Everyone looked around at Teddie.

And to be honest, no one seemed that phased about it.

I love it when people get comfy in their seats aboard the crazy train.

I took another stick. 12.

"My turn then?" Shinji asked as a gold crown appeared above his head. "Alright, number Eighteen. What's the deal with Aki being back?"

Kenji shrugged. "No idea. I'm as surprised as you there."

"Can't answer a question you don't know the answer to." I pointed out as the sticks began to return to the sphere. "For the record, I know just as little as you do there."

"Tch." He grunted, looking into the sphere as it span, shuffling the sticks around rapidly before slowing to a stop before taking one.

I took mine. Three.

"Number twelve." Naoto stated, crown above her this time. "What is your relationship to Minato Arisoto?"

Another one that could easily result in providing no relevant answers.

Seriously. Anyone could have that stick. Odds are that she'll learn nothing she shouldn't already know from that.

"Saw him in a KFC talking to a kid that wasn't real yet actually was." Naoki replied. "Transferred to his school, had some fun, had a few escapades, eventually we led an army in a battle against the Tenshi, and I joined him during humanity's epic last stand against Nyx. Good times." He nodded, pushing his stick back into the floating orb.

Fair enough then. Next round it is.

And everyone's being pretty boring sullen about this.

We need to shake this up.

And I'm number seven. Dangit.

"All hail king Hanamura!" Yosuke declared, standing up with glee. "Number sixteen! Sing the Junes jungle for me! Passionately!"

Oh, this'll be fun, Mitsuru?

"Ahem." She coughed, before taking in a deep breath. "Every day's Great at your Junes~!"

Alright, that was pretty hilarious. Sniggers all around, at least from the S.E.E.S. family.

Draw new stick, and I'm number four.

"Number nineteen!" King Kenji declared. "Take the person on your left and give them a piggy back around the room!"

"EH!" Fuuka shouted as Shinji grabbed her. "W-WAIT! NO SENPAAAIIII!"

Alright that just had everyone in hysterics. "GIDDY UP!" Marina shouted gleefully. "RIDE LIKE THE WIND!"

Naturally, this only added to Fuuka's embarrassment, but Shinji just rolled with it, grunting a mirthful "Tch." While he was at it.

Now we're cooking with gas. Finally building some team camaraderie here.

Alright, sixteen now.

"Number Seventeen." Seta announced, a crown appearing above his head. "The king demands to know your true motives for taking part in this mad escapade we're all involved in."

And that just killed it. Seta's a hole.

"After finding out who I truly am, I was mildly disappointed at the answers I found for myself." Elizabeth explained with a smile. "So, I decided to continue my work as a ghost amongst the real world, assisting Minatos in his efforts to help humanity like a good wife."


"Simile, not statement." I clarified, glancing at Elizabeth with a smirk. "No offence, but it just wouldn't work out between us."

Elizabeth merely smiled. "Oh my, perhaps I crossed another of these social boundaries?" She asked, returning her stick. "I must be more careful in future."

Yeah, she knows exactly what she's doing.

Alright, back to the crazy fun. Number eight.

"Number thirteen." Shinji announced, light dancing around his head. "Tell us your deepest darkest secret."

Oh no.

"VETO!" I shouted as Yukari began to open her mouth. "As the embodiment of ALL of humanities deepest darkest secrets I hereby declare that to be a bad and incredibly suicidal idea that could result in me involuntarily transforming into something dangerous and killing everyone in the room. Please change that order."

"Alright, fine." Shinji grunted, rubbing his head. "Forgot this game's magic rules... Tell us something you're ashamed about that you haven't told us then, sorry Yukari." He smiled apologetically.

"No, it's fine." Yukari replied, running her fingers through her hair. "Better than the alternative. Well, lemme think... Growing up, always hated my mom for the way she used people to make herself feel better about herself, especially after dad died. She pretty much neglected me and went about hopping from one guy to the next. I promised myself that I'd never become like that, but at some point along the road, I realised that between me and Minato, the way I treat Junpei like dirt, how I kept Aigis on a short leash and under my control, even how I tried to take you, Fuuka, under my wing like some sorta sidekick." She smiled sadly. "I'd pretty much been doing the exact same thing as her, freaking out whenever something didn't go the way I wanted it to. Sorry everyone." she said.

