratulating him, he always returned it with smiles and a Thank you.

But the present he had wanted to get most was from Kyoko. Ren hadn't gotten to see Mogami-san the entire day because they had entirely different schedules and dramas to shoot for. But he had known that, yet he had wished he could still have caught a glimpse of Mogami-san today.

'Ding Dong'

'It must be Yashiro' he thought as he got up to open the door. He wondered if he had forgotten something at LME as he walked up to the door.

Once he opened the door he was wonderfully surprised to see not Yashiro but Mogami-san smiling up at him.

"Hello Mogami-san, I wasn't expecting to see you here" He smiled at her.

"Tsuruga-san I'm so sorry to bother you" she said and repeatedly bowed.

He sighed, 'when would Kyoko figure out that not every time he smiled he was angry at her.'

"Come on in Mogami-kun" He said moving aside to giver her some room to enter.

"Thank you" she said and bowed once again before she entered.

"Please follow me Mogami-san" he said and walked over to the coach.

Ren sat down and patted the space next him

"Sit down Mogami-san"

Kyoko blushed at the thought of sitting so close to Ren but pushed it aside, he was just her senpai. Kyoko obeyed and sat down next Ren. 'She always sits so formally' Ren thought with smile 'it was cute.'

"So Kyoko can I get you anything to drink" he asked getting up.

"No Tsuruga_san, you don't need to go to all that trouble" she said grabbing his sleeve and tugging him down before he had fully gotten up.

"Alright then Mogami-san" he said sitting back down and crossing his legs.

Ren just continued to gaze at Kyoko, looking at her to make up for how he hadn't gotten to see her for the entire day.

"Tsuruga-san" Kyoko called out worriedly "Is there something wrong?" she asked.

"Of course not Mogami-san" he said coming out of it once he heard Kyoko's voice "so why the pleasant surprise?" he asked genuinely curious.

"Well, I wanted to give you you're birthday present" she said "but I didn't see you at all today so I though maybe I could stop by you're house to give it to you today"

Kyoko looked up to see him smiling at her and she instantly felt fearful

"I'm so sorry Tsuruga-san you must have been busy. I'm taking up you're time, I shouldn't have come. So sorry" she squealed and repeatedly bowed with her position turned more toward him.

"It's alright Mogami-san" he said "I'm happy that you came by and I'm not busy at all"

Kyoko stopped bowing and handed him a small wrapped present that she had been holding. Ren hadn't noticed the present than yet again he had forgotten it was his birthday for a while before Kyoko had reminded him. Ren took the present and unwrapped it to reveal……………