To Court A Wife

A Short Peek into Marriage Life

A Two-Shot

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01: Cause

Six-year-old Youichi Hyuuga went to his father at their spacious dining room. It was nine o' clock in the evening and God knows it was time for children to be tucked in bed. All polite society complied with that idea, except Alice; a small community settled in the silent outskirts of Tokyo.

With worried eyes, the little boy complained. "Dad, Mom is screaming again at the T.V." Indeed there had been for like three hours straight. Things such as 'Go! Lakers!', 'Oh my God Harrison Ford, you're so hot' and 'Dumb girl! How dare you reject him?' Father and son both silenced for a minute and this time they heard: 'You morons, KFC is better than McDonalds!'

Natsume Hyuuga looked down from the magazine he had been reading and smiled warmly at his son. "It's Thursday, son. Your mother's T.V. night."

"But, Dad, She has been screaming for hours now. When will she ever stop?" Youichi challenged wearily, rubbing his cute little temple framed with his curly locks of hair.

"You have to understand, Youichi. Your mother just finished her third book yesterday. She needs a day-off."

Youichi sighed in disbelief. It is hard to be torn between two popular parents: a children's book author for a mother and a renowned businessman for a father.

Mikan Sakura, now named Mikan Hyuuga is the writer of the today's bestseller Tangerine Summer book series, under the penname 'Dotty Spagsweet'. It had been estimated that about a two thousand copies was printed when her first book Tangerine meets Raven got approved. It was followed by another that surpassed the gross sales of the first and tomorrow they are half-expecting the book paparazzis at their door now that the third book is confirmed into printing.

Natsume Hyuuga on the other hand, is one of the country's reliable businessmen. He has relevant connections with publishing houses and invests on business ventures that promise absolute success. Typical as it is, he sponsored the publishing his wife's books.

Youichi, the only son of the Hyuuga couple with ashen-white hair, peach-cream freckles, and a face that would surely swoon and impress the girls for years to come, still couldn't resist asking his dad a question about his mother's behavior that seems otherworldly to him. "I don't understand why Mom is noisy even if you are here. I like her better when she's on a calm state, depressed or troubled. She's way quieter."

Natsume grinned sympathetically, a slow lazy smile that had the ladies begging at his knees. "What do you have in mind?"

The little boy looked thoughtful. "I was just wondering… How come our neighbors, the Yomes, had about a dozen children in their family, yet their mother is as silent as your boring assistant's hair at daytime and only yells at her husband whenever the silly drunkard is at home at about three in the morning."

"Where had you learned those?"

"From my playmate, Kisa. She's rubbing elbows with the youngest of the Yomes."

" . . . "

"Honestly Dad. I think we have a major problem here. You should control mom. You could boss her around but you're not doing it."

"I stand no chance against your mom, son. She knows me far better than anyone. Besides, I like it when she's bossing me."

"You can boss her too! I just know it! Yesterday you did!"

Natsume arched his perfectly sketched eyebrows. "Oh? And how, pray tell Sherlock?"

"Just earlier today, I heard you tell her if she won't throw your Fondle magazines away, you'll totally ruin her day."

Natsume smiled. "She had laundry to fold, dinner to make, mails to check and read, son."

"Yeah, and so is Snow White inside the seven dwarves' cottage."

At that, Natsume tilted his head back and laughed heartily, a genuine mellow sound. He stood up, intending to make coffee and risked his son's acrimony by ruffling that silver hair.

"Oh, I know the dirty clothes have no relation whatsoever with you saying you'll get mean to her if she won't throw those magazines of yours: You old people are kissing again."

Natsume poured a little spoonful of sugar to finish his drink and turned around. "Mikan is special. Of course, I'll be kissing her. When someone makes your heart feel funny, in a good kind of way that makes them special. And Mikan is one of them."

"But Dad, does that mean you totally forgot my mom?"

The raven-haired man quieted. He said softly, "I would never forget Hana. She's your true mother."

Youichi is the son Natsume made with his first wife, Hana Nakazono, heiress of the Nakazono Company, a business partner of his father, when his old man is still in charge.