"We were kinda hoping for something we didn't already know." Shinji grunted as Aigis slung an arm around Yukari, Fuuka moving over to her. "Don't worry about it."

Yukari smiled, head down as Fuuka comforted her

And the sticks are back in the ball, spinning like a drunken hedgehog DJ.

"And the King is I." Seta announced, drawing his glasses from his pocket and donning them dramatically. "What... is your true motive for being here... NUMBER FIFTEEN!"

Same thing over and over again? He's clearly potlucking hoping to get to me.

Or just getting a feel for the S.E.E.S. members.

Or he's saving up his pocket money to buy some original ideas.

Or something like that.

What number am I again?


"I'm here because it's the right thing to do." Fuuka stated, looking into Seta's eyes clearly before turning back to Yukari.

I smirked, then turned towards the dumbfounded fool.

"You know Seta, every once in a while, once in a blue moon, you discover someone that completely destroys your previous belief that everyone is a self-serving scumbag pretending to be a nice person." I told him. "Occasionally, pretty rarely in fact, you meet someone that actually is a good person all the way down to the core. Be grateful that you have the pleasure of being associated with her."

Seta glared at me. "Yes." He replied carefully, squeezing disgust into every word he pointed at me. "I had figured that all on my own, thanks. We had a nice mood going as I basked in my admiration. Thanks for ruining that for everyone. Keep your mouth shut from now on."

I grinned.

"Try saying that when you've still got the crown next time." I laughed, drawing my next stick.


"NUMBER ONE!" Kazushi shouted, rising to his feet. "Tell us the story of how you obtained and developed your Persona!"

"Eh?" Yosuke asked, then coughed. "Erm, got my Persona because I had a crush on this girl." He explained. "She died and it involved the world inside the TV for some reason. SO, me and Seta went in and got attacked by Shadows. There was still some remnants of this girl's psyche hanging around the place and she went on about how much of a loser she thought I was. Then my Shadow came along, pointing out to everyone that I didn't really care about that at all and was just looking for a good time. Cue my rejection of the blatantly obvious and BAM! A giant frog monster being ridden by my Shadow appeared!" He shouted this time, before calming himself down. "Seta kills it, gave me one of his trademark lame speeches, like he always does, and I accept my Shadow, which becomes my Persona, Jiraiya."

Seta pouted, trying his best to look hurt, succeeding for the most part. "You actually think my speeches are lame?"

"You know we do." Yosuke shrugged, turning back to Kazushi. "And by developed, do you mean evolved it or whatever?" He asked, soliciting a shrug. "Alright. This guy over here beat the emo out of me, and I smacked him around in return. Then I felt pretty good about myself and boom, Jiraiya went super and became Susano-o."

That makes perfect sense. Put stick back. Ball spins around, grab new stick.

Fourteen. Dang, am I ever going to be king again?

Yosuke glanced nervously at Chie as light formed around his head.

Aha. It's not like when he played this game before when everyone was free game.

He actually has a girlfriend now so has to watch his moves.

This'll be fun.

He was clearly agitated about this.

Almost aggravated, even.

"Rrrgh, stupid Dragon BALL!" He shouted, waving his king stick in the air. "NUMBER NINETEEN!" He shouted. "DO THE FUSION DANCE WITH ME!"

"YES!" Yukiko shouted, walking over to near Yosuke and getting into the pose.

Wait, would she even know what the fusion dance is?



She's Chie's best friend.


Of course she's seen Dragon Ball Z.


"HA!" They both shouted, fingers touching as they were both engulfed in white light.

She actually believes this will work because of the whole sekai-rei thing doesn't she.


The light dissipated, and there stood... what.

