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I originally submitted this for the Fullmetal Alchemist Big Bang Challenge at LiveJournal. :)
This was partly inspired by the manga gaiden/FMA:B OVA, "Simple People" (by the fact that the two stories revolve around Riza and Winry... somewhat. XD)

Anyway, without further ado, here's the first part of "April Fools"--Love Umbrella.

Oh, and I'd like to thank my wonderful beta, Mere. xD

Love Umbrella

It was only midday, but the sky was already dark. The sun was nowhere in sight and in its place overlooking Amestris were dark, heavy rain clouds. The rain had started pouring early in the morning and hasn't ceased since. The weather reports predict a storm coming along.

Despite the gloomy weather, work continues in Eastern Headquarters. Lunch break was over, and the officers and enlisted personnel were now making their way back to their offices to resume the day's work. Colonel Roy Mustang—obviously affected by the wet weather—walked back rather sluggishly to his desk, which was oddly neat today, despite it having the usual mountains of paperwork. It only appeared neat because most of these stacks were still untouched.

He took some of the papers he had finished and deposited them on the desk nearest his—Lieutenant Hawkeye's—before plopping down onto his chair and spinning it around to face the window. The Colonel crossed his arms as he leaned back into his chair. Just as he watched the raindrops slide down the glass windows, his eyelids started to droop, until he eventually closed his eyes and succumbed to sleep. It'll only be for a few minutes… after that, I'll… get back… to… wor…k…

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, who had just returned from a quick visit to the restroom, was surprised to find that the Colonel had already finished a portion of his work for the day (usually on days like this, he would usually start mid-afternoon till overtime), mostly just the documents that needed General Grumman's immediate approval. "Colonel?" She said as she saw the Colonel's chair turned around, back facing her, as if he was looking out the window.

Quietly, she made her way around his desk to confirm her suspicion. He was sleeping. Again. But instead of waking him up, the Lieutenant, with a grin hidden from the other occupants of the office, leaned towards the Colonel with a pen in hand.

"Lieute—" Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc called as he spotted Riza. She put a finger to her lips, silencing the second lieutenant, who gave an enlightened nod, turned away from the scene, and instead focused on lighting his cigarette.

The Colonel shifted in his seat, blinking away the sleepiness as the artificial light of the room made its way to his eyes. It was still raining, but somehow, after that (not so) short nap, he felt less sluggish. Now ready to resume his work, he spun around to face his desk once again, only to be greeted by his subordinates' laughter-suppressed faces.

"What's so funny?" He asked the men, who quickly turned back to their work, but whose faces told him they already wanted to laugh out loud. Upon receiving no response, he turned to Lieutenant Hawkeye, who, unlike the men, had a straight face. She took hold of a document and was in a pose as if she was reading and threw a sideways glance at Roy.

Roy looked down on the papers on his desk, and one certain sheet of paper caught his attention. Unlike the others, it wasn't a military document. At the center of the white page were the words, "Because you're useless when it rains, have an umbrella." The words were neatly written, in a print he was all too familiar with. He looked at Riza with a questioning glance.

Again, she said no words, but made a motion of leaning her cheek against her palm. Struck with a sudden realization, Roy's hand darted to his desk drawer, withdrawing from it a small mirror. Indeed, he did "have an umbrella"—right there, on his cheek, drawn with an oil-based pen.

He looked at it closely within the mirror, and after what seemed like a minute of inspection, he laughed. It was laughter far from sardonic; it was musical and cheery. "Oh! I get it, I get it. It's April First," he mused. The others laughed along with him. He was still gazing at his image, particularly at Lieutenant Hawkeye's drawing of an umbrella.

Riza smiled as she resumed her work, allowing the men a little time to enjoy the joke for themselves. She was indeed a person of discipline and no-nonsense, but she was also a person for time. There is a time for everything; and just as there is a time for work, there should be a time for jokes.

Roy + Riza –she wrote it on his cheek, underneath the 'umbrella', in the smallest possible lettering that only the two of them could see it. Of course, it was a joke. But then again, jokes are half-meant. She smiled.

I fell in love with a fool, and I know I'm not the only one.

End of Part One.

A/N: I'm not used to this kind of stuff. XD I find the end of this chapter a bit too cheesy for my liking. XD
(And it'll be hard to understand if you don't know what in the world a "love umbrella" is. XDDD )