Natsume and Hana lived together happily, in the quiet solitude of the countryside, but when Natsume is twenty-three, his pretty wife died, together with their unborn daughter, in a car accident, leaving him and Youichi.

Natsume remembered the scene to well. He was dry-eyed, looking at the coffin with an unreadable expression, for he felt jumbled emotions inside him, ready to explode at once.

He loved Hana too much that he never noticed that Mikan is the one who can fill his life with love again. It certainly took some time before he could feel again.

Natsume sat on his chair again, dreading to remember. "Tell me, do you miss her?"

Youichi picked his words carefully. "Yes, of course. But…I have Mikan now, and she's my new mother and I should be making new memories with her."

Natsume nodded his head in understanding. His son might be young but he's very wise.

"Anyways," Youichi continued, without paying attention to the weird look his father is having (Yep, he considered it weird indeed), "When are you guys going to give me a little brother?"

Natsume choked on his coffee. He weakly replied. "Youichi, what kind of question is that?"

Youichi shrugged. "Just asking. I really want a little brother soon. But maybe a little sister will do."

Youichi Hyuuga was already on his way to being the finest male ruffian anybody in this country ever seen, but in Natsume's mind, he can compete in challenging the world. Besides, it wasn't any doubt that once a Hyuuga is known into something, it is labeled 'his' forever and sure 'troublemaking' is Youichi Hyuuga's league. His and only.

"Are you really that sure of having a sibling?" Natsume asked, not much of a casual preamble.

"Oh, yes. I'm pretty sure." Youichi nodded gravely. "The Yomes have a new one again and it is estimated to be born by October."


"Well, I want to top it off."

Natsume cuddled his son in his lap. "You are awfully perceptive for your age, son. Often wonder where you got your genes from."

"Of course, it's from my true mom."

The crimson eyes widened in absolute genuine surprise. "What makes you so sure?"

"Yesterday, I asked Mikan how does she describe you and she said you are an 'arrogant hard-headed idiot' if I quoted what she said which I'm pretty sure it is what it is. Hardly, I am of that description."

Natsume Hyuuga tilted his head in question and as comprehension dawned, he flashed an unreadable smile. Slowly he lowered his son to the floor from his lap. "Tell me, Youichi, would you want to go to your grandmother's for the weekend?"

Youichi's face brightened with a smile. "Sounds good to me."

"Hmmm, get your backpacks ready tonight and I'll drive you there tomorrow, Friday."

Kaoru Hyuuga pushed hot pink glasses above her head and flipped her dark ebony hair obviously rebonded and is freely trailing after the sharp caresses of the wind against her face. She grabbed her iPod with her fuchsia glitter fingernails and went to listen to some cool chic catchy songs popular nowadays. 'TikTok' came playing.

Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy

(Hey, what up girl?)

Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city

(Lets go)

before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack

'Cause when I leave for the night, I ain't coming back

The speed needle of the black-with-pink-flames Cadillac rose up to sixty after two minutes. Kaoru sped up and manage to survive the curve that might have caused the death of her by pulling a reckless decision of speeding up, the needle struggling to pass up seventy-five. She smiled, her full lipped mouth curving mischievously, showing pearly white teeth. Nice, trinket. You still have the touch.

I'm talking pedicure on our toes, toes

Trying on all our clothes, clothes

Boys blowing up our phones, phones

Drop-topping, playing our favorite CDs

Pulling up to the parties

Trying to get a little bit tipsy

All the Alice residents opened their windows and rushed outside their houses when they heard the loud roaring of engine rushing down their smooth paved road. As expected, they looked at each other in amused gravity: A Hyuuga's back in town.

Don't stop, make it pop

DJ, blow my speakers up

Tonight, I'mma fight

'Til we see the sunlight

Tick tock on the clock

but the party don't stop, no

She opened the Cadillac door and went out, black stilettos first, followed by hip-hugging tights stopping at her kneecaps, short dark carnation skirt above knees of those great legs and a yellow and hot pink plaid vest with white T-shirt underneath that states 'Make Way Studs' in bold purple 'Impact'. She crossed her arms and leaned at her fast car and went to pull out from her tote bag a bubblegum with a brand 'Bubble Joe'.

