The Penultimate Excuse

Alright guys, I'm gonna fess up.

I'm not interested in For Every Soul anymore. I've felt his way for a while, and tried convincing me that I'd get out of this rut, but it's been 18 months. I'm gonna end it.

But, first I'll explain myself. Concerning the concept of being amongst fans, a wise man once said "They will treat you very kindly. They will say nice things about you. Be thankful for this. But don't you ever inhale it." What this means to say is that as much as you should be thankful for your fanbase and for what they say, you should never believe the hype around you and remain grounded.

I inhaled.

For a couple of years or so, this was my life. I lived for the next chapter, the next review, and I was king of the world. Then I went on my mission, two years in the real world, and I came back, expecting to be welcomed back as a returning king.

And I was welcomed, but I wasn't living up to my old hype. I wasn't getting the same hype, or at least I didn't feel like I was. Soon enough, my desire to write started to die out. By the time I got playing Fire Emblem Awakening, it had been killed completely.

I've received several messages from you guys, asking about when I'm going to post again, and I've given excuses after excuses.

Well, this is the penultimate one. I'm ending it.

I'll tell you what I was going to do. After the ship, the group was going to head to Rome. There was going to be an epic battle against the Emperor, where he used statues to attack the city. The battle would extend into the daylight hours, and would be a full military operation for the conquest of Rome.

Hierophant was going to be Akihiko, inflicting the ten plagues of Egypt onto the world, culminating with the death of every first born who had not awakened to their Persona. After that final act, the Shadow would kill Akihiko, who would be revealed to have been Metatron this entire time, distracting the party from the demonic invasion of Earth.

Then the human-demonic war would begin in full force. Earth would be captured, with the survivors of the human race fleeing to Jakkai. During the evacuation, Nyx would descend upon the earth as Minato Arisoto broke the seal and wrecked the enemies of mankind while Minatos lead the evacuation, taking the name Levi Attenborough to distinguish himself from his other self.

To survive in the demonic atmosphere, the survivors would take magatamas, becoming like the Hito-Shura, and Jakkai would move to conquer the demonic nations. Minato and Minatos (Levi) would end up becoming opposing forces, and there would be an absolute bloodbath. Yukari and Aigis would both side with Minato, Mitsuru with Levi Attenborough, or Leviathan Burrow.

Eventually, after the war, and plenty of death, Levi would climb the tower of Kagutsuchi, where he would find Minato. Levi would prepare for the final showdown, but Minato would call for a ceasefire, and ask to recombine. Since all the humans that evacuated to Jakkai took Magatama to survive, there are no humans left to restart the world with their Reason. However, Minato proposes that if they recombine as a human, then they can rebuild the world.

After that, well…

=[ (/') ]=

Are you kidding me?

After all this?

Now he wants to accept me?

"Screw you asshole." I told him. "You're nothing like me and you never will be."

He smiled. A forced expression of deceit, and we both knew it. "I'm a liar." He said. "A cheat, I take what I want and I don't give a damn about anyone that isn't me."

You don't know the half of it.

"Why're you being so stubborn?" Minato asked me. "Listen. Just say it with me. You are me. And I am you. And we'll come back together and fix this mess."


"Really?" He asked as his face flattened out. "You're being an asshole."

"I'm being an asshole?" I asked him. "Alright. Alright fine. Let's do this. Take a seat." I told him, creating two chairs with the Arcana and tossing him one. "You want to accept me for who you are? Fine. Let's get it all out."

I sat down on the chair and glared at him, him doing the same at me.

"Let's start with your fetish for broken goods, Minato Arisoto." I snarled at him. "Tell me about Yukari."

=[ (/') ]=

So, that's why this is the penultimate excuse. At some point, I'll write the final battle. Minato facing his Shadow. Eventually.

And it will be good. I can promise you that much.