Long, straight brown hair, with spiky black highlights.

Open black jacket, big yellow poofy collar.

White parachute pants.


"Well... this is weird." Yosiko said, checking herself out. "So, we could do this all along?"

No. NO. "NO!" I finally verbalised. "WE are NOT doing this! The only reason THIS happened is because We're in a Sekai-Rei, fuelled by the beliefs of those involved, and Yukiko actually believed that in a place like this, this would actually happen! You are going to SPLIT UP NOW Before one of you starts eating the other's psyche in there! UNDERSTAND!?"

"Aww, come on!" Yosiko laughed. "We just got here, can't we have a little more fun?"


"I got it." He sighed, standing to his feet.

"You'll have to catch me first!" Yosiko shouted, moving to run as I yanked my arm back, bringing them to the floor as they screamed.

"NOW!" I shouted, wrapping the invisible chain around them to prevent any further escape attempts. "SPLIT THEM!"

Seta pushed past me and slammed his arm into Yosiko's face, which quickly turned back to Yosuke.

And I was kneeling on a chained up Yukiko.

Hm, that was an unexpected development.

Quick mental scan of the both shows a very small level of cross contamination.

But it looks like Yukiko's going to suffer a strange craving for American music for a while.

"Alright, new rule to the game." I snarled, getting to my feet as Yukiko nursed the invisible collar around her neck. "No more fusing. It's bad enough when an expert does it, without humans with their malleable psyche's trying it."

Yukiko and Yosuke are still breathing heavily.

"Yeah, that was what, fifteen seconds?" I asked them. "How many deep dark secrets were shared in that time I wonder?"

Both of them froze, refusing to accept that the other knew as much about them as they knew about the other, thanks to this idiotic episode.

"Yeah, it doesn't get much more intimate than combining psyche's, does it children?" I snarled, getting right into their faces. "Never. Ever. Do that again."

Seta put a hand on my shoulder. "They get the point." He stated angrily. "Let 'em go."

I threw my arms into the air. "Fine, whatever. Yukiko, where were you sat? I'm on that table now."

And after everyone settled down, it was time for another round of the kings game.

Number sixteen for me.

"Alright, number six, I want you to complain about the worst teacher you had in high school." Kenji announced and Yukiko looked down to her feet

"I'd rather not speak ill of the dead." She stated defiantly, before raising her head up sharply, Sekai-Rei taking over. "Morooka was a creep!" She shouted. "He was always shouting at us like we'd done something wrong, and he kept giving us pervy looks whenever he was talking about the way we dressed! I seriously think he had a thing for teenage girls, it wouldn't surprise me if he did something to someone when he was drunk off his head that time we were camping and HMPH!" She clamped her hand firmly around her mouth to prevent any more verbal diarrhea.

To be fair, he was pretty creepy. NEXT ROUND!

Hm, number eleven.

"Oh!" Elizabeth exclaimed, crown forming above her. "Hmm... what should my orders is king be..?" She asked herself. "I suppose that a commonly given command one would give in this situation would be for someone to sit on my lap. Number fourteen!" She announced, and Yosuke began panicking.

"Oh no." He said as his body began walking over to her. "Oh no oh no oh no Not my fault! Not my fault! Not my fault!" He whimpered, sitting down upon the attendant's lap.

"Oh my..." Elizabeth smiled, blushing slightly, gloved hand to her face in mock embarrassment.

Okay, this is hilarious. New round, and I'm number three.


Chie reached over, grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and pulling him over to her. Violently.

Elizabeth smiled politely in response to her death glare, returning her stick and drawing another.

I followed her lead. Nineteen.

"Number fifteen." Mitsuru asked, crown floating above her head. "How did you come to be involved in this situation?"

"Oh, that would be me." Elizabeth announced. "After taking my leave from my service in the Velvet Room, I travelled the world to discover my true self, working alongside Minatos in his endeavour to social link the entire human race, eliminating Erebus and facilitating the return of Master Arisoto. However, with the introduction of Veritas De Sköll, I decided to gather those nearby allies and bring them to the nearby battle. As such, I came to find myself in the same battle as those in this room and was invited here for a social gathering of moderate importance."

