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I slowly opened my eyes as the sun shone through the blinds. I

stayed still, not wanting to get up yet. I froze when I felt someone stir

beside me. I relaxed when I remembered Maryanne had spent the

night. It was nice, we watched Finding Nemo, one of my favorite

movies since it gives me hope about Arianna, and ate frozen

custard. Maryanne and I agree that custard is way better than ice

cream. I lay still until Maryanne is completely awake. She gives me

her smile that makes me weak in the knees and offers to make

breakfast. She prepares pancakes with eggs for hair, blueberries for

eyes and bacon for a mouth. That's Maryanne for you, always trying

to make the best out a bad situation. I finish and do the dishes while

Maryanne gets ready for work. She tells me she'll keep an ear to the

ground about the message we delivered yesterday. I drop her off at

the lab and continue to the Home Depot. After speaking to Mr.

Granger, I head to the back to put the finishing touches on a

bookcase. Finally my shift ends, and I go to my car. I still have a few

hours before Maryanne is off work so I head to the lakefront. While

there I see a dad and son arguing. I can't help myself and began to

eavesdrop. "But Dad, I don't want Sally to come, she's a girl." "Now

son I know I promised it would be a Father-Son fishing trip but your

mom is busy so your sister has to come with." I freeze because that

family reminds me of mine. Unable to contain myself, I walk over. I

catch sight of the father's hopeless expression and pull him aside. I

whisper some words of advice in his ear and step back. The father

approaches the kids and says "Tony, if you let your sister accompany

us this time next weekend we'll go camping, just you and me." Tony

immediately stops arguing and breaks into a grin. "You hear that

Sally, me and dad are going camping, NO GIRLS ALLOWED." Tony

races Sally to the lake and his dad shoots me a grateful look. I grin

back and head to my car. I pull up in front of the crime lab and

freeze. There are fire trucks everywhere and angry red flames

shooting from the building. At that moment I can only think of one

thing, Maryanne.

A/N I agree custard is way better than ice cream, which do you prefer?