Warnings, slight slash, fluff, sexy singing. (Watch the strut Video from the kradsion concert that's were this idea came from.)

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All the Things She Said

I panted, excitement running though my veins as we got off stage. I didn't know how much I missed this, but my body seemed to adore the screaming crowds and the fans and Adam. Adam was my reason for staying even living though this life. I grabbed my water bottle from backstage drinking slowly letting the water drip down my parched mouth. It felt refreshing, my bass leaning against the wall in the backstage, I was tired. It took a lot out of me to perform in front of thousands of fans, even more not to jump Adam. It had been only three months since he began sharing hushed whispers with me on stage, and teasing me, but it was so risky.

The media wanted this; they wanted the scoop on why I left. Why Adam had the markings on his wrists. If we where dating. I hardly got a private moment with Adam the paparazzi were so nosy. I could hardly even kiss him, hell we hadn't even let Monte find out he would have said something to Lisa. We had kept the whole relationship secret; Adam agreed it was better off that way considering I was supposed to be straight. We were lucky if we could even get a hotel room and spend the night in each other's arms. I hadn't gotten around to sex because of the tabloids; I didn't feel like seeing myself in them.

A small peck to my cheek woke me from my thoughts. I titled my head slightly to the side and was met with Adam's amused gaze. I could feel the heat rush to my face and growled slightly at him. "You'll get us caught." I whispered to him, our hands touching enough to give heat but easy to pass off as just brushing by accident.

"Hmmm, like I wouldn't be that careless." Adam shot back, I grinned clearly he was still so over confident.

"Sure you wouldn't." I said dryly. Adam smirked back at me as Monte came into view.

"You guys going to hurry it up? We've a song left." Monte said taking a swing of water.

I moved my hand away from Adam's, Monte wasn't paying attention but he was bitching at us to get back on stage, I rolled my eyes grabbing my bass. "What are we playing?" I asked Adam who was touching up eyeliner. He was wearing a gray jacket over a black- well off grey shirt with black leather jeans that were clinging to his ass. A belt was across his waist, and chains dangled off the jeans. The necklace he wore was the double guitar picks, sliver rings glinted off his hands. The simple gray eye shadow covered eye lids. "Strut." Adam replied to me.

I grinned at him. Monte ushered us to the small concert we were doing, smaller than usual. Adam asked onto stage, me taking my place in my spot. I could hear fans screaming a he began to sing. "I want to start a revolution. A type of personal solution, we all have got our own pollution." He gave a smirk into the fans.

"It's all about the execution." He gripped microphone with one hand, and slid it down as he went on singing, his voice made my body shiver. "You got something to say your hands are tied. Open your mouth, open it wide. Let the freedom begin Get on the floor, just let it drop He dropped, his hand sliding down his microphone pole, Adam slide back up one hand resting on the stand. Don't it feel good, don't it feel hot? Feel the fire within." I knew what was coming next.

"I wanna see you strut (strut, strut) C'mon walk for me. Adam began to thrust his hips, and I had to resist the temptation for now. He shakes his hips as he went on singing, then I saw him walk over towards were I was playing. Adam moved close to me singing. Strut (strut, strut) How you wanna be. Everybody's looking for some love, He moved closer to me I could almost feel his breathing, his back faced me as I played, I leaned against his shoulder for a second playing, then before he walked away again he slapped my ass. I bit back a moan moving on playing finding it hard to focus, and he walked back singing smirking. But they don't know How to let it all hang out and that's why they're solo (solo, solo) don't wanna be solo (solo, solo) don't wanna be solo"

Adam turned to face me while the guitar was playing moving his hips in a matter that should be a sin on stage, one hand on his leg as he moved his hips, his eyes taunting his mouth fixed in a devious smirk, still gripping the microphone stand. "We're a complicated nation and now we're in a situation. I crept behind him playing staring him down; I know Adam could feel my eyes staring at his ass, he swung his hips as he sensed me. Let's take a Maybelline vacation and get yourself some validation."

I walked away as he began the next verse. "You got something to say your hands are tied."

