Title: Swollen Lips and Mistaken Intentions

Author: Adjuel

Rating: PG-13 (I think… tell me if it should be higher)

Pairing: HP/RW (side DM/BZ, Hr/VK, RL/SB/SS)

Words: 4,541

Chapters: (2/2)

Summary: Ron finally gets up the courage to tell Harry how he really feels. Now all he has to do is wait for Harry to come home… from his date… with a witch, a.k.a. a female. Yeah, life sucked.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, and I am proud to say I did NOT write that abomination known as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. Yeah… If I DID write the Harry Potter books, Ginny would be dead… actually, she would be with Neville and they would live happily ever after. I love Neville, and they were such a cute couple at the Yule Ball.

Warnings: This fic is slash/yaoi/whatever-you-call-it. It is guy/guy, capeesh? If you don't like it, go get your jollies somewhere else! *hiss*

A/N: Hey! Sorry it took so long, but I don't actually own a computer, and I had to wait for my sister to come home from college with her laptop to post this. She's officially done with school forever and I'm so jealous because I'm just starting college this fall. Grrr. Oh, well. Anyway, I'm a little upset with the lack of reviews, but I guess it doesn't matter. I'll just assume I suck at writing. But ignore my pity party, I've had a rough couple of weeks. Why is it teachers feel the need to pile homework on students in the last few weeks of school? I'm so stressed out right now. And I have to write a persuasive/argumentative paper, and I still don't have a topic; it's due in two days. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears ^.^

So on to the story. Here's part two. Please enjoy!

Oh! And this story is dedicated to my friends Jake and Caige. ^.^ Love you guys!

Swollen Lips and Mistaken Intentions

By: Adjuel

Hermione sat down on her couch, a weary sigh escaping her lips. She was so tired of her friends' constantly covering up their emotions. She knew someday it would come to this; Ron had showed up the night before at her door, pale enough that, for a moment, she thought he was a ghost. The thought almost stopped her heart, but then she realized the tears that fell continuously from his empty blue eyes could never be produced by an apparition. Tugging the unresponsive boy into her apartment, Hermione forced the boy onto the couch and promptly prepared a cup of strong earl grey tea, pushing the steaming cup into Ron's shaking hands.

All she could get out of the upset boy was that there had apparently been a horrible fight between him and Harry and that it was all Ron's fault, according to the red head. She knew she wouldn't be able to get anymore out of the tired boy until he had time to rest and think through the events that had occurred earlier, so Hermione took the sleepy boy to the spare bedroom in her apartment and tucked him in.

Before she could leave, Ron's hand snatched her own. The helpless look that he gave her let her know she was needed in this moment more than ever before, and she slid in next to one of her best friends. She severely hoped the fight wasn't as bad as Ron was making it out to be – Ron was known to over exaggerate – but she realized that this was a very serious situation that called for very serious support. In the morning, she was sure Harry would show up, ready to face whatever had happened head on. But, until then, she was unable to do anymore at the time being, so she wrapped herself around Ron, hoping the feeling would comfort the hurt red head. Ron and Harry where all she had – except for her parents, but they didn't understand her like her friends did – and she hoped that everything would work itself out in the end.

After she woke up, Hermione carefully extracted herself from her freckled friend, making sure she didn't wake the emotionally exhausted boy. She decided to prepare some breakfast; Harry would probably be there any moment, so she figured some tea and biscuits might be in order. Just as she was pulling her tea kettle from the stove, she heard the unmistakable sound of something being apparated coming from her living room. Making up a tray of croissants and tea, Hermione went into the other room to greet her friend.

"Hello, Harry. I'd ask you how you are, but I'm sure you're not any better off than Ron."

Harry gave his female friend a small smile. Ever thoughtful, she knew just what to do to make him feel better; feed him food and serve him a soothing cup of tea. "Thanks, Hermione. I take it he's here then?"

Hermione gestured toward her spare bedroom. "Of course. Where else would that pigheaded idiot run off to. He's sleeping at the moment, but I'm sure he wouldn't be opposed to your waking him up."

