Hello all! I watched the Speed Racer FINALLY, and decided to add my own two-cents to this fandom. So, here it is! Road to Freedom!

This is probably the longest note you'll receive from me, with shorter ones in future chapters. It's uncertain how far this is going yet, but as I have the plans on paper and in my head, you shouldn't wait more than a few days per update.

I honestly don't care about the type of response I get, or if I get any at all; I'm writing this purely for my own enjoyment and to get some more stories out into this wonderful fandom.

Without further ado then, Road to Freedom!

"I'd love an answer, Trixie, as to why track racing doesn't seem the same!"

-Speed Racer, Road to Freedom

The announcer's voice was a mumble in Speed's ear as he sat on the bench in front of his locker, concentration instead on the course. He'd raced it before; it wouldn't be too difficult to do it again.

Trixie, Speed's girlfriend, came in and sat next to him for just a moment. "Good luck out there Speed," she whispered in the near silence, save for Speed's and her own breathing.

Speed turned and gave her a wry half-smile. "Thanks, Trix," he said, giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

"Just don't let them beat you up too badly out there," she said, standing and gently hugging him. She then turned and left the room.

When he was alone, Speed muttered, "Easier said than done."


The Mach 6 was racing well today, Pops Racer decided as he watched his son, currently second and battling for the lead. Beside him, Spritle and Chim Chim each had a set of binoculars, which they were currently using to track Speed's progress.

"I think he's gonna win, Pops," Spritle said as the cars raced overhead on the track.

"Eh, there's still a lot of race left," Pops muttered as he checked his stopwatch yet again.


Speed's brow furrowed as he continued to batter against the other car in an attempt for first. Whoever this driver was, they were good. And they weren't ready to give up the lead yet.

With an almost sickening lurch, coupled with a huge crunch, the other car slammed against the Mach 6, sending it spinning into a tailspin, which Speed controlled easily, using his momentum to catch the back end of the other car, sending it spinning as well.

As Speed and the other driver came around, both front windshields facing each other, Speed saw the frustration and slight fear etched into the other's face under the helmet. At least what little of the driver's face he could see gave him a hint as to what the other was thinking.

As Speed righted himself, no longer spinning, he saw the other driver doing the same. But a push on the gas pedal sent Speed into the lead.


Even with the win, Speed wasn't feeling the excitement of a win. It seemed…ordinary, almost. As if you took your most non-exciting day and applied it to the win.

Of course, Speed smiled and was genuinely happy. But inside, he wasn't feeling as much of the emotion he was showing.


Speed and Trixie were in the Mach 6 on the hill just above the city. Speed had made sure that Spritle and Chim Chim weren't in the car before they'd left.

They sat there, holding hands and quietly watching stars wink into existence and the lights of the homes going out one by one as dusk continued to fall.

"I just don't get it," Speed murmured to himself, quiet enough that he thought Trixie wouldn't hear him.

"What? Why you weren't so excited at the track today?" Trixie murmured back, squeezing his hand lightly.

"How'd you know?" Speed asked, looking over at her.

She smiled, a small, sad look to her face. "Oh Speed," she sighed. "I know you better than you think some days."

He gave up a small grin, but didn't say anything.

"But as for why, I do believe I have an answer," she said, then amended, "If you want it."

"I'd love an answer, Trixie, as to why track racing doesn't seem the same!" Speed answered, removing his hand from hers and propping himself sideways in his seat.

"Isn't it obvious?" When Speed shook his head, she continued. "You've fallen for cross-country racing."

This probably seems choppy since I sat down to type this at least five times and only got a couple words for most of the stuff after the win, but not during Speed and Trixie's heart-to-heart.

Again, I don't mind the response, and any at all would be good. Chapters are written mostly in advance, so you shouldn't wait too long. But my plans keep getting longer, with more surprises in store.

I hope the win's emotion came through all right and that I'm using the right terminology. Someone spotting any errors I may have committed would be appreciated as I don't have a beta.

Also, each chapter will have a quote from that chapter as a 'summary' of sorts for that chapter.