Beverly Hills Chihuahua's 2!!

Chapter 1- Delgado's and Chloe's thoughts…

Delgado smirked as he cleared the vault easily, as if it was a mere log.

He looked great and he knew it.

Thank god for that Chihuahua Chloe… If it wasn't for her… He wouldn't be here, back in the force where he belonged…

At the dog training area Delgado trained and thought as he did so…

It had been two months since Delgado had found El Diablo, the meanest dog around.

He had been taken to the pound and adopted a mere few days later by a lady with a passion for fashion… But El Diablo was cunning, he attacked his mistress and swore revenge on Delgado for ruining his reputation and ensuring his last owner was put behind bars. Apparently he had been spotted in Beverly Hills by night accompanied by three other dogs.

One of them being Noushka, a well known Malamute who caused mayhem wherever she went. She had been treated unfairly and only given twenty four hours in the shelter she had been thrown in before being put to sleep.

She escaped easily after severely killing several humans working there and from there she attacked innocent strays on the street and killed them, 'to spare them from being humanly destroyed' as she called it.

The other two are thought to be her trustworthy body guards. Damon and Butch, the frightening powerful American Akita's who stood by her and would give their lives up for the powerful female. She wasn't the average breed standard neither… She was taller than a wolf and looked like a lone one with those heartless eyes. But Delgado was strong. He would bring them all to justice, and maybe, just maybe he would see Chloe again. He loved that Chihuahua and he had never had a friend like that before but they could never have been together, he wanted pups one day and maybe she would too but it could have never of happened. A tiny dog like her would die birthing his pups… And anyway, why would a pedigree lap dog fall for an ex stray like hi anyway?? Get real Delgado.

The German Shepherd stopped his thoughts abruptly and trotted around and leaped onto the A frame and passed with ease. Thomas watched in slight annoyance at his cousin. Yes, he as pleased Delgado was back but now he was number one dog. Thomas had been shoved aside now…

Next to Thomas sat Mia, Delgado's mate. She was 16 weeks pregnant and very rounded.

"Not long now" she thought happily and stood up carefully as her owner signaled for her. He had to take her home in the afternoons to rest.

"Bye hunny!" She called over to the Alsatian in full stride and he looked up quickly and smiled before going back to his work.

Meanwhile back in Beverly Hills…

Chloe yawned lightly and looked up from the poolside at her loverPapi, who was digging small holes in a perfect line.

His voice carried over through the wind, "Hey!! The holes are ready." He barked at his owner in that annoyingly cute voice.

The landscaper walked over and praised Papi as he planted a few seeds in the each mound.

"Okay Papi! Bury the holes."

The sandy coloured dogs ears perked at his masters command and quickly started to spray the earth back into its original position. Chloe laughed at his eagerness to work.

Papi turned and trotted over to his mate after hearing the beautiful sound that passed through those gorgeous lips.

"Mi Corazon…" He whispered lovingly, "Your laugh, makes me laugh… Your cute little eyes, make me smile… be mine, forever." He finished romantically.

"Oh Papi," Chloe giggled, "That's adorable!"

"Only for you Chica" he murmured and licked her ear before rushing back to his job.

Chloe closed her eyes so only her pale lids showed and thought about their relationship, yes she still loved Delgado but it could have never happened. They would both have wanted pups eventually and he would have killed her if they even tried. She sighed and rolled over to warm her tummy, glad that she had never confessed those feelings to the Shepherd who clearly wouldn't have had those feelings back.

She sighed and fell asleep in the suns warm rays of goodness.