Goodbyes are always sad.

But this wasn't a goodbye.

It was a 'see you later.'

But Tsuna wouldn't. Stop. Crying.

The puffy haired boy clung hard to Fran, begging him to go and making ridiculous promises such as shaving his hair and buying ice cream for Fran for the rest of his life.

Fran patted Tsuna's head and reassured him for nth time that he'd keep in contact and return whenever he could.

Tsuna was not convinced.

It took Hibari and Takeshi to pull Tsuna away from Fran and into Hibari's arms where the dark haired teen kept him secure.

Takeshi and Hayato said their farewell's to Fran, making him promise to call everyday and to send pictures. Mukuro and Chrome gave simple farewells though Mukuro once again threatened harm to Bel if something happened to Fran. Bel reassured Mukuro that he wouldn't hurt Fran and after a few hugs Mukuro and Chrome backed away to let others have their chance to say farewell.

G and Asari, who had driven everyone but Fran and Bel to the airport hugged and wished Bel and Fran good luck.

Mammon wished them luck as well and told Bel not to take too long. She also passed on a message from Rasiel saying something about how Bel better succeed or he'd come after him with a stool.

Anna was last. She pulled both the boys into a hug and told them to take care. She ordered them to call her whenever they could and to study hard. With that over with, Bel and Fran prepared to go.

With one last wave to the crowd who had come to see them off the two headed towards the gates and faded from the vision of their loved ones.

Once they were in the plane and seated, Fran took Bel's hand placed a light kiss on the back of it.

"We'll be okay, right?" asked Fran looking up at Bel who smiled softly at him and pecked his lips lightly.

"Of course, we have each other after all."


A green haired woman skipped around an apartment in Italy, cleaning and dusting off everything in the room.

When a picture of two males embracing each other came into sight the woman stopped and took the frame into her hands.

She kissed the green haired male in the picture first and then the blonde before cleaning it off and placing it back on its spot.

"Work hard you two."


In an apartment in New York, Belphegor and Fran sneezed.


Oh my's over T-T. After so many months it's over T-T.

I'd like to thank EVERYONE for making this possible. You guys were so supportive and great and awesome!

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I made so many good friends through this fic so I'm thankful for that and for all of you for being such great readers!


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