Everyone seemed to accept that explanation. Seems to make perfect sense.

Chie's still upset though. And now she's the king.

"Number eleven." She announced. "Dance for our amusement. Sensually."

I looked at my new stick. Eighteen. Phew.

Then the music started. Slow bass guitars and saxophones.

And Naoto is on her feet, looking very uncomfortable as she moves her body.

"Not cool." Seta snapped as I glared at Chie, who seemed to down the humble pie.

I would do something about this, but this is within the rules.

Arbiter overrules older brother's Shadow.


After that fiasco was over, the crown fell onto Koromaru's head. "ARF!" He barked authority, raising one paw as he sat upright.

"Number one is to rub his belly." I translated, checking my stick. Eight.

Aigis stepped forward as Koromaru rolled onto his back, submitting to Aigis as she rubbed his fleshy underside, Koromaru growling appreciatively.

Fair enough, whatever floats your boat.

Next stick, and I'm number seventeen.

"Alright, tell me what you would do in your worst case scenario." Kenjamin announced, crown over his head. "Number seventeen!"

Oooh, that's me. "Pause." I announced before anyone could react. "I assume these are worst-case scenarios that don't cross over into the Nyx threshold?" I asked the king. "Because everyone's plan in that situation is run around, stay alive, and wait for Arisoto to fix it."

"Yes!" Ken declared. "Worst case scenarios are for you personally. No world-ending scenarios, or anything involving government interference."

"Okay." I nodded. "Unpause. I would use my contacts with the mermaids to infiltrate the Lost Boys, then work my way up the ranks in order to rally them to arms and declare a Bangarang."

That just confused everybody. "Skrillex much?" Yosuke asked.

"What's Homestuck got to do with it?" I asked him. "The Lost Boys are serious business I would rather not get involved in."

"And what do the mermaids have to do with it?" Yukari asked, leering.

I put my hands up defensively. "I'll answer those questions when asked to by the king, whose crown appears to be up for grabs. Next round!"

Everyone glared silently at me before deciding to just grab another stick.


"Oh my, I am the king again!" Elizabeth declared, causing Yosuke to panic reflexively. "I think... I shall have... Number two escort me on a piggy back ride around the room."

Yosuke let out a sigh of relief as Naoki stood to his feet. "Watch the ceiling." Shinji warned as Elizabeth climbed onto Naoki's shoulders.

"Oh, I see..." Elizabeth commented as Naoki stood up and began walking. "The sensation of having one's head between your thighs... The gyration caused by the walking motion of the one carrying you... the vantage point of the increased vertical height... I can clearly understand the appeal of such an activity amongst humans..."

I facepalmed.

You would think you would get used to her antics by now.

But, you... you just don't...

I put my stick back, waiting for the next round to come.

"Oh my, I appear to be the king once again." Elizabeth declared, striking fear into everyone else in the room. "I will have... number fourteen-"

"AAAH!" Yosuke yelped, leaping to hide behind Chie. Nice pokerface.

"Sit with his head on my lap until directed otherwise by one holding the rank of king." She sneered menacingly.

Yosuke was in tears as his body resisted his efforts and sat next to Elizabeth, tilting himself to place his head in her lap as unoffensively as he could.

"There there..." Elizabeth said motheringly, brushing his hair with her gloved fingers.

Yosuke whimpered.

And a quick shuffle of the sticks showed Chie's determination to protect her territory, but alas, she was not the king as she had hoped.

I was.

I could show kindness.

But where is the fun in that.

"Number eleven is to inflict physical pain upon Seta." I declared.

"WHAT?!" Seta shouted as a gunshot rang out.

Aigis stood to her feet, her fingers a smoking gun.

"I hate you." Seta grunted, getting to his feet, wiping blood from his forehead. "Have I told you that lately?"

