Sodor High School: Thomas & Friends Tales

Written by: ThomasZoey3000

Based on the Railway Series by: The Rev. W. and Christopher Awdry

Based on the Television Series by: Britt AllCroft/David Mitton/Hit Entertainment/Lionsgate

The waiting period is finally over, I'm proud to present an all new episode of this series and for this year's first new adventure. I've decided to write up a story featuring our scottish friends, Donald and Douglas the twins. This episode is inspired by an episode from a children's TV show I used to watch when I was a kid, 'Country Mouse and City Mouse' which was entitled 'The Ghost of Castle McKenzie'. Also note that the new character 'Olivia' is a fan-made character created by yours truely and finally, the rating is still PG as there is no swearing included. Anyhow, that's enough chatter from me, here's the long awaited 24th episode.

Episode 24: The Ghost and the Gold

Based on the Country Mouse and City Mouse Episode "The Ghost of Castle McKenzie"

The damage done to the school following Mister Ten's takeover was minor, except to the former Smelter's class, so repairs didn't take too long and the school didn't need to be closed.

"It's hard to believe that Diesel 10 was in our school and right under our noses the entire time," Emily was saying as she and Thomas made their way to the school.

"It's also hard to believe that throughout the time he was in Sir Topham Hatt's office, he never found out the truth about you."

"Yes that is lucky and too close for comfort if you ask me," Emily looked around, then continued to speak, "but luckily my dad took the necessary step and removed everything that can connect me to him or my mother, so there was no way Mister Ten would've found out about me."

"So no matter what, luck was mostly on our side during the takeover."

"I guess you could say that."

Classes that day went on as normal with no interuptions and apart from one of the students daydreaming and looking out the windows, everything seemed to be running smoothly.

At lunchtime, when Thomas and Emily arrived at the cafetaria, they discovered that just about every table had been taken.

"Must be a special on today," Thomas said out loud, "cause that's the only time this cafetaria is this full."

The two teenagers had brought their own lunches, so they had no need to go get anything from serving area and that was a good thing cause there was a long line up there, which would probably mean that the students wouldn't get a chance to finish their lunches on time before going back to their classes.

Thomas and Emily looked all around and soon found some free spots at a table that the Scottish twins, Donald and Douglas, were sitting at.

"Hello Donald and Douglas," Emily said kindly, "do you mind if we sit here? Every other table in the cafetaria is full at the moment."

"Nae at all," said Donald, "yoo two are mure than welcome ta sit here if yoo want ta."

"Thank you," Emily smiled as she and Thomas took their seats. Close by was the table being used by the smelter class teens. Many of them made rude remarks and made rude faces at them while others like Sidney, Den and Dart all waved politely to Thomas and Emily.

"Hey Donal', yoo fergot this letter this mornin'," said Douglas.

"Whit letter?"

"This letter, it's from oor cousin in Scotland."

"Olivia?" Donald exclaimed, "whit does she want ta say ta us?"

"Weel, why dinna we find oot right naw," said Douglas. He ripped open the envelope and pulled out the letter, then he read it:

"Dear Donal' and Douggie, it's yoor cousin Olivia here askin' fer yoor help. Lately, me family and I have been hearin' spooky sounds in oor castle late at night. My parents 're thinkin' of sellin' oor auld family castle. Can yoo please come ta Scotland and help us? Signed yoor cousin Olivia."

"Ghosts?" exclaimed Donald, "I dinna remember any ghosts at yon castle, do yoo Douggie?"

"Nae, I dinna remember hearin' anythin' like ghosts durin' our last visit," he answered, "but whitever it is, its scarin' oor dear sweet cousin Olivia and her family. Tis a good thing oor parents are allowin' us ta go ta Scotland by oorselves this year fer a week, we can probably help her then."

"Can we come with you?" Emily piped up with an excited tone in her voice. This got Donald and Douglas' attention and they looked at her with surprised looks on their faces, "Thomas and I are great at solving mysteries, plus I've always wanted to visit Scotland. It's a childhood dream of mine to visit that place."

"I wouldn't mind tagging along too," said Thomas, "as long as it's okay with you two."

Both Donald and Douglas thought about it, then they spoke to the two teenagers, "I dinna see a reason why yoo canna join us, can yoo Douggie?"

"Nae, I canna think of a reason either," he said.

"Okay then, we'll need ta check with oor parents and if they say yes, then yoo two can join us."

