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Chapter 17

Sasuke stirred in his sleep and pulled the heat source closer to him, not wanting to wake up. But the fact that he was doing that made him wake, and quite easily. He opens his eyes and tries to focus. I fell asleep on a tree branch, and a tree branch doesn't feel like this…

He finally figures where he is and what he's looking at; in Naruto's bed and staring at the blond hair on the back of Naruto's head. This is the first time I've woken up before him since I've been here… That's when Sasuke realises their position; both laying on their sides, Naruto tucked against Sasuke and oddly fitting well, and his arms wrapped around Naruto. Umm… If I even try to move one bit he'll wake up, 'both' my arms are around him, he's laying on one… And… his arms are… holding onto mine… Wait, how did I even get here…?

"… Hmm…" Comes from Naruto, showing that he's waking up.

Oh, shit! What do I do! Sasuke screams to himself in his head ... Either he finds me awake and holding him in this position… or… I pretend to still be sleeping and hope Naruto brushes it off like he did the first morning…

Naruto takes a deep breath and opens his eyes. … First up again… He looks down at his own and Sasuke's arms, he groans, "It gets worse every morning…" And it's not just Sasuke, it's me too… He removes his hold on Sasuke's arms.

Sasuke, actually being awake, is taken by surprise at what Naruto says to himself. It gets worse every morning, what does he mean by that…?

"Aww, crap… I'm going to have to wake him up to get him off…" This is going to be embarrassing no matter the solution for getting out of bed. "I really don't like doing this… Why couldn't he have just had one arm resting on me somehow, like the past two mornings…?" Naruto questions himself. "Here it goes… Sa-suke!"

With the yelling, Sasuke didn't need to pretend to be annoyed, and he'd almost fallen asleep again so it seemed like he was never really awake, "Mmm… What… are you screaming at now Dobe?" Opening his eyes again.

Naruto sighs, "Why don't you see for yourself…?"

"… Oh…" Even though he already knew their position, it was still a bit of a surprise when Naruto shuffled unintentionally against him.

Making both of them shiver. And not because it's cold, cause it's not.

Naruto cursed to himself as he felt the shiver run down his spine.

Sasuke removed one arm from Naruto easily, but the other arm, "… Naruto, you can get off of my arm now…" You don't have to though…

"Oh, sorry…" Naruto shuffled a little, swung his legs off the side of the bed and sat up.

There's no need to be sorry.

As Naruto stood to leave the room, Sasuke saw the blush still present on his face and an arm resting lightly where Sasuke's had been on his waist.

Why does my skin feel like this after he touches it…? And Why Can't I Stop Blushing! Naruto berates himself walking from the bedroom to the bathroom, in order to get ready for the day ahead.

Later that day Sasuke went for a walk to think things over. I wonder how he would react if I asked him how he feels…? Or maybe there's just something simple I could do and his reaction would tell me… Sasuke sighs and watches from a distance as a couple walk down the street holding hands. *** "It gets worse every morning…"-Naruto*** He said it gets 'worse'… does this mean that it annoys him and he doesn't like it, or was the idiot talking about something else…? *** "Why couldn't he have just had one arm resting on me somehow, like the past two mornings…?"-Naruto*** So… does that mean that I've been touching him… in the mornings and he hasn't told me about it? Is there a certain reason to why he hasn't told me? … Maybe he just thought that I wouldn't want to know… Or he just wants to act like it never happened 'cause he never wanted it to… Oh, damnit… I'm just adding more questions to the list… I have no idea what he thinks of any of this, he's unpredictable… and definitely a knuckle head… I can't believe that my childhood crush ended up being on the same three man squad as me… And my crush hasn't gone away!… It's gotten stronger…

Maybe I should have been nicer to him. The only thing I've ever really done to him is tease him and unintentionally show him up, much his own fault though...By the time Sasuke got back to Naruto's apartment he was confronted with a surprising sight; Naruto laying on the lounge and reading a book. He didn't seem to notice Sasuke enter and walk over next to the lounge. And after standing there for a few minutes Sasuke decided to make himself noticed, "Hey, Dobe, I didn't know you read…"

"Yeah, well, you don't know everything about me… and I seem to know nothing about you…" Naruto absentmindedly commented.

"Hn," Sasuke just stood there again for another few minutes, unsure of what to make of Naruto's comment. "… Naruto… Do you still like Sakura?"

Naruto's eyes stopped reading midsentence and he goes completely silent, a first for him. Sasuke nearly repeats himself, but is kept quiet by Naruto finally speaking, "I… -sigh- I only ever liked Sakura for a month when I was in the academy, quite a while before team seven…"

"But… Then why have you continued to chase her and try to go on dates with her?"

"Because I knew that she would always say no to my begging her for a date, yet it still makes me seem normal to be constantly asking her… It also means that I can concentrate on my training and not be distracted by some girl… It keeps my mind focused, in a weird sense… How come you never take advantage of the girls that throw themselves at you?" Naruto shifting the subject away from himself.

Naruto has a half decent and intelligent side to him, when you find it. "None of them are my type and the one that is my type and to my liking hates me and would never consider being more than friends… if that's even what you could call us to start with…"

"You like someone? Who is it?" Naruto lays the book on his chest as he gets over his shock of Sasuke's words.

"No one I wish to tell you."

"Aww… Come on Sasuke, please?" Laughing as he begs, still not sure if he believes that Sasuke likes someone… There aren't any girls that don't like him, not to mention hate him… The only person he thinks that hates him is me… But no, that's not possible… Damn, I have no clue who it is.


"Aww… come on… You ashamed of who you like or something weird like that?"