Don't stop, make it pop

DJ, blow my speakers up

Tonight, I'mma fight

'Til we see the sunlight

Tick tock, on the clock

but the party don't stop, no

A few seconds later, her son, Natsume came into view. Kaoru Hyuuga flipped her hair and managed a cool reply despite of the gaping stares the teenagers are throwing at her. "Long time no see, chocolate."

Ain't got a care in world, but got plenty of beer

ain't got no money in my pocket, but I'm already here

Natsume eyed his mother from head to toe. Heaven forbid, was she really a mother? Moreover, a grandmother? What happened to them who makes chocolate chip cookies? Painting sweatshirts with horses? Or planting vegetables and fruits at their backyard? "You look like a modern day Parisian trollop, those women seducers I read from some novels the friends of my wife write about."

And now, the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger

but we kick em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger

She maybe at her thirties but the boys doesn't need to know about that. "Since when are you reading fiction romance, sugar?"

I'm talking about everybody getting crunk, crunk

Boys tryin' to touch my junk, junk

Gonna smack him if he getting too drunk, drunk

"Ever since I'm eight: you got a library of them. And stop that music you're playing. It's too loud: I can hear its lyrics and they aren't decent. It's a miracle your eardrums are still functioning with that loud booming music you kept hearing from the road to driving here"

Now, now, we go until they kick us out, out

or the police shut us down, down

Police shut us down, down

Po-po shut us

She turned her iPod off. Despite the remark, Kaoru replied coolly. "Chill, cutie. We have all day; it's just one in the afternoon."

"Stop calling me names, old lady."

"Well, it's about time Natsume, that you'll let me spend time with my only grandson." She cracked her pink bubble gum. Natsume winced.

"Mom, get rid of your gum. You're like a munching goat."

Kaoru got her hanky from the back pocket of her skirt and managed to get the sticky substance out of her mouth. It formed a small pink wet wad on the cloth. "God, son! Those are strawberry flavored! And I paid ten dollars for those!"

"Mother, how can you manage to eat gum at your age?"

"Sweetie, I still have teeth and gums. Totally not toothless."

"And aren't you glad?" He bent to kiss his mother at her cheek, and at the same time impressed at how she managed to look young though she is near at her forties. The years treated her good indeed, though he greatly disapproves her attire. Sweet Jesus, are those seventeen year olds ogling at his mother?

"Of course I am." Natsume's mother smiled, a female version of her son's lazy smile that swoons all who had the luck to see it at their feet. The Hyuugas have that kind of reputation. "It is kind of rare for you to get my help these days. Noting your tired smile, let me guess: Mikan got the neighbors up and beat all night?"

"Yep," Natsume replied. "All except Youichi had the guts and the sense to stop her whining."

Kaoru shook her head. "The world be damned and nobody had the nerve to mess with Mikan around. My, she's powerful and influential than her husband!"

Definitely true, Natsume thought with fondness and admiration. As far as the Alice community knows, Mikan Sakura Hyuuga is the living proof angels existed; kind, honest and innocent. Reserved, sweet and intellectual. God, how he loved her.

The crimson-haired woman in her forties nodded her head toward her grandson, who showed at the doorway of the house and is currently doing the laces of his blue All-Star sneakers. "You've got to do something with your kid, son. The most obstinate of all the Hyuugas I've ever encountered yet also the smartest of our brood."

Natsume Hyuuga shrugged, but his face teasing and laughing. "I don't know about the last part. I thought that title's mine."

Kaoru flashed him a smile of feigned innocence. "Oh, I didn't know, son! So you were that intelligent?"

Her son punched her arm lightly. "Yeah right. Who ran the companies when it should have been in the hands of the parents?"

"I'm sorry, honey. I'm too busy doing my idiotic bets at Vegas to pay attention."

" . . . "

Kaoru seated herself on the front porch of her son's house, leaving her left leg and foot dangling and is unaware of the enticing display of flesh. Natsume groaned and decided to get Mikan's sweater which the owner left from the sofa of the living room.

"Caramel, you better decide to support that global warming petition your wife is deciding to set up. It is so damn hot for the weather and my heart is pounding like a wild thing!"

