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Rei and Yūichirō sat in the shrine late at night with nothing better to do than to keep each other company. It wasn't every day that Rei chose to be nice to the man with a wild hairstyle who was actually pretty soft spoken. What were they doing so late at night still eluded Rei; after all, it was clear she was after the Moon princess and not the boy before her. They were good friends and even if she used him as her verbal punching bag she really did care for the man, and if he wasn't mortal she could allow herself to think that maybe, just maybe she could love him. In the end Usagi was a safely unattainable goal, and with that came repressed emotions but at the same time she knew Usagi would live just as long as she would even when her good friend would be long gone. That's why she had resolved not to love him, even if she found a very strong attachment towards him. He really allowed her to let loose and that was something rare among the Senshi, at least in the vulgar way she went about it.

"Ok, I'll think of one hold on a sec." Rei laughed for a moment. "We just need a word to define, right? How about…humanity?" She asked being deep for only a moment as his long brown hair got in the way of seeing his face. Both were acting more than a little idiotic if this new game was anything to point at.

"How about just human?" He said as he shook the hair out of his eyes. "Human is a noun. As far as a definition, let me see… how about… morons' hell bent on killing themselves in a roundabout manner." He laughed at the look that gave him; indeed he was far more undisturbed with his words when it was just Rei by his side. It was during these times he felt most at ease and he really did love her.

"Well…" She gawked momentarily. "That's a new one. Messed up alright, but it's not a definition I've heard before." She smiled before pulling her own raven tresses out of the wind to allow her lavender eyes to meet his briefly. "Just don't ever say that to Ami or Usagi, I think they would flip." She thought momentarily before she continued. "Ok then, give me one."

"Hmm." Thinking for only a moment he "Ok then, Muse." With a smug look he was sure he had trapped her that time.

"Alright, Muse I Think is a Thing, but don't quote me on it, that would make it a Noun." She looked into the sky wondering idly how to top the one he came up with before only to realize that she may just come up short. This game was to try and come up with new meaning, or ones that they thought fit. Even if a few shouldn't never make it past the confidence of the others ears it was because of this that they spoke so freely. "As for how I define it you may laugh, but here it goes." Steadying herself momentarily she couldn't believe she was about to say this next one. "Nature's brain fart for the gifted."

Needless to say she was in the game since that got a reaction out of him. "Rei!" He wasn't surprised that she said that, but rather the fact she looked so indignant while doing it. The only time that she could possibly compare as far as facial feature is when she would fight with Usagi. "That was fitting. Wrong, but fitting."

"Alright, laugh it up, very funny." Rei chided playfully as she put her hair where it belonged and allowed herself to regain her composure. "I now bestow you the gift of defining the term; Reality."

"Reality?" He asked kind of confused why she was giving him all of the deep words. Humanity, Reality, Universe, Soldier, She had been asking a lot of seemingly rhetorical words. They may have meant something too her, but he just assumed it had to do with her Miko background and not as Sailor Mars. She had been asking him meaningful things as a game, and he would reply in kind, although his were more randomized than anything else. It was a game, a test to see who could out last who and no one ever saw the end because it would go on for hours until one or both of them fell asleep. "Reality is a Thing, thus it is a Noun." He took a look at the world around him seemingly uncaring of the graveling voice he seemed to pick up when he was sleepy. Rei loved that voice; it made him sound more mature even if he didn't act like it. "Mass delusion of self proclaimed intelligent beings." He was proud in his answer and she smiled at the depth the man had.

He was a lot like Usagi. He would drive her off the deep end one day and she just knew it. She loved him regardless of that and she suspected that was also why she could also love Usagi. Both were very much the same. They both ate a lot, they both rarely showed just how smart they could be and both could be more annoying than nails on a chalkboard. Even If they were so very similar Yūichirō was also very different in one regard. She could be crass in every way possible; she could be selfish and quick to anger. He would allow her a shoulder and arms that cared for her deeply, and as many times as they would fall asleep in the grass outside the shrine he was caring. He protected her, but never did he make a move in a way that may dishonor her. This is how they always were.

"Ok, Let's see…" He said trying to think of a word to give Rei. "How about Denial?"

"Easy, that's a something." Rei said her sleepiness getting the best of her not fully awake to actually know what she was saying. With a smug look in her eyes and a slur that could only be accounted for her sleep deprivation at Three A.M. she tried to define the word given. "See Reality." She smirked not all with her normal sharp logic. "What do you think of that surf boy?"

"I think you need to go to bed." He laughed as he helped her onto her feet. She was already beyond the point of sleepy and snuggled into him as he sighed. "I Also think you need to not be sneaking around late at night any more if this is how you act the next day." His words were soft as he picked her up into his arms. As she lay in his warm embrace he carried her to the bed and tucked her in sighing at the fact she would most likely want to hit him in the morning for no apparent reason. As he closed the door to her bedroom he whispered one final thought, one although she heard almost nightly she would never be able to answer him. "Why do you always avoid that word Rei? What is so bad about the word Denial?"

In her depth of sleep she answered his thought within her mind, it wasn't one she was proud of yet it was the only one she had. 'Because if I told you what that means, it would mean you, me and everything I stand for. Usagi told me to kiss you back at D-Point but I was unable, I do love you so very much, but if I ever had to lose you as a lover it would be too much." In her dreams she would love him, in her daily life she would watch him from afar and allow him near in the quiet of night, but she would never let him into her heart as a lover, and even if she had promised herself that as well she knew the truth. "That too is simply Denial."


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