This is just me and my friend having a little fun. Oh, and don't ask… ;)


Bella Cullen just signed in.

Bella Cullen: been feeling ill and throwing up all morning, gosh hate being sick!

Emmett Cullen just signed in.

Emmett Cullen: preggers?! :D

Bella Cullen: no…?

Emmett Cullen: oh that's right… to get pregnant you have to have sex and since Edward's a freakin 109-year-old-virgin who refuses to do it with his wife you guys haven't…

Edward Cullen just signed in.

Edward Cullen: what the hell, Emmett?!

Bella Cullen: I hate you, Em!

Edward Cullen: who doesn't…

Emmett Cullen: hey! what's up with the harassing?! *crying*

Rosalie Hale just signed in.

Rosalie Hale: guys, please! trying to get my make-up done over here.

Emmett Culle: Rose, you're vampire. you're beautiful as you are, you don't need make-up, babe.

Rosalie Hale: gosh, that would have been so romantic if you only had written "you're you" instead of "you're a vampire"…

Edward Cullen: what makes you think we didn't do it on our honeymoon, Em?

Rosalie Hale: did what?

Edward Cullen: not talking to you, Rose.

Rosalie Hale: argh! am I the only one who doesn't get to know?! so unfair!

Emmett Cullen: really, you did it? :D

Bella Cullen: none of your business, Em…

Rosalie Hale: what's none of his business??

Bella Cullen: none of your business either, Rose…

Emmett Cullen: they had sex on their honeymoon! :D way to go, bro! ;)

Emmett Cullen: or should I say 'way to go, sis', she probably talked you into it…

Rosalie Hale: well that is just disgusting… I'm not gonna sit here talk about my siblings sex lives… ugh.

Emmett Cullen: well, I am! how was it, Eddy? :P

Rosalie Hale: *sighs* bye.

Bella Cullen: I'm outta her too…

Emmett Cullen: no wait!

Bella Cullen: what?

Emmett Cullen: so you're preggers?! :P

Edward Cullen: no, Em, she's not. cuz I'm a fucking vampire… can't reproduce, remember?

Carlisle Cullen just signed in.

Carlisle Cullen: you had protection, right, Edward?

Bella Cullen: OK, so now I'm really outta here…

Edward Cullen: me too…

Edward Cullen: wait, why'd you wonder if we had protection, Carlisle? *confused*

Carlisle Cullen: well, we don't know for sure that vampires can't have children with humans. no one's really been testing… except maybe you kids.

Edward Cullen: WHAT?!

Bella Cullen: couldn't have said that a little earlier?

Carlisle Cullen: thought you knew…

Edward Cullen: *going in to chock*

Carlisle Cullen: relax, I'll exam Bella to see if she is or not. and then we'll se what we do.

Bella Cullen: could everybody please just stop talking about this? just cuz we did doesn't mean I am.

Emmett Cullen: bet you are :P

Bella Cullen: shut up, Em!

Emmett Cullen: you shut up! :O

Esme Cullen just signed in

Esme Cullen: Emmett! Be nice to your sister.

Emmett Cullen: she started it!

Bella Cullen: did not!

Emmett Cullen: did too!

Bella Cullen: hate you!

Emmett Cullen: hate you more!

Edward Cullen: if you ever say stuff like that to Bella again I'll kill you, Emmett!!

Bella Cullen: thank you, Edward. love you.

Edward Cullen: love you more.

Emmett Cullen: hey, what about me??

Bella Cullen: uhm, nobody likes you, Em… let alone loves you

Emmett Cullen: that is so not true!!

Edward Cullen: …

Rosalie Cullen: …

Esme Cullen: …

Carlisle Cullen: …

Jasper Hale just signed in.

Jasper Hale: …

Bella Cullen: hmm, what was that again, Emmett?

Emmett Cullen: why doesn't anybody like me? :O

Bella Cullen: oh, geez… wonder why…??

Alice Cullen just signed in.

Alice Cullen: hey, what's up, family?? :)

Emmett Cullen: oh, now you've gone to far you little awkward human being!! *growling at Bella*

Bella Cullen: you big annoying hated bloodsucker! *growling back*

Alice Cullen: geez, take it easy…

Jasper Hale: are they bothering you, Ali-babe?

Alice Cullen: actually they kinda are, I was in such a good mood and now…

Jasper Hale: *sending out happy emotions*

Alice Cullen: thanks, sweetie.

Emmett Cullen: Alibaba? *laughing my ass off*

Alice Cullen: no, Em, not Alibaba. Ali-babe and Jazzy-babe :)

Emmett Cullen: *still laughing my ass off*

Jasper Hale: and you wondered why nobody likes you…

just so you know, me and my friend both love Emmett! this was just for fun. :)