Sasuke glares at him, "No." He then takes a step to walk past the lounge, but Naruto puts his arm in front of Sasuke's legs to stop him from walking. "Move your arm dobe so I can get past."

"… At least give me a clue… Come on, please Sasuke?" Unmoved from his spot on the lounge, book still laying on his chest and hid arm hanging from the lounge blocking Sasuke's way past.

Sasuke looks down at the blond and into the sky blue eyes filled with so many emotions Sasuke couldn't keep up with them all. He feels Naruto's arm move slightly against his leg and Naruto's hand brushes against his outer thigh, making him force back a shiver.

Naruto picks his book up from his chest again, "Never mind… You don't want to tell me… And if you ever feel like it you will…"

Sasuke just continues to stare at him. What the hell, did Naruto just give up?... "Dobe… I'll give you one clue… and nothing more…" He sits next to Naruto's form laying on the lounge, which Naruto seems slightly surprised about.

What the hell is he doing… "Okay," Closing his book and placing it on the floor just under the lounge and returning his attention back to Sasuke. He sits up a little making himself comfortable, but it just happened to make him closer to Sasuke.

"Before I give you the clue, will give me a clue to who you like?" Looking down at his own hand sitting on the lounge, right next to Naruto's leg.

But, I can't tell him that… I'm not even completely sure that I have the guts to give him a clue that it's "him." It took me long enough to figure it out, and now just about straight after figuring it out I have to give him a clue! … But I want to know who this person is that he likes… "Okay, yeah, sure I will."

"… I thought you said that you didn't want girls distracting you from training and such…?"

"… *cough* Who ever said it was a girl…" Naruto said barely audible.

Sasuke blushes slightly, just hearing what Naruto says, "Oh… Okay then…"

"… Anyway… Clue?" Naruto looks at Sasuke waiting for him to look up and meet his gaze, as Sasuke does slowly.

"This is… a very bold clue…"

"A bold clue…? Well, okay!"

Sasuke makes eye contact with Naruto. I better get ready to leave after this. And without giving Naruto a chance to act or think about it he leans in, closing his eyes and lets their lips meet for a moment and pulls away. He looks straight down at the floor, "I'm sorry… And that's your clue, just if you're wondering…"

"… Time for yours."

Not the response I was expecting. "What?" Sasuke asks thinking he's misheard.

"Time for your clue," Naruto just about tackles Sasuke so he's lying on the lounge, Naruto straddling him, a hand either side of Sasuke's head. He leans down towards a still shocked Sasuke, closes his eyes and roughly kisses Sasuke. Naruto almost pulls back, Sasuke being slow to respond, but then is pulled into a deep and passionate kiss. Them tangling themselves in each other with the heat of the moment. Naruto pulls back for breath and looks down at Sasuke, thinking more about what he has just done a huge blush covers his cheeks and he clambers from Sasuke quickly.

There is silence and nothing but for minutes on end that felt like forever. Sasuke is the first to move noticing that he still hasn't, but as usual he doesn't speak.

"I'm sorry," Naruto manages to whisper after is blush has dulled a bit.

"You're sorry? For what?"

"For what I just did, what else..."

"You're not sorry, and you shouldn't be either... Is this what you want though? Something more than friendship between us?"

"Yes, I want this... I like you, a lot... and I never knew it... I can't believe I never knew this, my own feelings... For so long. I'm so sorry Sasuke, I always thought it was hate..." Naruto seemed ashamed of himself.

"Stop apologizing Dobe... I-... I like you too..."

"... And... You're not just trying to play with me and my feelings...?" Naruto still hesitant, Am I actually speaking to Sasuke? Is this really him saying this to me?

"Naruto, look at me." Sasuke reaches for Naruto's chin and lifts it so they are looking into each others eyes. "Listen to me. You think that I don't make mistakes, but I'm telling you that I do. I am sorry for the way that I have treated you, I shouldn't have..."

"Sasuke... There is no need to apologies... I haven't exactly treated you the best either." Naruto reached up so he could touch Sasuke's face.

"You were only responding to the way that I was treating you."

"You treat everyone like that..."

"Well... I definitely won't treat you like it anymore, you deserve a whole lot better... And Naruto..."


"You will be Hokage one day, I will make sure of it." Determination shining in his eyes.

Naruto wraps his arms tightly around Sasuke, "Thank you." His eyes getting teary, "I will help you with your brother, and I promice not to get in your way..."

Sasuke hugs Naruto back, just as tight. "You won't get in my way Naruto... You never have..."


"Yes Naruto?"

"I-... I think... I think that I... I love you."

"I think that I love you too Naruto."

And they pull out of the hug slightly so they can let their lips meet in a kiss that should have happened too long ago, full of the waiting to be admitted love.

"Naww... Look at you two, so cute!" Kakashi smiling sweetly behind his mask.

"What Are You Doing Here You Pervert!" Naruto very surprised yells very loud, pulling away from Sasuke a little.

"Just checking up on you two after everything that has happened."

"You didn't need to interrupt them 'Kashi..." Iruka appearing next to said person.

"Iruka! You're here too?... Why?" Naruto has no idea what's going on.

Sasuke isn't much better off for ideas either. How did I not notice them there... How long have they been watching us damn it? Unhappy with himself.

"Seeing these results, Sasuke you no longer have to stay here, even though by the looks of it you might... And you don't need to be on this mission from 'Kashi and I any longer. We shall be going now, sorry to bother you two." Iruka dragging Kakashi from the front door.

"You two boys have fuuun~" Kakashi saying merrily as he shuts the door.

"Gah! Has he ever heard of knocking first!" Naruto annoyed at the scene.

Sasuke pulled him closer again, "Hn, calm down, there should be only one reason that you scream that loud now..."



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