(Jasper's point of view)

Chapter One

The Academy Of Dragons

"Jasper! Get your lazy ass up!" My sister Athena shouted. Athena has a very annoying personality, her hair is brown, thin and long, she has blue eyes, and a lot of people say she looks like Miley Cyrus.

"Okay okay, God!" I yell back.

As may have noticed, Athena is also very bossy. She thinks she is in charge of everyone now that she is 16 year old. I'm only 14, but I think that I'm old enough to make my own decisions by myself.

I get out of my bed, and then throw my pillow at my friend, Jake's head. "Dude! What the freak!" Jake says startled from his sleep. Jake thinks he is so cool because he has short, black hair that is all gelled up, he is always late to class and has lots of ear piercing. Jake and I are roommates in this dragon school. It's actually called The Academy Of Dragons, but I just call it dragon school. My parents sent Athena and I here after I turned the age 12. We are supposed to be trained to ride dragons and then eventually fight in battles.

I slip on a pair of jeans, pull on socks, then button up my green shirt, place my chaps over my jeans, and lace up my black leather boots. Then I brush back my brown hair letting my bangs hang in front of my brown eyes.

"Jake, hurry up and get dressed!" I say, "Sir Falconeye is going to kill us if we are late to the first lesson of the year." Sir Falconeye is the instructor of riding dragons, he is in his early forties, messy black hair, and a black beard.

I grab my helmet and race out the door. It's Jakes problem if he is feeling to lazy to get out of bed, not mine. I walk into the classroom in the next building across from the boy's dorm.

"It's about time you got here." Says Sir Falconeye, "Do I really need to ask where Jake is?"

"He's taking his time waking up." I answer.

"He will be punished later." Sir Falconeye declares, "Now, lets get to learning about dragons. As you all may already know if this isn't your first year here, but for the first years, you are all judged on your dragon skills. There are six different levels, they are beginner (B), beginner intermediate (BI), intermediate (I), intermediate advanced (IA), advanced (A), and professional (P). Now I will post a piece of paper up with all your names on it, saying your class level and your dragon schedule."

I look at the paper. Sweet! I passed beginner and now am beginner intermediate. Then I run my finger along my name, letting it move to the spot were it says the dragon I ride each day. It said Monday: Pearl, stable 2 stall 8. It looks like I'm riding Pearl today.

"Yes I'm intermediate!" Athena exclaims.

"O goody! I'm in intermediate too." Pavartie tells Athena.

Pavartie is Athena's hot roommate; she has dark brown hair with left side bangs and brown eyes. If she weren't two years older than me I would totally date her. Also I kind like another girl. Her name is Sasha, she is amazingly beautiful; her perfect light brown hair with her long bangs just starting to cover the tips of her eyebrows, her pretty green eyes and I just love everything about her. But I haven't got the guts to talk to her, and have no idea if she likes me.

I walk to the stables to where the dragons are kept. I go to stable 2 and start looking for stall 8. Then I decide to ask Aurora since she is the assistant stable manager. "Hey, Aurora. Can you show me were stall 8 is?" I ask. Aurora has medium length blond hair and dark blue eyes.

"Hey Jasper. So it sounds like your riding Pearl today?" Says Aurora.

"Yup. How is Pearl for riding?"

"Don't worry, she's an easy ride."

"Easy for you to say, you're an intermediate advanced."

"You'll be fine. Now this is Pearls stall." Aurora points to the stall," And all the tack is in the room over there to your left."

"Okay, thanks Aurora." I walk over to Pearl's stall, say a quick hello to her then set up the saddle rack. I go to the tack room and grab Pearl's silver gray saddle and black saddle pad. I place it on the rack then get her halter and lead rope. I unlock the sliding stall door then slip under the chain cross bar. I slowly walk up to Pearl, and then lay the lead rope across her neck. I unbuckle the throat strap on the halter, then slip the bottom of the halter were the noseband is buckled on her lower end of her face. I move the top part of the halter over her ears, and then buckle it to the other end of the throatlatch. Next I buckle the cross ties in the stall to Pearl's halter. I unbuckle the leap rope and clip it to the handle of the door. Now I remove the cross bar since Peal is all tied up in her stall. I get the saddle and pad; first I place the black pad at her withers, about the end of her neck and in front of her front feet and wings. After making sure the blanket is in the right position I place the saddle on top. Next I attach the girth (band the connects the saddle under the belly). I take the breast collar (a combination of straps that go around the front of the dragon and attach to the saddle. The purpose is to prevent the saddle from slipping backwards) and attach it to the saddle, making sure it fits snug on her body. I go back to the tack room to retrieve Pearl's bridle, that's silver. I take of the halter and slip on the bridle. I place the reins over Pearl's head. I get the lead rope and clip it to the bottom of the bridle and lead her out of the stall. I take the lead rope because Sir Falconeye likes us to tie all our dragons up at the long tie bar before we start riding.

I tie Pearl to the bar and go over to meat the rest of my classmates. Then Sir Falconeye starts talking. "Today we will just be going basic walking gaits and a little flying. We will each go one at a time. The order is Jamie, Kurt, Jasper, Sasha, Jake and Jeff." Crap! I'm before Sasha! I must ride good to impress her.

"But enough of my talk." Sir Falconeye continued, "Lets mount up!"