Adam from the corner of my eye as he sang the next line I saw him suck on his finger, smirking, I felt my body getting hotter. "Open your mouth, open it wide Let the freedom begin." Adam stood beside me singing, dropping onto the stage and back in front of me I tried to pay attention to my bass. "Get on the floor, just let it drop Don't it feel good, don't it feel hot?" Adam walked away again and I focused more on my bass. "Feel the fire within." I nearly moaned again catching him from where I was standing simulating jerking off a guy's cock with the microphone stand, was he trying to get me to squirm? "I wanna see you strut (strut, strut)C'mon walk for me Strut (strut, strut)How you wanna be Everybody's lookin' for some love But they don't know." Adam was dancing with those sinful hips again; it was getting harder to focus not to mention my jeans were getting tighter. "How to let it all hang out And that's why they're solo (solo, solo)Don't wanna be solo (solo, solo)Don't wanna be solo." Adam danced walking the other way shaking his hips. I watched him from my eyes barley transfixed as everyone else was by this man.

Adam stood on the stand, his voice sounding so sexy he sang, and so sinful. "I'll be your mirror Darling, let your hair down". He began to swing his hips close to the stand. "Show me what you're working with and let me see you. Adam took the microphone in his hands as he sang the high note. "Strut (strut, strut), strut (strut, strut) How you wanna be."

Adam walked towards me again, oh god I wasn't going to last at this rate. "Everybody's lookin' for some love but they don't know. Adam was inches from breathing on my lips; my lips had a smirk of their own. "how to let it all hang out" As he went forward I moved by body back in a manner that made us look like we were teasing each other, I could see the sexual frustration rolling off Adam, his lips wanting to touch mine. "and that's why they're solo" (solo, solo) don't wanna be solo (solo, solo) don't wanna be solo."

"Strut for me and show me what you're working with. Strut for me and show me what you're working with." I played right beside him the bass and guitar hitting their loudest points as he sang, kicking his leg in the air a few times as the song finished. All we could hear was screaming as we closed the show, Adam had a mischievous smirk on his face.

I was safely in Adam's room as soon as we got back. My face was flushed, the echo of the performance still in my mind. I had stripped myself of my shirt, the felt so hot, I felt like I was burning. I moaned against the cool wallpaper in his bedroom, anything could help me right now. The way he touched me on the stage, the thrill I got from it, the ecstasy. I panted softly against the wall, I needed him. The bathroom door opened and Adam remerged shirtless and the only clothing he had on was tight black boxers.I moaned on spot at the sight of him. Adam smirked going over to the bed and straddling me against the wall. My body let a needy whimper, my body on fire with desire. I arched against him desperate for any type of relief. Adam laughed, I glared at him, pulling him by the hair, and I pulled him into a desperate kiss filled with desire. His reaction was at once his fingers tangling in my hair roughly; his tongue invading my mouth in a rough kiss, I moaned into it caused a shiver to trail down his body.

"Fuck." Adam whimpered pulling away from the kiss a band of saliva connecting us. I sprang at him, my mouth latching onto his neck sucking and biting the skin causing Adam to throw his head back in a long moan, his hands gripping my hair tighter. A harder suck caused him to arch against me rubbing against my groin. I let out a throaty moan panting hard.

My mouth left his neck with a slight slick pop, he moaned in protest. I put a finger on my lips and smirked. Then next thing I knew, I was pinned against the wall my hands tangled in his hair, his lips violently sucking on mine enough to make them swollen. I threw back my head in a cry of bliss as he bit down sharply on my shoulder, his hands finding my nipples and pinching them. I let out another shudder squirming underneath him, bucking in my want. The rest happened in a blur, my mind was in a haze of desire all I could remember was him screaming my name.

We found out later that evening when I and Adam awoke, Monte did indeed know and somehow had convicted the media I was indeed straight. What a load of bullshit then again they'll never see the hickeys.

"I love you so much baby." Adam whispered against my skin.

"Love you too baby." I said as I kissed him softly as we faded into the world of oblivion, our skin on skin, hands clasped. Everything was perfect.