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Note: This is completely alternate. I know that the chance of this ever happening in the programme is 0% so I hope nobody will try and compare it to events that could actually happen. Hopefully something a little different for you to experience! Enjoy!

Juliet clung to Harry with all the energy she could. The glass of his office wall was cold through her thin blouse, and the force of him was pushing her back against it again and again. He pound into her faster and faster, desperate to find his own release, but desperate to take her with him.

"Oh Fu.. Jesus," Harry moaned as he could feel himself getting closer.

He didn't love Juliet. He didn't care about her feelings either to some extent. It was Ruth he wanted. Ruth he wanted and needed in no way that Juliet could provide. So why he was here, in the lone hours of the morning, with Juliet firmly pressed up against the wall of his office he'll never know. The opportunity presented itself and he needed physical release. Maybe Juliet would leave him alone.

He listened intently to Juliet's muffled cries and ragged breaths. A soundtrack he had heard before, but under entirely different circumstances. Her moans and breaths were accompanied by his moans of satisfaction and something sounding like china hitting the floor on the other side grid. He pound into her once more and then... Hold on a second, something china hit the floor on the other side of the grid.

Harry suddenly stopped moving and snapped his head round to the source of the doors. Confused as to why Harry had stopped, Juliet slowly opened her eyes to find him staring across the grid.

Juliet's mouth opened wide in shock, but no sounds could be made as she tried to speak.

30 minutes earlier

"Juliet what can I do for you?" Harry was in no mood for her silly games.

He had been hoping to talk to Ruth but he hadn't seen her for a while and her belongings seemed to have disappeared. He could vaguely recall her saying she would be back soon but given the early hours he was sure she'd given up on coming back in and just gone straight home for some rest.

"I've come to say goodbye." Juliet shrugged.

"That's very noble of you," Harry muttered as he left her standing at the pods and made his way towards his office.

"Harry!" Juliet's voice held a warning tone, a tone he was glad to see the back of, but a tone he was sure he'd come to miss eventually.

"Goodbye Juliet," the words were delivered softly, but the underlying tone made it clear Harry wasn't going to go all sentimental on the occasion.

"Insufferable man," Juliet muttered good-naturedly. This certainly got Harry's attention.

Juliet approached Harry, who was still standing by the glass wall of his office. He'd had enough good grace not to leave her in the corridor, but wished she would hurry up and leave so he could finish his paperwork in peace.

"So I guess this is it," she whispered, bringing her hand up to very softly graze her fingertips down the side of his face.

"Goodbye Juliet,"

They stood in awkward silence for a moment; Harry leant against his office wall, and Juliet standing a few steps in front of him.

"Goodbye Harry,"

She leant forward instinctively and captured his lips with her own. It was brief but the underlying passion was clear. Leaning away from his embrace she could see the desire in his eyes. Not the desire of wanting her, just the desire of what could possibly happen if she lets it. This was physical, and a memory she was so desperate to make before she left.

"For old time's sake," she whispered, once again finding his mouth.

Harry moved quick, turning her 180 degrees so she was the one leaning against the wall. He smiled onto her mouth as she began tugging his shirt out of his waistband. Just like old times.

45 minutes earlier

"Harry," Ruth shouted. He was too busy reading a report from special branch to take any notice of the voice calling after him. "Harry, if you're listening I just have to go down and get some files from the forgery suite. I'll bring you up a coffee when I get back,"

Harry mumbled some form of acknowledgement in her direction and continued his brisk and purposeful walk towards his office. He knew it was a waste of time reading the report and signing all the files on his desk. He was bound to get disturbed.

Present Day

"Ruth," Harry muttered. "Oh shit, RUTH!"

Harry could only watch in horror as Ruth grabbed her coat from the rack and stormed through the pods. He could see her tear stained cheeks and her raw red eyes in the dim light, and quickly removed himself from Juliet's grasp before zipping up his fly and chasing after her.

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