The twins checked with their parents that night and of course they said yes and once Thomas and Emily's parents said they could go, they left with Donald and Douglas on the next train to Scotland.

"So Emily, what is the main reason you wanted to go to Scotland?" Thomas asked.

"Well there are lots of reasons Thomas, but the main reason is because I want to find the Loch Ness monster and take a picture of it."

Donald and Douglas laughed when they heard this, "there's nae such thing as the Loch Ness Monster," chuckled Donald, "Douggie and I we'e livin' in Scotland long before we and oor parents came tae Sodor and we've ne'er seen the beastie."

"Aye," agreed Douglas, "soory ta say this Emily, but all yoo'd be wastin' yoor time searchin' for it."

Emily looked down sadly to the floor, but then she felt Thomas' hand grabbing hers softly. "Just because they haven't seen it for themselves doesn't mean it's not real," he said kindly in hopes of cheering her up, "you just might see it."

"Maybe...thanks Thomas," she said while blushing bright red.

Thomas then saw that Donald and Douglas were looking at them with smiles on their faces, "are yoo two a couple yet?" they asked in unison.

"No," Thomas said quietly and let go of Emily's hand and throughout the rest of the train trip, they remained quiet while looking out at the countryside they were passing.

Finally after the long trip, they reached a big railway station where they met up with a girl around their age with jet black hair and wearing a dark green dress and had black shoes on.

She was eager to see her cousins, but it turned out that one passenger was a little too eager to get off the train. As a result, he rushed off the train, bumped into Olivia and knocked her over, "Out of my way!" he shouted.

"Huh! Whit a rude man," groaned the girl.

"Need a lendin' hand?" asked a familar scottish voice.

Olivia looked up and saw that the lending hand being held out was from her cousin Douglas, "Thank ye," she smiled and excepted his hand, then Douglas helped her to her feet, "it's good ta see yoo two again..." then she noticed the other two teenagers, "are they friends of yoors?"

"Yes they are," Donald answered, "this is Thomas and Emily, they're oor friends from the Sodor High School and they've come ta help yoo solve yoor ghost mystery."

"I'm glad ta hear that," smiled Olivia, "cause those wee ghosties are drivin' me parents up the wall and they're considerin' sellin' the family castle."

"Dinna fesh yerself anymore Olivia," said Douglas, "we can solve yoor mystery faster than yoo can say 'Auld Lang Syne'."

"I sure hope yoo are right Douggie," groaned Olivia.

By the time they arrived at the castle, it was after dark. Olivia showed her cousins and their friends to the guest rooms they were to be staying in, "one room fer yoo three boys and one room for the lady," said Olivia.

"Tis a little small for all three of us," said Donald, "I dinna think there's enough room fer all three of us."

"Well Thomas can always stay in the same room with me for the night," said Emily, "I don't mind if he stays in there with me."

"Weel if yoo're sure, then it's okay with me. Try and get a good night's sleep laddies and lass..." then she muttered, "if yoo can," then she turned and walked away.

"We ne'er seen her sae scared before," said Donald, "we just have ta prove that there's nae ghost in yon castle."

"Just like there are nae monsters in loch ness," added Douglas. The twins said good night to their friends, then they went into the room.

Thomas waited outside the room while Emily got changed, "Thomas, are you sure we'll get to see the Loch Ness monster while we're here? Cause Donald and Douglas..."

"Donald and Douglas don't know everything," Thomas interupted, "I'm sure we'll get to see it as soon as we find out what this ghost really..."

But Thomas was interupted by the sounds of clanging chains and howling coming from futher down the castle, "That doesn't sound like a ghost howling, it almost sounds like..."

"A dog," said Emily as she came out of the bedroom after getting changed into her pajamas, "but with the way it's howling threw these hallways, it does sound like a ghost. I say we go find out for ourselves."

"Soundn't we get Donald and Douglas?"

"Leave them to sleep for now, we can find out the answers for ourselves."

And so, the two teenagers walked away from the room and down the hallway to find their so called 'ghost'. Thomas soon found the answers...quite by accident. He stood aganist a brick wall which wasn't strong enough to support his weight and he fell back onto a pile of straw.

"Thomas! Are you alright?!" Emily called to him.

"Yeah Emily I'm fine!" he called back. Then he noticed a light shining threw a hole in the wall, "I think I just found something..." he took a look and saw an older man, rattling some chains and showing off ghostly figures with the help of a projector. Close to him was a small black dog, which was howling loud and long.