I grinned, putting my stick back into the spinny floaty ball. "That's twenty rounds, for those who aren't counting." I announced. "Fourteen left."

This time, Chie was the king.

She seemed to consider saving Yosuke from his hell.

She really did consider it.

"Number five." She announced. "I require a shoulder massage."

"EUYES!" Teddie declared, his pretty boy self jumping at the chance. "OH CHIE-SHAN! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME! OH, MY JOY IS UNBEAR-ABLE-!"

He was stopped by Yosuke's foot to his face.

His face was still planted firmly in Elizabeth's grip.

But that foot was planted firmly into Teddie's face.

I think Yosuke may have picked up some of my agility when we fused.

"Ah, I mean..." Teddie announced carefully, wiping the blood from his nose with a handkerchief as he stepped back from Yosuke's foot. "I will professionally perform this massage in the least sexually motivated manner possible while tenderising your shoulder muscles with my unwandering hands."

Yosuke didn't say anything, merely grunting as he fell back into his seat.

That was a pretty impressive move there.

After a very uneventful application of hands on Chie's shoulders resulting in a decrease of stress all around, Yosuke was declared king.

"As king, I declare myself free from this prison and number thirteen is to take my place in all further attempts on my chastity this woman makes!" He shouted, rising to his feet and walking to Chie.

"Understood." Aigis nodded as Elizabeth chuckled.

"I apologise if I have offended anybody in my participation of the game." She smiled politely as she returned her stick, knowing full well that she was getting their goat.

Or did she? I can never tell with this woman.

I drew my next stick. Eleven.

"Huh?" Yosuke asked as the crown appeared above his head once more. "Double king? Sweet?"

Now what?

"Erm..." He muttered. "Ergh... Dangit, I keep drawing blanks!" He shouted. "Fourteen! Do a backflip!"

"Huh?" Naoto-Natile-Know what? Naoto for now. Naoto stood up and moved towards the centre of the room. "Alright, I'm not sure how this will go, but..."

Yosuke paled as Seta glared.

Naoto took a deep breath, then jumped.

She rolled back in the air, tucking her feet into her chest as she span, then stretched them out again as she landed, almost stumbling over, but managing to maintain her balance on remaining upright.

"Phew." She smiled, picking up her hat as everyone cheered. "That went well."

She tapped her stick into the ball that floated back into place, everyone's sticks flying back towards it.

"Ten rounds left." She said, drawing a new stick when it was offered.

"Okay, am I ever going to actually do anything in this game?" Marina asked, drawing her own stick, before face palming. "NOPE! BORING!"

"Don't tempt fate." Shinji pointed out as a crown materialised above his head. "Number nineteen, give us your honest opinion to this whole mess we're in with the Arcana."

"Honestly?" Mitsuru asked. "I would say that we were in a far better situation than when we faced the Shadows back in 2009. This time we have more allies, we have a far greater strength. We know our enemy." She smiled. "Above it all, we've matured. Looking back it's hard to believe we were able to accomplish such a task, with the fate of the world on our shoulders."

She looked directly at Shinji. "I feel good about the current state of affairs." She told him. "With due caution and reservation, I believe that we can emerge victorious from this ordeal."

Nice motivational speech.

I like it.

Next round.

This time, Kanjamin was the king. "Number seventeen." He declared. "Same rules as before. Tell me your plans for your worst case scenario."

"Well that's vague." Seta answered. "But in my worst case scenario my mind would already be gone so I couldn't predict how I'd deal with it. Killing and eating a horrifying number of people until one of you puts me down, most likely."




"Well someone's a pessimist." Ken shrugged, putting his stick back and setting the ball rolling again.


I closed my eyes and took one at random.

Usually works when I'm bored.

And booyah. I'm the king.

Let's get some hilarity on.

"Number three." I grinned, eyes still closed. "Get on your social network and change your relationship status to 'Engaged'."


Mitsuru, Marina, Elizabeth, Yosuke and Seta all have their phones out.