"I don't know about that," Harry said, his face turned down in distress. "Last night was rough, and I think I really hurt his feelings. I was a bit forward… I didn't mean to accuse him of anything, but… I don't know, Hermione."

Hermione touched her friend's arm lightly, drawing his eyes to her own. "Listen, Harry. I'm not sure what happened, but you two will get through this. You guys love each other; a small squabble can't change that. And from what I gathered from Ron, he thinks it's all his fault. You guys just need to talk things out."

Harry again looked away from his friend. Ron thought it was his fault? But Harry had been the one to bring everything up in the first pace. This was all just one huge misunderstanding. "You're right as usual, Hermione. I think I will go and straighten things out."

Hermione smiled lightly at the irony of Harry's words; the problem between Harry and Ron was far from straight. It was really rather obvious, if only to her, that her friends were sweet for each other. Maybe it was because she had known the two boys for so long, but Hermione knew that there had been something going on between her two friends for quite some time. If she were truthful with herself, there had probably been something going on since they met.

Sighing, Hermione stood and faced her dark haired friend. "Well now, Harry, I think that is a splendid idea. And if you don't mind, I think I'll go out for a bit. I had plans to go to lunch with Krum, and now that you're here to look after Ron, I think it should be all right if I do."

Harry stood up also, smiling at his friend. He knew she was just giving them space, and he appreciated it immensely. "Thank you, 'Mione. You truly are the best friend a guy could have."

"Except for Ron, I'm sure." Hermione returned Harry's smile, amusement shining in her eyes, assuring Harry that she was only joking. As Hermione swept past Harry, she whispered lightly, "Good luck, Harry," and with that she was gone.

Harry stood in Hermione's living room for a few minutes before he finally started for the bedroom where Ron slept. It was time to clear up the confusion that had taken place the night before. When he started to confess to Ron, Harry hadn't meant to bring up his whole love life, but the words poured from his mouth before he could stop them. Now was his chance to make things right. Taking a deep breath, Harry pushed the door open, surprised to see Ron awake and sitting up, waiting for him.

"… Hey, Harry."

"Hi, Ron."

Harry stared at his friend for a moment before he finally made his way to the bed and sat down. He stared at his clasped hands as the minutes passed by, hoping Ron would break the silence. When the silence continued, Harry realized he would have to speak first. He wasn't sure what to say, but an apology was probably a good start.

"Ron, I'm-"


Harry looked up in surprise. He then smiled slightly, reaching forward to take Ron's hand. Ron looked warily into his friends eyes, unsure what to conclude from their connected hands.

"No, Ron, you don't have to be sorry. It's my fault for bringing it up. Your love life, I mean. But there really is a reason that I did. You see there's something I need to tell you...."

"Wait, Harry. I need to get this off my chest first. And I do need to apologize. I was out of line yesterday, and I had no right to hurt you just because I felt upset. And I don't really mind answering your questions. You do have a right to know, since you're my friend and all.

"I know you worry about me, but I've never had a one night stand in my life. It kind of hurt me that you'd think I could-" Harry started to apologize, but Ron held up a hand to stop him before he could, "-but I understand that it might seem like that. It's just, sometimes I need a little time to myself. I'll go out for a drink with Draco after work sometimes, but that's all.

"And speaking of Draco, mate, I've have never had romantic feelings for him. He's too much of a smug git. He'd be an insufferable boyfriend, and a needy one at that. He's too much of a girl. But I guess Blaise likes him well enough."

"Zabini? He's with Draco? I guess I can see that, actually. Blaise always did follow him around like a lost puppy, and Draco loved the attention."

"Yeah, but it's downright creepy to be around the two when they're together. Some times Blaise comes out to drink with Draco and me, and let me tell you, they're a very affectionate couple that enjoys P.D.A. way too much."

Harry laughed, trying to imagine they extremely pale Draco with his hark skinned companion. They complimented each other in such an odd way, but it worked perfectly.