Emily walked over and took a look threw the hole, "I guess Donald and Douglas were right, there is no ghost in this castle," said Emily, "but who is he?"

"I don't know, we should tell Olivia and the twins."

They didn't have to go too far for standing close by was Olivia and the twins, "we found out what your ghost really is," said Thomas and told them of what he and Emily saw.

"Tis sounds like oor next door neighbour ta me," sighed Olivia, "his family and oors always have had a rivalry ever since 1560."

"We thought it was 1650 when yon feud began," said Donald.

"Forget the date right now, your ghost is getting away," said Emily.

They all looked and saw the man and his dog running away from the castle, "we'll gae after him," said Douglas, "yoo three stay he'e."

Thomas and Emily didn't know their way around the castle like Donald and Douglas did, so it was a good idea if the two teenagers stayed. While the twins ran after Olivia's neighbour, Olivia herself told Thomas and Emily the story of how the feud began.

"Tis said that long ago, that wurds were said at a Hogmanay and oor neighbours swore revenage on oor family and they did tae. They captured oor castle and used it ta hide yon gold and it lasted many a years until my family fought back and got yon castle back. However, oor neighbours were nae happy aboot losin' their gold and so have tried ta get into yon castle to find it fer themselves and take it all back."

"Me family has searched threw yon castle though and ne'er found a single gold coin," she continued, "we believe the real reason they're doin' this tis because they want yon castle again like before, but tis never wurks as we push them out."

"But what if there really are gold coins hidden somewhere in the castle?" asked Emily, "maybe if we find it, we can put a stop to the feud."

"We could, if yon gold was real," said Olivia, "yon gold isna real Emily, just like yon ghost or monster of loch ness."

"Yeah she's Donald and Douglas' cousin alright," she thought sadly to herself, "Are Thomas and I the only ones who believe there really is a monster in Loch Ness?"

Moments later, Donald and Douglas returned, "he says he's after yon gold again," said Donald.

"Did he tell you that?" Thomas asked.

"Nae, we spied on yon man and he says he willna give up until he finds it," answered Douglas.

"He's wastin' his time," said Olivia, "as I was tellin' yoor friends, we've searched this castle hundreds of times and ne'er found any gold."

"Weel tomorrow, we'll put a stop ta his litta game, then yoo and yon family willna need to sell the castle," said Donald.

They all said their good nights and went back to their rooms.

"I do think there is gold hidden somewhere in this castle Thomas," Emily said after they got back to their room, "it's like you've been saying all along, just because it hasn't been seen doesn't it's not real."

"Right you are Emily," Thomas nodded, "but what do you suggest on doing?"

"I don't know, maybe we could try to find the gold tomorrow and put a stop to this feud," Emily sighed unhappily and sat down on her bed with a downcast face, "but that's like trying to find a needle in a haystack."

"Maybe, but we'll find it," Thomas said with determination, "We've face challenging odds since we first met and we still manage to overcome them and help others, right?"

"Yeah, that's right."

"So why should this moment be any different?" he asked before letting out a big yawn.

"You're right Thomas. As soon as morning comes, we'll start looking around."

The next morning, the two teenagers told Olivia and the twins that they were merely going to look around the castle, which is what they were going to do while looking for the gold. They searched the upper levels, they searched the lower levels and searched in the middle, but they found nothing.

By nightfall, the twins and Olivia had their plan all set up and ready to go...

Olivia's parents were settling down for a good night's rest when suddenly they heard howling and clanging of chains. Then they saw strange figures coming into their room, which made them shiver.

"If this doesna get them, I'll change me name ta mud," said the neighbour with a sly grin.

As he was going to change the projector, he heard clanking coming from behind him, followed by an angry growl, "Whit the...?" he exclaimed. He turned around and looked to see a suit of armor walking towards him with it's arms raised.

"AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!" he screamed and ran into Olivia's parent's room.

"What in blazes are ye doin' here?" asked Olivia's father.

"Gettin' away from spooky ghost," answered the neighbour with a shaky tone in his voice, "tis nae me this time, tis a real spirit."

At that moment, two suits of armor came walking into the room, making everyone shake in complete fright, that was until the masks were pulled up and the true faces were revealed.

"Donal' and Douglas?" gasped Olivia's parents.

"There's yoor ghost!" said Douglas angerily and handed a slide over to Olivia's father.