And everyone else is getting on theirs.

Ooh, this'll be interesting.

Guitars started playing from the kitchen.

That got people's attention.

"It's mine." I said, standing up. "Come on Yukiko."

"Huh?" She asked, clearly confused.

"I've got a phone call." I explained, then turned to Shinji. "Hey, where's your fruit bowl?"

A few seconds later, I unpeeled the avocado and read the message that had engraved itself on the fleshy skin inside.

[ Mitsuru Kirijo has updated her relationship status to 'Engaged' with you. ]

[ Is this correct ]

[ Accept ] [ Decline ] [ Discard ]


Oh well played Miss Kirijo, well played.

I have no idea where she got my facebook account details from, but here they are.

Not even Minato's account. This is my personal one for keeping tabs on fools.

And she actually managed to track it down...

"So, your phone is... an avocado..?" Yukiko asked me tenaciously. "How does that-"

"I have no idea how it works, but when someone calls my number, a nearby piece of fruit will try and attract my attention." I explained, considering the creamy flesh of the message. "Although I did have to answer a hot dog that one time."

Well, regardless, of Yukiko's confusion, I need to get plotting.

Now, what should my next move be..?



I bit into the fruit.

"Wh-WHAT?!" Yukari shouted as I strolled back into the room with Yukiko, still eating my avacado. 'ARE YOU SERIOUS!?"

"Hey, if facebook says it's official, then it's official." I shrugged, returning to my seat as this mind game continued.

Now who will back out of this farce first?

Mitsuru sat down next to me, opposite Yukiko.

Then slunk her arm around mine.


Okay, I really, really wonder how long this will continue for.

My stick floated into the sphere, and the spinning for the next round began.

Yukari's still fuming.

Aigis doesn't seem that happy either.

Shinji just seems... disappointed.

Everyone does realise that this is a joke facebook engagement, right?

'Number Eighteen." Kenjamin declared, returning to kingship. "Same rules as before, same question. What would you do in your own personal worst case scenario?"

"Well, in a circumstance like that I would have to take up a false identity." Elizabeth replied, holding her chin thoughtfully. "I would go by the name of Gina, and I would get a job in a small diner in North America, somewhere on the east coast, perhaps falling into a passionate romance with a dock worker by the name of Tommy."


"We would have to hold on to what we had, because at that point, it wouldn't make a difference if we made it or not." She continued, before smiling with a faint blush. "But, we would have each other, and that would be enough. Oh, Sorry!" she gasped, waving her hand at her face. "I feel that I may have gotten carried away there."

"No, no that was... sufficient..." Ken answered, sufficiently weirded out. "Next round, anyone?"

Everyone nodded, getting the ball spinning around.

And this time, Koromaru's the king. He barked, and Kazushi promised to provide bacon later, since he was number nineteen.

Quick spin later, and Fuuka's drawn the king's stick. This'll be interesting.

What would a genuinely good person force someone to do?

She thought about it.

"Number eleven." Fuuka decided. "What is something kind that someone has done for you lately?"

Rio smiled. "Let me off with something easy? I'm kidding." She laughed, before thinking seriously. "Breakfast waiting on the table after a late shift was nice." She said, smiling at Kenji as she rubbed his leg.

Ah, good to see that he didn't mess that one up. Good lad.

Some nice married couple romance squees later, and Rio was the king.

She leaned back, then announced that "Number eighteen is to give me a back rub."

"Wh- YOU CHEATED!" Kenji shouted, holding his stick close to his chest.

"The rules state nothing about spying to identify other people's numbers." Naoto pointed out, her face sharing a small hint of malice with mine.

"The detective has spoken." I declared. "Proceed with the rubbing of backs."

Kenji stabbed his stick into the sphere, getting the ball rolling again as he grumbled.

Time to take mine again. Twelve. Sigh.

"YES!" Marina shouted, holding up the king's stick. "About time."

"Oh boy..." Ken whistled. "This'll be good."

