TITLE: Yokonamy One

SERIES: Yokonamy

AUTHOR: Lucifael ()

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SUMMARY: After a six year side trip to the future and an alternate universe Xander returns home with some gifts for humanity. FEEDBACK: Read, Review and Rate please it is the life's blood of fan fiction and helps me to improve.

CATEGORY: Action/Adventure/Space

RELATIONSHIPS: X/Various and associated Canon Pairings.


SPOILERS: Season Five of Buffy, Four of Star Gate.

WARNINGS: Spoilers for the above, some sex and violence lots of tech talk.

BETA: Drake the Archr.


Xander disappeared before Lover's Walk, so no Fluking. No real set point that he went away. Most of the time-line is described slowly in the story itself.
This story is somewhat like Blended in some respects but goes in a different direction than I was going to take that story. Blended failed on some aspects of storytelling and I'd like to think I can learn from that and fix it for this story. That's not to say that Blended is dead btw, just that I think this story is better already than Blended is: P All universes used here are AU. Just so you know. As for Buffy, Oz hangs around longer for obvious reasons. Not too sure about Star Gate and Angel as yet.

SIDEBAR NOTE: Most of the story was written in Google docs and using Google technology in one way or another. I've tried to make it as high tech as possible, even the creation of the documents ;). Later on I switched to Office 2010 beta for the much better proofing tools. Hopefully Google Docs will realise that they are missing a few important features. That s not to say I didn t love it all though, but I did miss my grammar check.
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Yokonamy - Prologue

Sector 59458, Space

A flashing light suddenly intersected the darkness of space as the hull of an enormous carrier ship swept majestically though the inky sea. Flashing running lights lit up the surrounding area and the landing lights of its numerous landing bays stretched out away into the distance. Running in convoy were several large vessels of various types like a flotilla of ducks and her ducklings swimming in an enormous pond. The gargantuan vessel seemed to go on for a long time before it finally passed view; in its wake several other much smaller craft floated behind tethered by a tractor beam. The craft was normally a hive of activity; hundreds of staff would scurry back and forth on its many decks and attend to the craft carried in its belly. Though not at that moment, at present there was one single person within several hundred light years of that vessel and he was sitting in the main deck of the carrier.

He had dark hair and eyes and sat with one leg cocked over the captain s chair and had an almost bored air about him, despite the fact that he was responsible for the first solo flight of such an important cargo. One did not normally move a carrier and an assortment of other ships single handed. It was not that he was a special pilot in particular, though he was rather good at what he did. No, it was purely about manpower. Awaiting the flotilla at a temporary outpost was a staff and, due to an administrational error, the ships were in an entirely different place. No one else was available to move the vessels to the right location so an almost insanely dangerous plan had been put in place to sneak the ships through normal space, at several times the speed of light none the less, to the new crew.

The man in charge was special though, but it had nothing to do with the fact he was the only one insane enough to be willing undertake the project. Despite the fact that he felt he owed the owner a large favour or ten. He was not from that time, or area of space. He was from another time, a time long past and an area of space that was virtually lost in the annuals of time.

His name was Xander Harris.

Smiling slightly, Xander fiddled with a control to adjust one of the industrial support vessels navigation arrays and thought back to how he had ended up in this time and place. The man he owed the favour to had saved his life when he first arrived and had looked out for him ever since. So doing any job for the man was a no brainer as far as Xander was concerned.

Xander paused in a navigational computation and thought hard for a moment. Had it only been seven short years since he had arrived scared, naked and alone - more alone than he had ever been in his life - on a cargo hauler's bridge scared out of his mind?

It had, and Xander had to admit that amazed him. It had at first seemed to him that his luck could not get any worse, then slowly with time, he had realised that in fact his luck had actually been damned amazing.

Falling through a dimensional anomaly, or as he would have called it before, funky portal, had dangers inherent. He had been lucky to only loose his clothing and dignity. Then to land on that bridge, the bridge of his now father figure Yokonamy, last name but no one ever called him anything but Yokonamy, had been amazingly lucky.

Xander had to wonder, given some of the people he had met since, why Yokonamy had taken to him so easily. It was almost as if the Powers-That-Be had finally taken pity on him and let him land on his feet for a change. Yokonamy had indeed taken him under his wing and it was not until much later that Xander had found that he was not a simple Cargo ship captain; he was in fact the owner of a huge fleet of ships and a ship building facility that served the local navy.

In other words, he was rich and very powerful and through his contacts had set up Xander in the new strange world in which he had landed.

The world in which he found himself was not too different from his own, at its most basic of course. There were people, some rich, some poor, some more powerful than others and some sneaky and underhanded just as he was used to from back home. The main difference at first was that no one knew Xander (Class Clown) Harris. He was able to become what he had the potential to be without any preconceived notions from those around him, and he flourished under that freedom. At first, he had a few problems with some basic concepts from that age, because he was FAR in the future from where he had been. Certain basic concepts that were expected of the younger generation in that age were far removed from where he had come from. In the end though, he had managed to kick his brain into touch and learn what he needed to.

Once he had the basics down then he came across the first major obstacle to fitting into the new age. Oddly enough, it was the dreaded Math. From the first few days on the cargo hauler n he had been fascinated by the thought of flying a ship, the freedom of movement that it brought to his imagination and the thought of commanding the sometimes massive ships just made his mind go wow. The trouble was to do, so he needed to be able to do some calculations that he just was not able to even get his mind around at all.