He picked up his flashlight and pointed it right at the slide, which showed the very figure they had just seen, "alright, tis was me who's been spookin' yoo," said the neighbour crossly, "but tis the only way I could get yoo lot oot of yon castle sae I can search fer yon gold that me family left behind yers ago."

"But there is nae gold," said Olivia's mother, "we've searched yon castle from top ta bottom and found nothin'."

"Just cause you couldna find it, doesna mean its nae real," snapped the neighbour, "me family did leave yon gold in yoor castle and I want it back."

"Hold on," Donald piped up, "where are Thomas and Emily?" they looked and found that Thomas and Emily were nowhere to be seen.

"Yoo dinna that a real ghost got 'em, dae yoo?" Olivia asked.

"Nae we dinna think so," said Douglas, "they're probably sleepin' away after explorin' around the castle all day."

Truth be told, Thomas and Emily were not in their room. They were still looking around, "the basement is the last place we haven't checked yet," said Emily, but shivered as she saw some spider webs, "I don't like spiders," she muttered.

"Then don't look at it," Thomas said encouragingly.

Emily took in a deep breath, then walked on past. The basement area looked like it hadn't been used for many years, "I think we might be on the right track," said Emily, then she noticed something, "I wonder...Thomas, help me push this wall."

With Thomas' help, the two teenagers pushed the wall. It moved and soon they discovered that there was another room hidden behind the wall.

"I wonder if Olivia knows about this room Thomas."

"Probably not and I bet her family doesn't know either."

Thomas took a step forward, but hadn't seen a big object in front of him. He tripped over it and fell to the ground, "ow," he groaned.

"Are you alright Thomas?" Emily cried and ran over towards him.

"I'm fine," he groaned, "but what did I run over?"

"It's a set of bagpipes," Emily answered. She walked over and picked it up, "goodness me, it's heavy. I thought these things were suppose to be light."

Then a thought struck the two teenagers, "you don't think..."

"The gold is in here," exclaimed Emily.

She pulled out one of the pipes and using her flashlight, she looked inside. It was indeed the lost gold coins, they glistered and shined as Emily's flashlight shone on them for the first time in years.

"Won't they be surprised when they see this?" smiled Emily.

They took the bagpipes out of the small room, through the basement and back up to the main hallway where the Scottish Twins, Olivia, her parents and their neighbour were waiting.

"Thomas? Emily?" gasped Donald and Douglas, "where 'ave yoo two been?" asked Donald.

"Mure importantly, whit 'ave gotten yoorselves into this time?" asked Douglas.

"We went into the basement and found a secret little room," Thomas answered, "and that's where we found this."

Emily showed them the bagpipes. Donald and Douglas smiled a small smile, "if yoo want ta play the bagpipes, we got a better set of 'em back in oor room."

"Actually Donald and Douglas, you might want to look inside the bagpipes," said Emily.

She walked over towards the table, then pushed down towards the open hole and out came small metal coins, "me gold!" cried the nighbour, "tis me family gold. Sae that's where they hid it."

"Weel I ne'er," exclaimed Olivia's mother.

"Sae there really was gold he'e," said Olivia, "but I dinna think it was fer real."

"Neither did we," said Donald and Douglas.

"I am grateful fer yoo two," said the neighbour, "sae grateful that I would like yoo tae have some gold as a token of thanks and..." he continued, "I would also like tae give Olivia and her family some of yon gold tae help with any repair wurk that needs tae be done around yon castle."

"But we canna..."

"Dad, if we're nae careful, we could start another feud between oor two families," cautioned Olivia.

"Yoo're right sweetheart," he said and excepted some of the gold.

"And I promise from naw on," said the neighbour before he left, "I willna scare yoo lot again, I've given up me ghostly ways."

And with that, he left for home. Donald and Douglas looked over towards Thomas and Emily, "yoo werena kiddin' when yoo said yoo were good at solvin' mysteries. Thank ye yoo two."

"Always glad to help," smiled Thomas, "even if we do have to get dirty in the process."

"It's like Thomas said all along, just because you haven't seen something, doesn't mean it's not real," said Emily, "no matter if it's gold or the Loch Ness Monster."

"Tis no such..." but Douglas stopped.

"What?" Emily asked.

They all looked and saw on the lake, a big shape in the distance with a long neck and swimming slowly past the castle. Donald and Douglas were at a loss of words, as were Olivia and her parents, but Emily wasn't, "right you were again Thomas," she smiled, "but there's one thing I'm upset about."

"What's that?"

"I don't have my camera, so I can't take a picture of it."