"The King decrees!" Marina shouted. "That we shall all be entertained by a performance of 'Man, I feel like a woman', that shall be provided by..." Marina grinned as she paused for suspense. "NUMBER ELEVEN!"

Naoto's hat rose above her head as guitar music blasted out of the speakers.

"Let's go girls." Aigis winked playfully, tugging Naoto's hat onto her own head as she strutted out to the stage.

After that showstopping performance, Aigis collapsed into her chair, breathing heavily and looking for her coat.

The ball hovered over her, one stick remaining.

"Right, of course..." She muttered, holding a hand out to pull out the last stick-

It had a red mark on the end.

Aigis was the king.

"Number sixteen needs to get me a drink." Aigis gasped, head leaning back into her chair. "And a towel."

"Number seven." King Naoto decided once Aigis had recomposed herself. "Tell us your true motive for participating in this campaign."

I looked at her. "Serious?" I asked her as Kenjamin stood up. "You're taking the Seta approach now?"

She shrugged, turning around to Ken as he shrugged.

"Got nothing better to do." He replied. "More productive than beating up school bullies."

He sat back down, and the sphere flashed red.


Ohoho, that time already?

Everyone seems more thoughtful about the sticks they were choosing this time. I picked one at random, but got a six.

"Number five." Yukari declared, a crown glowing above her head. "You need to figure out what's going on with the engagement that happened tonight, and tell me what the hell is going on."

"INVESTIGATION TEAM GO ah dammit..." Yosuke muttered, and I just had to laugh and applaud how hilarious this was going to be.



"Huh?" The man in question asked, standing to his feet.


"So, I give another order?" Yosuke asked as I sniggered.

"It means you're team leader." I told him. "You were the most involved out of any of us, so you're the king."

"Wait, serous?" Someone else shouted, and I grinned at our noble leader.

"Undisputed leader of the group until proven otherwise." I told him with glee. "Yosuke Hanamura, you're in charge."


And that ruined my mood.

This game doesn't have bonus rounds.

I designed this game and I didn't give it any bonus rounds.

Then again, I never told it not to.

For the one who served loyally but never gave a command

The crown fell on Teddie's head.

"Huh?" Teddie asked, before grinning. "OH FANGTASTIC!" He shouted, jumping into the air and clicking his shoes. "NUMBER NINETEEN HAS TO GO ON A LOVEY-DOVEY DATE WITH ME WITH PLENTY OF SMOOCHES AFTERWARDS!"

Everyone must have paled and double checked their stick except for the actual number nineteen.

"My, how forward." Elizabeth smiled. "Very well, shall we depart?"

"YAHOOO!" Teddie shouted, a blue flash engulfing the room and ending my sekai rei. "Good bye everyone, and see you all later in the evening!"

Yosuke gaped, then chuckled. "Well, whatever." He commented nonchalantly as Teddie and Elizabeth began to depart. "Anyone who loves Bon Jovi is alright in my book."

"Hm?" Elizabeth asked, pausing as she passed Yosuke. "Pardon me, but what is a banjo fee?"

Oh the look on Yosuke's face was priceless. "Uhh... never mind," He replied, curling up into the safety of Chie.

Smirking, I looked out the window.

It's probably three in the afternoon right now.

And I felt a flash of pain that I should have noticed hours ago.

That's right.

Sleep and the sekai-rei.

"Yukiko." I said calmly and carefully. "We are leaving. Now."

"Huh?" She asked, turning towards me.

"There is a young girl less than a mile from here." I explained, rising to my feet. "A little older than you. Her father and boyfriend just died in the aftermath and she is about to hang herself. We're going to intervene."

"Wh-what?" She replied, dumbfounded and I twisted towards her.



There you go, glad you enjoyed.

For the record, Minatos' interpretation of 'young girl' is different to everyone else's in that room.

I was considering extending Aigis' musical number into the full scene, but couldn't decide whether or not I could be bothered writing it. Does anyone want me to type out Aigis's musical performance and edit it into the chap or is no one bothered?

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