The Stolen Kiss

Summary: The KyoHaru confrontation.

Chapter 10

It was impossible to focus on anything but what Kyoya had said for the rest of the afternoon. As such, it sped by without any further hiccups.

Kyoya placed a thin envelope on the table before Haruhi. The scene was oddly formal with the two each taking an end of the rectangular coffee table.

"As mentioned, here is your health report,"

A logo of the Ootori medical service was printed in a corner of the glossy paper.

"and it has not been opened." he continued as Haruhi gave him an incredulous look. She reached out warily to take the envelope.

Haruhi vaguely recalled having a syringe of her blood taken as part of the check up. She glanced briefly at her hands and realised that there was indeed a small see through plaster at the back of her left palm. It must have taken quite a bit of worrying and distraction for the plaster to go unnoticed. Then again, Haruhi did not consider herself a particularly observant girl, as long as the wound caused no pain or discomfort.

"Thanks, Kyoya senpai." she said, fingering the smooth surface of the envelope. "I didn't know that there was a need for a blood test, though."

"Pardon my saying, but your blood vessels are rather sunken. I believe most doctors have a hard time drawing blood from such patients."

Sure, he had not read her health report but he was aware of things not included in the report. Privacy became an obsolete word when your acquaintance was an Ootori, a Kyoya Ootori in particular. Haruhi wondered sadly about the future of professionalism in the medical field.

"For god's sake, have some confidence in the doctors who do not belong in your hospital!" Haruhi muttered angrily. Her impatience did nothing to lighten her mood. Kyoya, however, seemed to find a hidden amusement in the conversation as his lips curled up involuntarily at Haruhi's retort.

"I probably should give them some credit, considering the low mortality rate in Japan." He agreed with a smile.

Haruhi flipped the document listlessly, eyes glued to the table. She was rejecting his attempts to converse normally, rejecting help while too blind to see an obvious way out.

Kyoya gave an audible sigh and left the table soundlessly.

Something in this sigh caused Haruhi to look up with a jolt in her heart; they were moving on to the next thing Kyoya wished to speak to her about. She was finally going to get an answer.

Neither spoke as she watched him approach.

Kyoya broke the silence.

"I take it that you have neither figured out who kissed you nor really tried to find out who the person was." He shook his head at her hopeless attempts to solve the mystery.

The disapproval in his voice was curt and invoked a defensive reaction in the recipient.

Haruhi's voice rose as she spoke, indignant and stubborn. "I did try, and at the very least, I know that Honey senpai was not the one."

Admittedly, that was not the most impressive findings to announce but Haruhi did not expect the dark haired senior to laugh and sat dumbfounded when he did so. Kyoya's expression softened into a grin as he stopped and leaned against the edge of the table Haruhi was sitting at.

He placed a hand firmly down on the medical report, preventing Haruhi from spinning it or turning it on the table top. "Wouldn't it have been simpler if you had just asked me right at the start?"

"Asked for your help with the... investigation?" Haruhi was reluctant to use such a serious, thus unfitting word but it was the only one which came to mind. The next thing she knew, the police would be involved, lawyers engaged and the case, brought to court.

"No, not for my help," Kyoya smiled, and dazzled, " but you could have asked me who he was."

The lifted eyebrows and quizzed look on her face did so wordlessly.

On hindsight, all the sleepless nights spent pondering and speculating could not have prepare her sufficiently for this moment of reveal.

"I was the one who kissed you, Haruhi."

That was not a question, unlike the time with Kaoru. Kyoya answered calmly with all the certainty of a statement, the intention was to inform, not suggest.

Haruhi found herself on her feet, without the recollection of trying to stand up. She stared wide eyed at Kyoya who was returning her stare, in a thoughtful manner.

Attractive features framed by black hair and glasses which only added to the mysterious charm, that pale and intelligent face was hard to resist. Despite the initial shock, there was this unexplainable desire to remove his light reflecting glasses which were concealing his onyx eyes. Yet, she still felt intimidated by the handsome senior before her.

He spoke again, "Was that really so hard to guess?" and closed the gap between them as Haruhi took an unstable step back.

As most shoujo manga would have it, a wall sprung up right behind our heroine and Haruhi found herself trapped and cornered as Kyoya placed both palms on each side of her head, against the wall. He hunched slightly to keep his gaze level with Haruhi's.

Haruhi was painfully aware that they were alone in the Third Music Room. She had behaved nonchalantly the previous time Kyoya held her in a compromising position, back when she had a fight with Tamaki.

"There's nothing to gain from doing this." Haruhi heard herself blurt out. It sounded like a warning.

That was a bad excuse and she knew it. Ironically back then, ignorance was what allowed her to see that Kyoya was playing the bad guy so that she could understand Tamaki's worries for her safety. On Kyoya's part, he had accepted her point that there was nothing in for him by violating her and left it at that. However, it was wrong to assume that his idea of merit did not include taking advantage of others. Even if the pleasure was at other peoples' expenses.

Kyoya smiled and pushed his glasses up, almost sadly. His fingers paused at the bridge of his nose before returning to the position beside her head.

"Is that really what you think of me?" He asked, looking at Haruhi's flushed face, "Looking for merits in every single thing I do?"

No, Haruhi wished to say. The silence pushed uncomfortably on, like the pressure from being underwater for too long. It left a ringing sensation in her ears.

The seconds ticked by. Clearly, he was expecting an answer.

"Honestly Kyoya senpai, yes. I do think that of you."

The expression of shock, characterized by the narrowing of dark eyes behind Kyoya's glasses, was almost instantly replaced by an amused smirk as Haruhi continued.

"You do kinds things unconsciously and then turn back to dig out the merits to justify that your actions were for personal benefits."

Kyoya slowly took his glasses off, closing his eyes for a second. When he opened them again, his eyes traveled lingeringly over Haruhi's face, as if taking her features in and finally stayed fixed on hers. Haruhi stared back, enthralled by the simple motion. She heard a muffled crack when the glasses fell onto the floor.

"Still wrong, but close." as Kyoya's gaze shifted, Haruhi felt a warm finger touch her ear lobe and come to a rest on her cheek. "There are so many points I can think of to prove you wrong."

Her face was warm, too warm.

"But, assuming that I had unconsciously kissed you back then and unconsciously engaged you in this intimate conversation," Haruhi grimaced at his mocking of her choice of word. Drawn in by the dark eyes which bore into hers, Haruhi could not help but listened intently to every word that fell out of Kyoya's mouth.

"Will you believe that the reason behind all these," He spoke slowly, his strained voice low, "is love?"

Heart thumping in her ears, hands shivering by her sides, movement restricted by an alluring senior, it was hard for Haruhi to fully digest what Kyoya had said from the second he admitted to have kissed her.

Still, it was an easy enough question to answer. "I can believe that, but-"

"But it does little to change your feelings." He finished smoothly.

Haruhi nodded. Rejection, made easy by Kyoya himself. Too simple in fact, almost as if he were guiding her intentionally in that direction.

There was a mournful tone in his voice as he spoke softly.

"So why were you so upset over what had happened with Tamaki in the infirmary," Kyoya paused, "if your affection for him has nothing to do with the kiss?"

"I... don't know." She did not know why.

"You were not going to fall in love instantly with the person who had kissed you."


Things were starting to clear up.

"My point exactly."

~To be continued~

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