"I can see it. Maybe next time I could come along with you guys. I'd almost be like a double date, right, Ron? That would be different, eh?" Harry was trying to gauge Ron's reaction to the mention of them going out on a date, and he was surprised when Ron just stayed silent.

Finally, Ron spoke up, not quite meeting Harry's eyes. "Harry, I have something to confess. Well, actually, there are a few things I haven't been completely honest with you about."

Harry's eyes widened a fraction, unsure of how to take the news. What could Ron have lied to him about? Besides his being closer to Draco than he thought, Harry wasn't sure what Ron could be talking about.

"Harry, do you remember when Hermione and I told my parents we were dating at Christmas a few years ago? What am I saying, of course you do. The truth is, 'Mione and I never actually dated. She was just helping me out."

"...What? Are you serious?"

"Yeah. My parents had been pestering me to find a nice witch to settle down with. The war had really scared them, and they kept telling me I should try to find someone before I lost the chance. I knew they both loved 'Mione dearly, and even though they tried to set me up with other witches, they really wanted me to ask her out."

"Well that's a little presumptuous of them, isn't it? If you didn't want to date anyone, you shouldn't have had to."

"That may be so, but I didn't want Mum to worry about me. The worst part was… I was in love with someone else, but I was scared to tell… this other person." Ron paused, hoping Harry didn't catch the lack of a gender specific pronoun.

Luckily for Ron, Harry was too caught up in the thought that Ron was in love to catch the slip. Harry's heart started to throb. Ron loved someone? Did he still love that someone? He did say he 'was' in love. That was past tense, right? Still, Harry stayed quiet, not sure he could trust his voice. Ron's information was too much to digest.

"So, I talked to 'Mione about my problem. I eventually begged her to pretend to be my girlfriend, just for a few months, so my parents would leave me alone. It would be a temporary fix, but it bought me some time. 'Mione was actually dating Krum at the time, but my parents didn't actually have to see us together; just for the night of the party. We decided I'd tell them a few months later that it hadn't worked out, and everything would go back to normal.

"'Mione and I also decided we'd tell you the plan so that it wouldn't freak you out. I tried to tell you before we announced it at the party, but I never got the chance. Ginny kept you occupied all night, and I was, well, jealous. I got angry and demanded that we announce our relationship immediately. 'Mione was confused, but she did it anyways. She never asked why we didn't stick to the plan and tell you."

An unnameable emotion began to bubble up in Harry's stomach. Slowly, Harry tried to figure out what Ron meant. Nothing was adding up. Who did Ron love? He was jealous? Of whom? Harry for being with his sister? It didn't make sense.

"Ron… why were you jealous? Who, or what, were you jealous of? And why did you change your mind about telling me?" Harry held back a sob that suddenly threatened to break through his constricted throat at his final question, "Ron, who did you love?"

Ron looked at his broken friend. Now. He had to tell him now. He had to explain everything, tell Harry how he felt, make Harry understand. "Harry, I was- I was jealous of you and Ginny. The way she was all over you really bothered me. I was so jealous of the intimate way you guys talked, and touched. I wanted to-" Ron drew in a sharp breath, releasing it with a small puff of air. Here went everything, "-I wanted to be the one in Ginny's place. I wanted you to talk to me in a hushed voice the way you were with Ginny. She giggled at everything you did, and you smiled in response to everything she said. I wanted to be in her place, giggling at everything, receiving your joy filled smiles. Harry… you were the one I was in love with." Ron laughed without mirth, continuing as tears started to fall from his eyes, "What I mean is, I'm still in love with you."

Harry stopped breathing, taken aback by the sudden information. He glanced around the room, waiting for Hermione to come out and tell him it was all a joke. Nothing happened, but Harry still didn't know how to react. This seemed real enough. If it were a dream, his lungs probably wouldn't be rebelling against the lack of air they were receiving.

Harry gasped, his lungs thanking him for the sudden rush of air that filled them. "Ron, are you being serious? 'Cause if you're not, tell me now before I do something I regret."

