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Chapter 2: Play another game.

It was hot. To damn hot for its own good as Rei laid in the grass looking at the stars. Yūichirō hadn't come out of the shrine yet and it had confused Rei. He was normally here by now. She would wait; she would give him a little more time. She owed him that much. She didn't have to wait long after all she noticed as she heard footsteps and then someone take a seat. "Took you long enough." Her sarcasm evident like always at this time of night was softened by the smile on her face.

"Sorry. I lost track of time." He nodded his apology. Then he too placed his head in the grass. "Same game?" he asked. As Rei nodded to him, he smiled with a troublesome look. "Denial. You haven't defined it yet. Not properly anyway."

She thought for a moment before seeing a way out. "Noun. A word I won't answer for you." She said with her tongue out like a cobra.

"Don't do that unless you intend to use it." He chided playfully knowing he would get hit. As always Rei clocked him on the side of the head for such remarks, although it wasn't ever hard enough to be painful. "Sorry!" He yelped. He really wasn't and they both knew it.

"Alright, enough with the perv thing." She growled annoyed and teeth clenched. "Define Paradox oh great man of wisdom!" She was going over the top and he had to pause and think momentarily.

"hmmm Paradox?" He paused wondering for a moment. "Paradox is a noun." He halted in his thinking a moment. "What happens when you divide by Zero!" He exclaimed victorious. All he had to do was get a rise out of her somehow, yet he seemed to have failed that time.

"hmmm" Rei sighed as pulled her long hair out of her way. "I was thinking more like this." She paused and sat upright knowing this was going to be very unbecoming of a miko such as her. She didn't care, the day was stressful and she needed to blow off steam. This was her way of going about it. She wasn't a saint after all. "Paradox: When fate fucks it's self up the ass!"

That got him. Yūichirō had lost that game for sure. He couldn't counter that. He could, surely he knew how, but Rei had already done a good enough job mangling the term to shreds. He could however cop an attitude. "I didn't know fate had such a place. I didn't even think it had a body."

"Well I say it does." Rei shot back as she tackled him to the ground. "Besides you of all people know there is a dark side to every light." Her eyes grew serous and before she knew it she was looking into his eyes. 'No.' she thought pulling away. She wouldn't allow herself to get that close. She couldn't allow herself to get that close again.

"There may be a light side and a dark side but have you ever thought that perhaps neither are correct?" He said solemnly. He saw. He knew. That look wasn't one of her normal brash reactions even if what started it had been from a base response of one. He wanted to know. A new game now would ensue, one of barely there guesses with answers veiled by replies of only half truths. "Don't you think gray is better?"

"This from the idiot who says sprite is green." She sighed as he looked onward beyond the point of innocent. He really way besides a few bouts of being a toilet mouth, not that Rei was any better.

"It is green!" He went on to further explain his logic. "Sprite is clear; therefore it is the same color as any item it is held in. They mostly come in green plastic bottles. Thus, the true color is green!"

"I'll never win this will I?" she sighed at his explanation, this seemed to be a weekly conversation among them.

"Nope." He laughed as he shook his head in a goofy way shaking his hair from side to side. "Anyway, what do you think about the color gray?"

"I think it's undefined able. It's kinda light, kinda dark. It just is." Rei hated talking about the color gray. It wasn't like light or dark. It was muddled. It could be both. Lines could be blurry and undefined. She hated the color gray. It was the only thing that allowed light to pass into dark and vice versa. She hated knowing that.

"That's just it. That can be both." Yūichirō laughed at the look she sent him. "I want to be both too. I hate definitions life gives us. I just want to be, you know?"

She looked at him softly. She would break by that admittance. She hated knowing she loved him so much. Her focus needed to remain on Usagi. "I think I'm going to go to bed." She said softly going into her room through the outside entrance and closing the door. She plopped down onto her bed sighing at what he had just said. Her eyes became watery and she didn't know what to say. She didn't know how to ease the conflict in her mind. 'I want to be gray Yūichirō. I want to be both. I want to fight for what I think is right and not always have to fight for the light side. I want to be a selfish woman. Just once I want to want for myself and have that want granted to me. I just want to be gray. If I could be both them maybe I could risk it. Perhaps if I was gray I could love you.'

She inhaled a deep breath as she watched him continued to sit outside. He spoke softly and he knew she could hear him. "Rei, I don't know why you hide from me. I saw that hurt tonight. That same one I see a lot now. I just want to know what's wrong with you."As he stood to leave she whispered back to him knowing he was out of ear shot.

"I don't want to be denied my love for you. I refuse to lose you one day as any more than a dear friend. You can be gray but I cannot." She rolled over in her bed as she sighed. 'I refuse to answer you what that word means. I know in my heart that I must fight for the light. That I will always fight for the light. I will never be a normal human like you.'

Moments later she heard a knock on her bedroom door. Opening it she saw Yūichirō standing there with a soft smile on his face and an old worn out shoebox. "Hey Rei, let's play another game." She let him in and watched as he set the box on the table. "Come here and sit. I'll deal out the cards." Rei complied, but in reality she had no idea what she was in for.


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