Yokonamy had saved him again. Seeing that his young charge yearned to be able to pilot he had spent no small amount of money to at first train him and then overcome his shortcomings with a major bit of surgery. Xander had his mind augmented with a specialist chip implanted into his brain which allowed him to be able to do a lot more than he had before. In fact, it boosted his IQ from bright into what in his old life would have been genius level. It was just above average in his new life. Mankind had travelled far in many ways from their humble beginnings.

Once that first surgery was complete, he had undergone some gene therapy to 'fix' the abnormalities that the doctors appeared to think he had. It was not that Xander had abnormalities; he was just cut from an earlier mould. Humanity had evolved to be tougher and more adaptable than in Xander's time and that was reflected in their DNA. Outwardly, there was very little change at first in him. Then after a few weeks his body changed to better deal with the rigors of space, his musculature became more dense and his reactions faster.

When Yokonamy decided that Xander was ready, he was put through the local academy. Thanks to the chip and the changes in his DNA Xander flew through the course easily, and in a single year he became a fully qualified pilot.

Which was just the beginning of his story from there he had started working for his 'father'. Yokonamy who had no children of his own had so taken to Xander he adopted him legally not long after Xander had left the academy. There was some favouritism there of course, but Xander and his adoptive father had both agreed that it would be better for Xander to work his way up in the business, and that entailed Xander acting almost as a freelance pilot. He took jobs, mostly from Yokonamy Industries, and carried them out with flair and a conscientious attention to detail that impressed everyone he worked with. Therefore, when the fleet movement job had come up Xander was fully qualified to do it. It was dangerous though, given the value of the items that he was moving from A to B but despite his father's misgivings Xander had explained his plan of action.

Most space flight was under taken in F-Space. Also known as Fold Space due to the way it worked to go faster than light and in the most basic sense, folding dimensions to lessen the distance from A to B. So using older Tachyon based FTL drives that had to be rush-fitted Xander would go through normal space, thus dodging most of the normal patrol routes for pirates and their ilk. It was at its heart a simple plan and had so far been highly effective. Most of the time pilots did not drop out of F-Space for anything other than full combat. Thus Xander did not even show up on any scanners unless they happened to drop out of F-Space within a short distance of him.

He was now only a few short hours away from his final destination and while it had been a very boring week s long journey, he was feeling smug about the whole thing. Thanks to him his father was able to fulfil a highly profitable contract, despite the administrative cock-up, and Xander had been the one to 'save the day' and do something good for his father's company all at the same time. It was a feather in his cap and would certainly look good on his resume when it came to completing other such jobs in the future.

The fact that he was moving trillions of credits worth of merchandise did give him a nasty chill, he had to admit. There were literally enough ships for an outpost colony including all the industrial ships required to run said outpost. Mining, trade cargo, fuel cargo and a host of other smaller ships were languishing in the carrier's bays, while the larger craft were electronically tethered to the neural interface that rested in Xander's own brain. It was actually becoming more than slightly painful which was why he was shifting some of the control to the carrier's shipboard computer to relieve the pressure of controlling so many ships all at the same time.

A soft chiming sound made him refocus his concentration from contemplating his current mission and times past and focusing on the present. His dark eyes flicked down to one of the computer screens hovering in mid-air just under his eye-line and mentally he shrugged. A small space anomaly was resting just off his course. In response, he tightened up the formation of his fleet and mentally moved on. It was nothing to worry about overly after all.

He sat back and crossed one leg over the other in the American style. This was one of the few things that made him stand out as being different. Most humans of that age crossed one leg rested over the other. He sat with the ankle resting on his knee, a small difference but one that marked him as hailing from else when in humanity's history.

As best he could tell, and it was not easy because the date system was different in this time, he was several thousand years in his future, and from what little history had survived from his time to this he was not even in the same universe. In this universe, Space had become a priority for the human race. They had not rested on their laurels and thinking 'to hell with it' they had innovated as was the way of the species, and had pressed on from the lunar landings and pushed on further into space, first Mars and then beyond their own solar system. All the while the space program became bigger and bigger and the ships more and more complex until finally, several hundred years later, FTL had been invented or - more accurately -discovered. A thousand years after F-Space had been found and from there the human race spread like crazy across the universe. Other species had of course been found, but oddly it was if humanity had been one of the first to really stretch their legs into the inky darkness of space, because many such races were not capable of space flight. The decision had been made to leave them alone for the most part. However, some had become either friends or enemies since.

Xander realised he was in a different universe shortly after his search for answers had begun after arriving. The biggest thing was that in his time humanity had not been very interested in space. Another was that this version of humanity seemed almost alone in the universe. Call him a conspiracy nut, but Xander was sure that his own universe had dealings with other races before; he was sure of it. He had been willing to call it his own paranoia of course, but then he had also found no mention of demons at all, which struck him as odd. When he dug deeper he had found that the mentions of demonic forces existing in his own culture did not exist in this universe's culture. Nothing; there was no vampires, werewolves or anything like them.

That was when he was sure he was in a different universe; a parallel one in which humanity prioritised space and did not have demons.

Another soft chime again interrupted his ruminations and, once again, his eyes flicked down to the display. A frown crossed his features before he again tightened up his formation and added a course correction for good measure. He was about to go back to his thoughts when the chime again sounded, this time more urgently just before a much more insistent alarm blared through the carrier's bridge.

"Shit!" Xander commented, as the space anomaly suddenly seemed to veer towards him with no warning. He barely had time to blink before suddenly the ship's bridge was alive with the sound of blaring alarms and the view screen was full of a strange rippling pulsing energy field.