Ron shook his head slowly, tears still coming down his face in torrents. "No, never, Harry. I would never lie about something like that. Please don't be weird around me now, Harry. Nothing has to change. I've dealt with this since third year, so I can continue to hide it. And don't feel obligated to-"

"What if I want things to change, Ron? Maybe I don't want things to stay the way they are." Ron continued to shake his head, tears falling as his heart broke. Harry didn't want to be near him. He knew it. "Ron… Ron! Look at me!"

Ron did, bringing his pain filled eyes to meet his friend's happy green orbs. His hand was still wrapped up in Harry's, and his eyes widened as he was suddenly tugged forward by their connected hands. Strong arms were surrounding his shaking body, filling his body with warmth and comfort.

"Ron… after knowing that you love me, too, how could I ever go back to the way we were? It would be pure torture to pretend we weren't more than friends. I've never loved Ginny as more than a sister; the only Weasley that could ever bring me true joy and happiness is the one in my arms. The only time I'm truly smiling is when I'm with you. I love you, Ronald Weasley, and I would be honored if you would be my boyfriend."

Ron wrapped his arms around Harry's waist, burying his tear streaked face in his chest. He tightened his grip on his friend, pleasure coursing through his veins. Ron started laughing, his joy too great to contain. He pulled back to see his friend's smiling face mirroring his own. Before he could control his body, Ron surged forward, capturing Harry's lips with his own in his excitement.

Harry gasped, unprepared for the sudden sensation that overcame his entire body. Ron pulled back just as suddenly as he had advanced on his friend, his face flushing with embarrassment. "I-I'm sorry, Harry! I just got so excited, and I–"

Ron blinked, surprised to find himself with a face full of Harry. Ron's eyes fluttered closed, a light groan escaping his lips. The soft lips that moved against his own slowly opened, a tongue darting out to slide across Ron's lower lip. Ron smiled, effectively breaking the slow and innocent kiss. He left his forehead resting against Harry's, his eyes still closed.

"I've waited to kiss you for so long," Harry whispered. "And now that I've had the pleasure of kissing you, I don't think I'll ever be able to stop."

Ron smiled, a single happy tear slipping from his closed eyes. He finally opened his baby blue eyes, shining with love, and met Harry's own green ones, mirroring the emotion that resided in Ron's. "You don't ever have to stop, Harry. And if you do, I'll pick up where you stop. 'Cause I never want it to end, either."

They brought their lips together again for their third kiss, lips meshing together in a perfect fit. They slowly fell back onto the bed, Ron beneath a very happy Harry. Smiling, Ron giggled as his bottom lip was sucked into Harry's mouth. It was amazing, better than his greatest fantasy. He moaned as Harry continued to shower his lips with affection, sliding down his jaw and planting soft kisses on every inch of skin he could find.

Ron gasped in pleasure when Harry finally came to his neck, alternating between nipping and kissing his sensitive skin. Ron started to breathe heavily, wondering how far Harry would dare to take this. As for Ron, he was surprised to find that no matter what Harry decided to do, he probably wouldn't stop him.

Ron gasped again as Harry realigned their lips, tongues drawn out to battle for dominance. To his surprise, Ron found he preferred when Harry took the lead. It was easier to just sit back and enjoy the new feelings that flooded his body; he had never done anything other than snog Lavender Brown once or twice, but it had never even come close to being this good, and the thought that it was Harry kissing him was slowly turning him on. Harry was incredible, and he was slowly being consumed by desire. Every place that Harry kissed or touched felt like it burned, a pleasant tingling sensation left in the wake of the fiery feeling. At the thought of being dominated by Harry, Ron finally snapped and was reduced to a pile of goo that was only capable of moaning, groaning, and gasping Harry's name in every variation possible.

