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We get back from a mission only to find out that Kakashi Sensei has a test for me and Sasuke.

He only mentions this once Sakura has been let off home. It wasn't really a Surprise to Sasuke, Sakura or me that Kakashi wanted to talk with me and Sasuke alone, it happened often after missions. Whether to praise us for a good job or to punish for fighting with each other during duty time.

Only, after this mission, neither of us really needed either of those, too much. So, I suppose you could say it came as a surprise, to both me and Sasuke, when Kakashi announced that he wanted the two of us to spend more time together outside of missions ... Whether we liked it or not, he added after a lot of complaint.

Which leads us to now ... Kakashi saying that we should see this as a test, of sorts, that he has issued upon us.

"This is the one test that I want to fail ...," Naruto grumbles to himself. Not only stuck with that bastard on missions, but off missions too. I wonder how long Kakashi wants this to go on for...?

"Come on now Naruto, it won't be that bad. Just one of you sleep over at the others house for a few nights. Then, after that, report to me so I can see how things are going," Kakashi saying quite happily.

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