Natsume handed his mother with soda and the sweater, though he is slightly irritated with her calling him stupid names. She accepted the beverage gratefully and lifted a questioning brow with the light blue sweater. "If it isn't Harrison Ford that makes you oh-so-impressed like my wife, then who's the latest man who makes your heart beat faster, someone so like our warm weather?"

"Saeki Asakura," Kaoru supplied.

"And what makes this jerk hot anyway?"

"Well, this man just happened to give me a discount on my purchase of my plaid vest at a New York boutique I found at the edge of Nagasaki, as you can see I'm wearing now, after saying he looks good with his brown cropped hair and mesmerizing amber eyes, and the discount, not looks, made my cute little heart flutter."

Natsume was stunned speechless and thankfully Youichi entered the scene, animated and undoubtedly excited, with some cool-looking Rayban shades Natsume-knows-where he got them. "All ready!"

Kaoru jumped off the porch and ruffled her grandson's elaborately tousled curls, along with the blue sailor hat that is smashed in contact with her hand. "Nice, kiddo. Those shades look sharp. However, can you stop wearing those ruffly white socks and that stupid looking kindergarten hat? It doesn't look right."

"The pleasure is mine, hot lady." Youichi threw his hat and it landed on his mother's white rose bush. Thank God, Mikan is out on the market, bargaining over a piece of lettuce or eggplant because of damn fifty yen.

"Biologically speaking, the Hyuugas from the beginning of time always look good in whatever clothes they are on," Natsume explained, earning himself an amused grin from Kaoru, "And that includes ruffly socks and kindergarten hats."

"Thanks for the compliment, sweetheart." Kaoru winked at him.

"I meant that in general."

Kaoru went to cuddle Youichi who got rid of the unmentionables. She blew Natsume a kiss. "Bye, candy."

In silence, Natsume closed the Cadillac door and watched the vehicle vanish around the curve leading out of the Alice town. Thank God, his wife is as sweet as his mother is adventurous.

Mikan Hyuuga walked at a leisurely pace at the short alleyway between streets Liz and Ian. On her arm was a small basket filled with sweets; for Youichi and some ingredients for the pudding and vegetable salad she'll be making for dinner tonight. Her day turned exceptionally well; she is able to bargain a lettuce down by fifty yen.

She paused while walking, deciding if she'll go home immediately and have the pudding made at once or go to a café first to have a small cup of coffee or tea. She chose the latter and went to check her wristwatch. It was just one-thirty in the afternoon.

She smiled and went to recollect the first time she saw her husband, Natsume Hyuuga. It had been in the coffee shop: Affaire de Coeur Café across the street. She had been fourteen that time and had an assignment about poison arrow frogs. She saw him at the small establishment, talking to a black-haired lady about school mishaps. She had known when she married him that she is Aoi Hyuuga, the female form of Natsume's looks.

With his dashing looks like that of the devil and him as tempting as sin, it was no wonder why women throw themselves at their feet. She had been thankful though that her love for his was repaid. She loved him dearly and even though she can't erase entirely in his heart the memory of his old wife, she would like to fill her place and make moments with him so wonderful to be true.

A school bus full of children passed the street and Mikan saw many of them bickering at each other, sticking out tongues and throwing crumpled paper. It made her smile. She wants a child herself.

Mikan looked at her tummy. She's not pregnant. Of course she isn't. They haven't done 'it' yet, and it made Mikan hate herself. She knows it's typical to be nervous about matters like these especially if you're a virgin, but to prolong their marital bliss for a year? It is way too much. It was like depriving her husband the right that goes with the matrimony.

She sighed. Well, she takes refuge of reading fiction romance novels to gain some experience and boy, she always blushes! She knows it was rather school girlish of her but she can't help it. Having a baby of her own was a long way to go for Mikan Sakura.

But she didn't know is that her husband have other plans.

Natsume frowned at the paper in his hand.

Seduction Plans:

Picnic at the Garden

Snack in Bed

Simple Talk (Complimenting your Wife about How Great she Looks)

CandleLight Dinner by the Moonlight

Display of Manly Character the hell is he suppose to execute those?


Mikan went at the picnic table near their house and noticed the unnaturally quiet surroundings, which is not normal. Usually, her son would be running from the halls and would be tackling her from behind whenever she go out visiting the market, the grocery or just her friend's house that are just scattered around the town. "Youichi? Honey, I'm home."