Harry wasn't doing much better. The power that he now held over the redhead below him was invigorating; everything he did to Ron brought forth a new reaction that made Harry want to do things to the boy that he had never done before. He was amazed that his complete inexperience could even produce such strong reactions from his best friend. A small kiss placed on Ron's neck would have him gasping for air; the caress of Harry's hand down Ron's side would set off a chain of shivers that had the boy moaning for more. Harry was starting to despise the clothes that kept him from kissing more of the pale, freckled skin that covered Ron's lithe but strong body. As one of his hands slowly pushed up under Ron's shirt, Harry was surprised to feel Ron's own hand stopping his own.

"H-Harry," Ron moaned. Harry had completely frozen above him, and Ron was having trouble remembering why he stopped his friend in the first place.

"Are you all right, Ron? Is this too much?" Harry stared down at his friend with worry present in his eyes. He hoped he hadn't been too forward.

Ron closed his eyes, trying to gain control of his rampaging hormones. He knew if he opened his eyes to look up at Harry, he would lose control again and be unable to stop himself. Finally, he was able to find his voice, quivering due to the adrenaline still present in his body, "N-no, Harry. In fact, I wish we could continue," a shiver ran up Ron's spine, his overactive imagination showing him in graphic detail just what would happen if they continued, "but I'm not sure 'Mione would enjoy us enjoying ourselves in her spare bedroom…."

Harry looked around him in surprise, realizing that they were not in there own apartment. Duh. The fight. Harry smiled. If it hadn't been for that fight, he wouldn't be in this situation.

"We should probably go before Hermione gets back. You know how inquisitive she can be. Plus, if we get out of here now," Harry started suggestively, "we can finish where we left off."

Ron giggled as Harry pulled him to his feet. That definitely sounded promising. The two giddy boys turned from staring at each other as they headed toward the door, only to come face to face with a scowling Hermione, her arms crossed, hip jutted out to the right, her foot tapping the ground in annoyance.

"Inquisitive am I? 'Better leave before Hermione gets back,'" Hermione mimicked the voice Harry had used just moments before. "And what exactly can you 'finish where you left off'? I am an inquisitive witch, after all."

Ron and Harry glanced at each other, laughing nervously. Ron opened his mouth before Harry could stop him, "Nothing, 'Mione. We were just… heading home. We didn't want to be a burden on you."

Hermione scoffed. "Don't use pet names with me, and don't give me any of that 'nothing' crap. And if you really didn't want to be a burden on me, you would have stopped being my friend long ago."

Ron smiled slightly, knowing his friend was only teasing them. "I think that's a little unfair, don't you, Harry? I mean, 'Mione was the one who was always bothering us, wanting to be our friend, not the other way around."

Harry smiled, too, happy that everything was right between him and his friends again. "It's true, 'Mione. You were our Blaise."

Hermione looked confused for a moment. "Your what?"

Harry glanced at Ron, but the redhead just shrugged. "You know, Blaise Zabini. He was always following Draco around."

"Oh," Hermione said plainly. "I suppose so… but the only difference is that I'm not shagging the blokes that I followed around, now, am I? Now you two, on the other hand… Ron was always following you around, wasn't he, Harry?"

Both boys looked stunned, and while Ron said, "You knew about Draco and Blaise?" Harry said in a panic, "You know about us?"

Ron suddenly realized what Harry had said, and his face was quickly becoming a bright red.

Hermione rolled her eyes. Boys. They were so transparent. "Of course… to both of your questions. A girl just knows these things. Plus, guys kissing other guys is hot. The Patil twins and I were always spying on Draco and Blaise thanks to the help of Pansy and her access to the Slytherin dorms."

"Pansy?!" Harry and Ron screeched at the same time.

"Well duh! When you're united by the common love of slash, it doesn't matter what side you're on. And Pansy was the best at spotting gay couples. I have to admit, you two are beyond adorable together… but anyway, you two have had a big night. Why don't you go ahead and head home. I'm sure you're both tired."

Despite the fact that her friends were still standing there in shock, Hermione grabbed their hands and forced them out of her apartment. Before she closed the door, she paused, gifting her two friends with a few parting words. "Just so you two know, it would probably be a good idea for you to make sure you have some lotion or oil at home. Do you?"

