Tick, Tick, Tick

Tonio sighs with every minute that passes. He rests face in his hands, sometimes taking a glance at the clock or his empty martini glass on the counter.

"Tense, huh?" He pushes some dark brown hair out of his eyes as his blond friend walks into the room. "I remember when Lola and I were released. I remember that feeling of absolute nervousness and anxiety pitting in your stomach, right?"

"Probably," Tonio groans. "But you weren't released under pressure, were you?"

"No," Leon admits, but his voice offers much sympathy to the newest vocaloid. "But being the oldest, I've been comforting the lot of you." He abruptly chuckles, but it is short lived and he goes back to a semi-serious expression. Tonio looks away, moving for another drink before Leon slyly moves a glass of his own forward. The brunet rolls his eyes, but pours some of the drink for his buddy.


"Yu 'no," Leon slurs and slams down his drink, an obvious sign that he's drunk. "We'z thought yu'd be a total snob 'cause Prima kinda- kinda acts like that, yu 'no? But I li- umm…"

"The times Prima visits me, she's always been quite nice." Tonio replies, before pausing. "But sometimes she's kind of… weird. Like when she's comes over with Lola, when Lola talks to me- she eyes us with this weird look." He laughs quietly. "It's almost a death glare."

"Yesh, Preema ish kinda- kinda uhhh- uhh- yam- yarn- uhh- wang- uh- yandere! Yeah, Kaito haz a yandere brufa- hehe, I said wang." Tonio facepalmed. There was no denying Leon's drunken immaturity.

"Yandere, hmm?" Tonio traces his finger over the rim of the glass. "It sounds familiar… care to enlighten me?"

"Yesh unhh… ish like- ish like when you like someone and uhh—you don't want anyone else to be with them but you… uhhh…"

"So… Prima likes me?" Suddenly, Leon's face flushes red. Tonio can tell it's not from the alcohol.

"OooOHohhh she's gonna kill me! She's gonna kill me! I washn't supposed to tell you! OoOOhoohOHh she's gonna uninstall meeee but first infect me with viruses so I die a painful death-"

"Leon, really." Tonio interrupts his friend again, chuckling. "I don't think she'd do that."

"Mayhbe not…" Leon trails off, locking his gaze to Tonio's grey eyes. "Hey yu 'no, yu have nice eyes…"

"I don't think I should have allowed you to touch the drinks."

"H- hey! I am an adult, ok?"

"You don't seem to act like it." Tonio teases, resting his chin in his hand.

"Anh heer I thought I kinda- kinda liked you…" Leon's face is dangerously close now, and Tonio can smell the alcohol on his breath.

"That's the drinks talking." Tonio replies nonchalantly, sipping at the drink he's hardly touched.

"Nope!" Leon says and grins. "Anhd I can prove it." He grips the front of Tonio's shirt and pulls him forward into a sloppy kiss, nearly knocking the man off of his chair. Tonio lets out a sound of surprise, but he doesn't resist. Leon pulls away when he needs air again, and his grin has grown. Tonio wipes some of the saliva away from his mouth, and the air between them is slightly awkward.

"Now that you've seemed to um… confess, I don't know if I'll let you live this one down." Tonio's smile returns.

"Oh shut up." Leon says. "And return the damn favour."