The Stolen Kiss

Summary: Haruhi falls asleep in the music room and someone steals a kiss. Detective Haruhi Fujioka is determined to identify the culprit... at all cost.

Disclaimer: Bisco owns all these characters. I got the idea for this story from a shoujo manga i read last year.. will put up the title of the manga once i find it again =)

Chapter 1

As a girl who grew up making her own meals and worrying about her father most of the time, Haruhi had never given much thought as to how her romance life, or more specifically, first kiss, would be like. Until the incident where a twist of fate saw her losing the kiss to Kanako, she had given it very little thought indeed.

Looking back, she thought that the whole incident was comical, with Tamaki flailing his arms in horror like a headless chicken, Kyoya scheming money revenues with the very nicely taken photo, the Twins' endless teasing and Honey... Well his curiosity had been overwhelming and he had insisted on being lifted up by an indifferent Mori to get a better view that day.

As for Haruhi herself, the experience of having mouth to mouth contact with another individual, though unintentional, had been close to what she used to imagine as a child after reading stories of princesses with their princes- chaste and dashed with an element of surprise.

Though definitely not with a female senpai, nor under so many pairs of watching eyes.

Smiling slightly, Haruhi strolled down the hallway slowly while admiring the beautiful shadows the full length windows made on the marble ground as the afternoon sun fell through the well polished glass.

The school was everything a top rated hotel should be and it made sense since Ouran High School was more of a net working community exploited by the future leaders of the political and economic spheres rather than a school purely for studying.

Though Haruhi did not approve of the flashy facilities, she had gotten used to them slowly over the months and found joy in the beauty of some. The spacious library was one of them, where Haruhi could always find a quiet corner to study no matter how crowded the library was. Not to mention the vast quantity of books available for borrowing.

Still, many school features were way over the top, such as a fountain spanning half a foot ball field in length with a gigantic statue of the headmaster in the middle, or having colossal gardens of varying themes in every wing of the school compound. It was a miracle how students manage not to lose their way in the school.

Haruhi sighed, transferred her books to her left arm and opened the door to the Third Music Room, using the key Tamaki had presented to her with a flourish the day before.

It had taken nothing less than a full hour as Tamaki rambled on about the heartfelt emotions of a father passing the key to his grown up and responsible daughter, much to Haruhi's dismay at having gained another over attentive 'father'. It wasn't until Haruhi had threatened to throw the key down the first drain she came across that Tamaki reluctantly let her go for the day.

The music room was empty, as she had anticipated. The third and second years were having examinations that day and would be released later at three in the afternoon. The twins had disappeared quietly after class ended, leaving Haruhi to make her way to the music room alone.

Entering the prestigious Ouran High School, on the contrary, had not allowed our heroine to be swept off her feet by rich, gentlemanly, cultivated,( in general, any word which opposes poor and uncivilized) Class A male students. Perhaps her dressing up as a male and working in the host club entertaining pseudo princesses accounted for the lack of suitors.

Suitors out of the host club.

The presence of suitors within the host club itself was another matter entirely which Haruhi chose to pay minimal attention to because she saw no reason to complicate matters since she was there mainly to pay off an enormous debt which seemed to increase exponentially by the day. Plus the bunch of hosts was always flirting with their mesmerised customers; there was no distinction between genuine attraction and playful flirting.

That was, if Haruhi was even alert enough to detect any trace of interest at all.

On the other hand, confessions from adoring female admirers were something Haruhi learnt to manage because of the frequent occurrences, around thrice a month due to her fans being the earnest but shy kind.

Haruhi glanced around the empty room for a moment before taking a seat on the couch facing the window in the left wing of the ridiculously huge Third Music Room, beside the grand piano. It was a peaceful corner with a great view of the academy's outrageously magnificent orchid garden in full bloom.

She ought to be tidying up the room and preparing tea but decided that those could wait till the others came. Kyoya would have chosen a specific brew of tea or coffee to suit the theme for that day and Haruhi did not want to foil his flawless plans by preparing the wrong kind of refreshments.

Leaning back on the comfortable Victorian style couch, Haruhi selected her Japanese History textbook from the pile she was carrying and started reading. She had an hour before the seniors arrive and another thirty minutes or so before the customers started flooding in so it was a good time to get some studying done.

Alas, the consecutive late nights, spent rushing class assignments due to club activities taking up too much time, inevitably started to take their toll on Haruhi. Much as Haruhi wished to study in advance for the test in the coming week, the heavy lunch she ate and the dreary warlords made it extremely hard for the already tired girl to stay awake.

She blinked hard, closed her eyes for a few seconds and opened them slowly before finally giving in to sleep as her heavy eyelids closed once more over her unfocused eyes.

Time seemed to pass erratically.

In her half conscious state, Haruhi did not sense a figure quietly approaching the couch and stopping in front of her. Nor did she stir from the feather light caresses smoothing out her ruffled hair. The figure bent towards Haruhi hesitantly.

However, she did feel a slight pressure when something unbelievably soft pressed against her lips tenderly. A warm hand was beneath her chin, supporting her head. The warmth seeped across her cheeks and gradually towards her limbs until she could feel a tingling sensation in in her toes.

Someone's breath tickled her face.

And then it was over, lasting for too short a second.

Haruhi opened her eyes with a start, her heart still pounding furiously. There was no one beside her and the wing was empty. There were voices coming from the main room so the senpais must have arrived already. A glance at the clock informed Haruhi that it was five past three and that she had been dozing for an hour.

Walking out of the piano room, Honey was the first person Haruhi encountered.

"Usa-chan is looking especially cute today!" referring to the pink bow which was tied around the rabbit's left ear, Honey danced around and gave his favourite possession a peck on the nose while emitting imaginary flowers the entire time.

Mori followed closely behind, most probably worried that his cousin would knock into a chair and fall.

"Mori senpai," Haruhi tried not to show her distress, "Did you happen to see anyone come out of the piano room just now?"

Mori replied in his deep rumbling voice that he had not. He looked thoughtfully at Haruhi for a moment before turning back to Honey. Haruhi could have sworn she saw him look at her lips and that made her blush despite her discomfort.

Tamaki was in a very familiar position, squatting at a dark corner and poking at mushrooms he had grown while mumbling, "But I wanted the detective theme today.. Kyoya is a baddie..."

"Oh, you've finally woken up?" Haruhi almost jumped when Kyoya spoke right at her ear.

"K-kyoya senpai!" Haruhi looked up at Kyoya. Had he always smiled like that? He seemed to be teasing her. "Is there anything I can help with?"

"Nothing much, I have prepared almost everything. No harm in washing your face though, Haruhi. You're looking a bit flustered."

Just then, the twins burst through the door. Kaoru was dragging a blushing Hikaru into the room.

Kaoru gazed at Haruhi and gave her a wink. "We're sorry for leaving so suddenly just now, Kyoya senpai." he addressed the bespectacled senior. Hikaru just grinned weakly.

Haruhi stared at the people in the Third Music Room.

Just.. who was it?

~To be continued~

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