Authors note: I do not support Ben Lissie as a romantic pairing. But I do support them as close friends and this is just that. Minor BenOC, more of a friendship story. Its Ben's wedding day, and this is the words spoken before the I do.

Felicity Merriman looked over at Ben. Today was his wedding day, and it was tough. Ben's parents didn't want him in the militia, and had arranged him a marriage. Ben was a bit relieved when it was a friend of his: Aubrey Laurel Huntington.

"Lissie," he asked from behind her. He looked good on his wedding day. Since the ceremony lasted about 10 minutes at the most.

"Hello Ben," she replied lightly. He was in his good church clothes and was pulling at his collar.

She was just finish talking to Aubrey and she was impatient. She looked pretty in her bright light blue dress. It had ruffles and had a square neckline. She was nice enough, just a bit bossy here and there. Like an older sister to her.

"So its my wedding day. I just can't believe my parents; an arranged marriage." He keeps talking to himself, not believing what was happening. Felicity thought that this was the perfect time.

"Ben at least your parents thought of your feelings," she said feeling hopeless. She wanted to cheer him up not make his parents sound like there selfish.

"Felicity, thank you for being here-" he was cut off by Lissie. She didn't want this. When he wasn't working at fathers store, he was sulking. He wanted so bad to join the militia. Instead he was getting married.

"Ben, I know you wanted to join the militia. You didn't want your life to be like this. I supported you when you wanted to join, but your parents didn't. Your parents thought what was best for you. They weren't being selfish. They wanted to see you happy, with a family. A friend was the right thing for them to do. I might not even know my husband, father will arrange it for me. Consider yourself lucky Ben." She straighened her turquiose dress and looked at him straight in the eye. Her green meet his brown.

"Do you always have to be right?" a smile tugged at his lips. "Your right, I was thinking off my own needs, to be in the militia. I should want to see my parents happy. My parents had me at an old age, and wouldn't want more kids. They want to see my kids, there grandchildren."

"I take you forgive me, for lashing out a bit. I have a hot temper you know."

"Yes Lissie, I forgive you. I can't blame my mother for not wanting to see me hurt in the war. I just wish I could convince them otherwise."

"Ben you have to quit thinking of what if. Whats happening now, is happening." She smiled and gave him a hug. He hugged her back and smiled. Both were glad to be here.

"You know Ben, you could have married me," she said teasingly. She really couldn't think of anything to say after the sweet moment.

"You know I couldn't do that. Well I could but I don't think I'm lucky enough. I'm very fortunate to know you though. Maybe my kids, if I have any, will be like you in many ways. "

"Oh your going to have kids. Aubrey will make sure of it, she wants at the least 4 kids."

"Then I'm in for a rude awakening."

Four years later. Lissie: 16
Ben: 22

Lissie looked at the baby girl. Ben did in fact have 4 kids and Aubrey expecting another. Today was her wedding day. She was to be married to Sir Cedric Morington. He was nice and close to her social rank. She glared unhappily at her reflection in the mirror. Elizabeth will not be here for she was on her honeymoon.

"Hi Lissie," said a voice. Ben of all people.

"Hi Ben. Its my wedding day, so what do you think of me?" She twirled around in her white dress. She was getting good at dancing in it.

"Beautiful. You know I just got finished threatening Sir Cedric. He won't be giving you trouble when it comes to horses. And what to expect. You don't cook, you don't clean, and don't order around slaves. You're in charge of the stable."

She sent him a look that told him to be serious.

"Ben were you nervous on your wedding day. I never thought to ask it until now."

"Not really. I knew Aubrey half my life, and I knew what I was getting into. Lissie, don't worry to much, your father knew Cedric was the right guy. He is one lucky man."

"Oh Ben!" She threw her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. Felicity, the younger one, Ben and Aubrey's first daughter, walked into room.

"I ready," they both laughed and made there way into the church yard. Spring is a great time for a wedding.