Oh my sweet word, guys, you cannot even imagine how deeply apologetic I am for neglecting this story. I don't even have the excuse of "I have other stories" to use, because this is my only one. Basically there are just an array of differentiating contributing factors which add up to form the reason for which I have not updated this story, but they are all so pathetic that I shall not even bother detailing them to you. The point is, both Breaking Dawn Part One and re-reading this fan fiction have inspired me to take it up again. Well, when I say take it up, I mean write another chapter. (At least!) I'm sure you guys have all forgotten this story, and I won't blame you, because it's honestly been like, a year, but I'd like to keep going with it. I feel my writing style may have evolved, because when I read this it felt like a strangers words. I can't remember where I was travelling with this story, but I have ideas and things and I'm going to set to work writing it now so it should be up very, very soon. Maybe in a few hours, maybe in a few days. No less than that though, I promise! xx