(A/N) I have no idea what the hell I'm doing here. All I know is that I absolutely love Bel and Fran and that this idea suddenly popped into my head and was begging to be typed down. So I hope you all enjoy my attempt at writing my first KHR fanfic.

Summary: A small earthquake damages Vongola High School and the students are left to go to the neighboring high school Varia High. There, Fran meets Varia's 'Bad Boy Prince', Belphegor. What will happen with these two totally different people? Will opposites attract?

"Great. Just great, what do I do now?" Fran asked himself.

"Honey, just calm down. I'm sure the school district will come to an arrangement with what to do with the students at your school" said Fran's mother, Anna.

"Probably something stupid" said Fran, his usual monotone making him sound less like the teen he was.

Fran was just a normal teenager who got above average grades and lived with his mother. His father had left his mother once he found out she was pregnant. Fran always labeled him as the 'stupid coward father.'

"It'll be okay sweetie" said Anna, setting a plate full of scrambled eggs and French toast in front of Fran.

Fran's mother, Anna, was a sweet and caring person. She took very good care of Fran and of his few friends when they came over. It was almost like Anna was born to be a mother.

Fran sighed, picked up his fork and began to stab at his eggs.

That morning, Anna had gotten a call from the school district saying that there had been an earthquake that had heavily damaged the school and for students to stay home until further notice.

Once he heard of the news, Fran sighed, slumped down on his chair and banged his head on the table. He wanted to know how he was supposed to learn if his stupid school had crumbled.

Fran was one of those people that loved to learn and be taught things that he could tell his mom about later.

Anna was never allowed to finish high school since she had gotten pregnant at fifteen and dropped out to care for her child. For a few years, Anna's parents had supported both her and Fran until Anna got a job. Then Fran's grandparents would take care of him until Anna got enough money to get a nice apartment for her and her son and Fran was old enough to take care of himself while she worked. Since she never had the chance to finish school, Anna was always interested in the things her fifteen year old son told her about.

"Dear, please stop poking at your eggs and eat properly" said Anna, running her fingers through her son's shoulder length, green hair.

Fran grumbled and shoved his eggs in his mouth.

Anna smiled at her son and looked over to the clock.

"Oh my! I have to get ready for work!" said Anna, pulling the hair tie out of her own, waist long, green hair.

Fran just nodded and took a bite out of his toast while at the same time the phone rang.

"Fran, could you get that?" called Anna from down the hall.

Fran just muttered a 'sure' and went to pick up the loudly ringing phone.

"It's Fran" was all he said as a greeting.

The person on the other side of the line laughed softly at the original greeting.

[Hey Fran, it's Tsuna] said the small voice of Tsunayoshi Sawada from the other line.

Tsuna and Fran were good friends. The met the last year in their Junior high school and became as close as brothers throughout the year, along with others as well. They all ended up going to Vongola High.

"Oh, hey" said Fran, moving away from the phone stand and back towards his breakfast.

[I take it you heard about the school?] said Tsuna, nervously.

Fran nodded even though Tsuna couldn't see him. Tsuna took the silence as a 'yes.'

[Ah~ I wonder what they'll do with us now] said Tsuna, his voice sounded a bit worried.

"I'm sure it'll be something stupid and something I won't like, because I'm lucky like that" said Fran as he took a sip of his orange juice.

Tsuna laughed nervously and heard a beeping noise coming from his phone.

[Ah, give me a second I have another call, I'll go three way] said Tsuna, pressing a button on his cell and connecting the other person with himself and Fran.

[TENTH!] came the voice of Hayato Gokudera.

Fran pulled the phone away from his ear and glared at it wondering if he should throw it or just hang up. Either would do fine.

[Ah...Hayato] said Tsuna.

[Tenth! Our school it...] Hayato sounded like he was on the verge of tears.

"Crybaby" muttered Fran into the receiver and took a bite of his French toast.


"Hm? You're deaf now too?" asked Fran.

[Why you...!]

Hayato Gokudera was also a good friend of both Tsuna and Fran. They were just missing one more and it would be a small reunion. Even though they had just seen each other yesterday.

This time it was Fran who heard a beeping on his phone, he pressed the button that would connect the caller with the other two.


[Ahaha! Hiya Fran!] came the voice of Takeshi Yamamoto.

Takeshi Yamamoto, another member of the four man brother hood in Vongola.

In Vongola High School, everyone was like a family.

[Hi Takeshi!] said Tsuna, happy that someone seemingly normal was now on the line.

[Geh! Now the Baseball Freak is here too?] complained Hayato.

"Honey, I'm off to work now, take care!" said Anna, walking into the kitchen to hug her son and kiss his forehead.

Fran hugged his mom back and wished her luck before he turned back to the phone once his mom closed the door the apartment.

"So did you all just call to talk about our poorly built school or do these calls actually have a purpose?"

[It's not poorly built!]

[Ahahaha~ None of the other schools were damaged!]

[Um...I should go, my uncle is here] said Tsuna from his end.

Tsuna had a very odd family. He lived with his mom, two adoptive siblings, Lambo and I-Pin and his Uncle Reborn. His dad was off traveling the world doing...something.

[Bye Tsuna!] said Takeshi.

"Later" mumbled Fran, placing his empty plate in the sink, he would wash it later.

[Take care Tenth!] said Hayato.

Since the day Hayato met Tsuna he had always referred to him as 'Tenth.'

Why? Well because Hayato saw Tsuna fall ten times that day and he saw Tsuna ten times before he decided to talk to him. So of all the times Hayato saw Tsuna, Tsuna had fallen.

[Right, I'll see you guys later then!] said Tsuna before he ended his call.

"I'm out too" was all Fran said before pressing the end button on his phone and placing it back on the stand.

The rest of the day Fran played video games and watched T.V.

Around 9 p.m that night Fran heard the phone ring.

Fran sighed and paused the game. He lifted himself off the floor and went to go pick up the phone.

"Hello?" he said into the receiver, he knew it wasn't one of his friends so he just answered normally.

"Mr. Fran Adriani. This is the school district calling to let you know that starting Monday morning you will be attending Varia High School, thank you for your time, good night" said the machine from the other end before it hung up.

Fran just glared at the phone and pressed the end button.

"Stupid, rude machine" he muttered.

"Fran, sweetie! I'm home!" came Anna Adriani's voice from the living room.

"Hey mom" said Fran, walking away from the kitchen and into the living room.

"What's wrong, son?" asked Anna as she hung up her coat.

"I'm going to Varia."

(A/N) Yeah this is crap. I'm not very fond of Fran's last name but he needed one and that's what I thought kind of fit. Sheesh wait till you see Bel's last name.

Anyway, this all takes place in Italy. All the Japanese people just moved to go to Vongola but Hayato already lived there. The reason they don't use suffixes at the ends of eachother names and call eachother by first names is because the four of them are pretty close and it would be weird to use Japanese customs in Italy. My opinion.

I hope you enjoyed the offspring of my boredom =).

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