No one answered. She waited...surely the child had just fallen asleep?

"Everyone? Is anybody home?" She called out again. The house echoed the words back to her. Here she stood, waiting for someone to emerge out of the house.


She spun around, her hair tumbling down her shoulders like a gilt waterfall. She flashed the caller a smile. "Natsume…"

Her husband sat down by the bench and showed her the sweater she left earlier. She lifted it from his arms and folded it neatly. "Where's Youichi?"

Natsume shrugged. "Out for the weekend. I gave him to mom."

Mikan raised a questioning brow. "Oh? Why?"

But Natsume is already checking her basket. "Nice, so we'll have pudding..."

She turned around and grinned, knowing both father and son love sweet things. She decided to head at their bedroom to change but then she remembered that at the bottom of the basket she hid two romance novels she bought at the local bookstore. Oh no, she thought frantically, Natsume shouldn't see those!

She maybe a regular customer at the bookshop but in their house she is known to be an angel and angels don't read books with steamy erotic description, do they?

Yes, terribly not.

And oh, her husband would definitely taunt her for it. Knowing that he read girlie magazines is enough for their household. How much more if the angel is not particularly that innocent…?

Let the countdown begin:




Natsume Hyuuga turned around surprised in seeing his wife sprinting toward him. "Don't touch my basket!".


"Basket?" Natsume looked further down and saw that there is something wedged deeper underneath the vegetables.


"Oh my God, please don't do this to me…" she prayed. What will the neighbors say? Only the bookkeeper knows I read those things and she's already seventy-five years old, wears pantyhose and talks to pigeons. She can't even remember my name so my secret safe…but not with a Hyuuga around. Oh please…no…


Honestly, she looks cute for her own good.

Natsume looked at his wife with amusement. What is she afraid about? He burrowed deep into her basket. Something thick and hard hit his knuckles? What's this?



Argh! Why do when mishaps happen on lead heroines in the books she read, they are disorderly beautiful? With clinging tendrils curled seductively by their nape and eyes that say a 'help' too helpless to be refused?


Well this is surprising indeed. So his wife is making other purchase other than their food?




Just a little more…right. Got it.

Darn it. It's still wrapped in paper.


God bless the old woman with support hose.

On the last second, Mikan managed to get the wrapped package on her husband's hands. She threw it out the nearby garden bush, out of Natsume's sight. Later, she decided, she'll phone the old woman to go to her lawn later at night for safekeeping of the books. Yup, that's what she'll do.


Ooof! They collided. And Mikan tangled themselves in a lip-lock.

"Ouch! Ouch! That hurts!" Mikan wailed as she moved her right leg. She sprained her ankle.

"You must be thankful." Natsume said irritatingly. "I just saved your annoying life, though," Natsume smirked inwardly, "I have a good memory of you before you'll be at your grave."

Mikan glared at him. "You just blocked my fall, sweetheart." She bit the last word with venom. "And I'm forced to do so." She forced herself to go up but she scrambled back to the ground. "Argh!"

"You'll definitely fall down the stairs if you decide to hobble all the way to the bedroom."

"I'll risk it," Mikan retorted crossing her arms and ankles. "What you are planning is utterly undignified."

Natsume scratched his head. "Now, what am I suppose to do with you?"

Our brunette opened her mouth to answer but her husband is already crouching down with his back at her. "Climb on."


"I said, climb on." He paused. "You are making me feel guilty all over."

Well, she did expect he'll carry her…but not on piggy-back.

"You can't carry me like that! It's scandalous! And its impossible!"

"We'll see about that," Natsume said, grinning boyishly.

Oh, God... how she hate that smile. It simply states that they are playing a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse.

But otherwise how can she resist him? He is too bloody handsome with a cute-dent-at-the-side-of-his-face for his own good.

"Uh, sure."

She clambered at Natsume's back, her cheek pressed against it. She smelled his cologne and a sweet memory drifted along with it…She'll treasure this for life. Childish, yes but fun nonetheless.

Author's Notes: Reading this fanfiction I've made past two years ago, I don't know what to feel actually.