Harry snapped out of his daze and answered his friend, confused by the question. "Yeah, we have both at home. Why, 'Mione?"

Hermione rolled her eyes at her two naïve friends. Obviously they were both virgins. It was kinda cute that they would be each other's first, though. She smiled wickedly at Harry, a devious glint shining in her eyes. "Because, my dear friend, if you don't use proper lubrication, it can hurt your partner immensely." Harry was confused about what his friend was alluding to, but Ron understood almost immediately, his face, once again, flushing a brilliant red. Harry finally caught on and blanched at his friend. "I remember Draco and Blaise's first time… they were completely clueless! Blaise didn't use anything on poor Draco. Believe me, he remembered the next time! It took Blaise a good three months to convince Draco to give it a second shot."

Ron and Harry, mouths gaping, stared at their friend in horror. Their brainy, bushy haired friend was a voyeur! "… You guys would probably really enjoy bondage, too. Ginny got me hooked! Neville is quite willing to try anything for her, according to Ginny."

Ron cried out in horror, a feminine squeak leaving his throat; he did not want to hear about his sister's sex live with Neville!

Hermione continued, disregarding her friends' horror, "Krum rather enjoys it immensely, too. Speaking of Krum, he'll be here any minute, so you guys should probably-"

Before Hermione could scar them further with what she planned to do with Krum that very night, Harry suddenly grabbed Ron's hand, making a break for it.

Hermione giggled. It was too fun to play with her friends' minds… Now, she had to hurry and gather up the rope and handcuffs before Krum got there. Maybe the whip, too…

Panting heavily, Ron and Harry slid down on their couch, exhausted. Hermione had scarred them to the point that they forgot they could perform magic, resulting in their running from the witch's apartment for five blocks. After realizing their stupidity, Harry grabbed Ron's hand and apparated back to their apartment where they now sat on their couch.

"Can… can you believed Hermione?" Ron asked, still stunned by their friend's actions.

"In an odd way, it doesn't really surprise me," Harry responded, finally relaxing and laughing at the absurdity of it all. Hermione, one of the most highly skilled witches in the wizarding world, was a perverted voyeur.

"Harry, this isn't funny. What happened to my innocent, sweet, and annoying best friend? It just isn't right, Harry!"

Harry laughed at the distressed look on Ron's face; it was too cute. "Hey, Ron, do you still have that gingerbread lotion I gave you for Christmas?"

"Yeah. Why, Harry?" Ron answered in a distracted manner, not noticing the lustful look that was making his friend's green eyes grow darker.

Ron jumped, hot breath ghosting over the sensitive shell of his ear – when did Harry have time to move? – as he was pushed down onto the soft couch below him. "Oh, no reason. I was just thinking we could-" Harry paused, his sensual voice causing Ron to shiver before he continued, "-try some things out. Maybe do a little… experimentation with it."

Ron gasped as Harry's mouth was suddenly on his neck, sucking and biting in just the right places. A feather light touch slid its way down Ron's side, a soft hand pressing under Ron's shirt and pushing it up. Harry extracted his hot mouth from Ron's soft neck and gazed at the new expanse of skin he was granted access to. He grinned, enjoying the display before him. Tonight was going to be a night to remember…

A/N: The following is a completely accurate conversation (dramatized to the extreme, of course… I'm a writer, after all) that took place among my friends Jake (who is gay), Caige (who is a girl), and I after they read the story. They looked at me like 'where's the rest of the story?' so I blurted out the following:

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Caige: You're 18 now! You can legally buy porn! How are you anything like a child?

A/N: Well, I didn't actually cry, but I did hide in Jake's arms. First off, Jake is hot, despite the fact that he is gay, and secondly, Caige loves her some yaoi, and when denied her yaoi, she is scary. Maybe some day I'll get the courage to write a lemon. *sigh* But am proud of myself for the length of this fic. 9,830 words altogether! Yay! But not quite 10,000 *sigh* And, I'm a little upset at how much of a crybaby I made Ron and Harry. Oh, well. I have trouble writing manly men, anyway.

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