I wrote this, which is about Helga hiding her true feeling for Arnold, and how important he really is to her. This is my first poem, so be nice. But criticize where needed.

This time I am dedicating it to SuprSingr's Match Maker. Which after you have read this I encourage you to read, and review! I promise you won't regret!

Disclaimer, I don't own the characters that are not in this poem. Does that even make sense?

All I portray is a hard outer shell.

My true thoughts and desires, I'll never tell.

There're my secret, my treasures.

They're my life, they're my forevers.

I'll share with no one, that you are,

Rare, and common am I.

You are the sun, that lights up my sky.

My heart wants yours.

But alas, I've shut all my windows.

I've locked all my doors.

My heart I'll never compromise.

So instead of your love, I'll fill it with lies.

Thank-you for your time, I know it's not very long, but it is meaningful.

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