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Waiting for Edward in front of the old theater, tickets in hand, I was impatient for the evening to start. I have been fantasizing about this evening for quite some time now, and I was more than ready to finally live it.

I felt so lucky that Quill helped me. As band manager, he had been able to give me full access to the concert hall. Without him, I couldn't have pulled it off. Edward, hopefully, would love his present as much as I knew I would.

I had spent weeks trying to think of something special to give him for our anniversary. Edward's gifts were always so thoughtful. It was always more about showing his love to me, about giving me a piece of him , than just a mere present.

On our first year together, my love had started this crazy tradition to have two anniversaries. After an evening stupidly arguing about what date was actually our day, Edward unilaterally decided that we would have two dates: his and mine. Edward's was the day we met, and mine was the day we made love for the first time.

Rolling his eyes, he had even added, "Why not the day of our first kiss, while we are at it? You are such a romantic, Jazz…"

"Says the guy who just decided that we have two anniversaries…"

Chuckling while crawling on my lap, he whispered, "Shut up." And then, he kissed me.

The following night was one of my fondest memories and closed the deal of our two special dates. As they were a few weeks apart, it gave each of us an opportunity to celebrate our life together in our very own way.

This year has been important for Edward. We had passed through the fated seven years, made it to our eighth, and still felt immensely in love with each other. Life has been so much calmer lately. Our beginnings had been so up and down, that it was nice to just live and enjoy and not constantly worry.

To commemorate our life together, Edward had brought me back to our college; in front of the inscription I had left for my Dad, facing the one written for Mike. My love wanted us to share our current life with the two persons that meant so much to us. He asked me to write a personal message to each of them, and then to write one with him, as a couple. Writing to my Dad after all this time had been a very emotional experience. I told him about my life with Edward, and about what happened since he left. I couldn't help wondering if he was proud of me and if I was the man he had dreamt I would become. I felt vulnerable as we sat on the grass for hours, sharing our visions of our life, our future, and our projects. We talked about Nahuel, describing him to our dear lost ones. Edward was still shocked about his decision to call us Dad and Daddy, even though we weren't. He, who had been so present and caring for this kid from the very beginning, had surprisingly completely freaked out and even considered sending him to a psychologist. He was persuaded that Nahuel was somehow traumatized and unable to know his place in our family. The one that put some sense in his head had been his brother, of course.

Nearly manhandling Nahuel to come in front of us, with his big hands on the kid's frail shoulders, an exasperated Emmett had said, "Repeat to your dads what you just told me so that Edward can stop worrying uselessly and use his brain again!"

Leaning his head backward, looking at Emmett from upside down, Nahuel asked, "What's wrong with Daddy's brain?"

"It's been unused for the past 29 years…"


"See? No brain, Halfling, so he has to growl. He can't speak."

"Emmett!" I wasn't sure if Edward was upset by his brother teasing or the nickname he picked for Nahuel.

"Edward! Stop growling and let your son speak. Go on, Halfling."

Nahuel then explained that we were the ones raising him and even if we weren't genetically his dads, he didn't care. He thought he was lucky and decided that we deserved the same name than the other adults in his friends' lives, because we were doing the same job: raising and loving him.

Edward's unused brain took a few seconds to process what his son just said before he hugged him hard, tears ready to fall. I was, of course, completely unmoved by all of this. I just had a lot of allergies on that day.

Spending the day remembering our milestones and imagining the next ones was a beautiful and very poignant gift. As usual, Edward's day had been more about strengthening our spiritual bond; creating tender moments to fill our heart with love. Mine were generally more about our physical connection. And this year, it was about fulfilling one of Edward's fantasies.

The old theater was the perfect place for it. The concert was taking place in the pit, the upstairs balconies being closed for safety. The organizers were afraid that the public would get carried away during the show and maybe fall over the edge. Quill, as he was part of the organization team, had given me some backstage access. I didn't want to see the group afterwards, I just wanted access to one of the said balconies and have some privacy with my man during a very crowded event.

I just have to connect his brain to his cock and all will be fine!

Smirking at my own thoughts, I spotted him walking towards me. He was dressed all in black, incredibly sexy in his tight pants, molding perfectly to his legs and gorgeous ass. His button up shirt was slightly opened, showing the lines of his toned chest.


"Hey Love!"

I pulled him by his neck towards me and leaned in to kiss him. He tasted of caramel and cookies.

"Had a late snack with Nahuel?"

He smiled, his eyes full of mischief.

"What gave me away?"

"You taste of our son's favorite ice-cream!"

Knowing he was completely busted, he chuckled, "It's yours too, if I recall well…."

He came closer, pressing his lips against mine, wrapping his arms around my body and holding me tightly. I love how he felt, all strong and willing to melt against me at the same time. It was a mixture of strength and softness.

Reluctantly, I pulled back and whispered against his lips, "Come on. Let's go inside and watch the concert."

With a tender gaze, Edward gave me one last ice cream flavored kiss before slipping his fingers in between mine.

"Yes, Sir."

Rolling my eyes, I gently propelled him towards the ticket area . A long queue had formed in front of the theater and I silently thanked Quill for the premium passes we had, as we entered the theater without waiting.

Walking towards the pit area, I saw Edward watching the inside of the theater with interest. The building had an old run-down art-deco design that, in it's heyday, would have been a sight to see. The grandeur it once held still somehow showed behind the grime and filth of the last eighty years. The color of the red walls was so faded, it almost looked brown from years of smoke and neglect. The gold sconces were all dull and lifeless. Yet, the theater still held the mystery of what they had seen within these walls. The stories this old building had captured within it's internal fixtures could keep a person entranced for months, if not years. There was a regal beauty within it's aged and dirty existence that Edward, as an architect, clearly couldn't miss.

I led us to the middle of the pit, a bit in the back, to fasten our later escape, and let him examine the building design. Taking him in my arms, I nodded from time to time at the comments he made about the structure of the ceiling or the decorations on the balconies. Listening to his passionate rambling still had the same effect on me as it did on our first date. A wave of fondness washed over me until the need to kiss his ever moving lips would overcome me and cut short his monologue. Seeing how he never minded me interrupting him in that manner, I sometimes wondered if he didn't notice the pattern and was just using it at his advantage.

We punctuated architectural remarks with kisses until the concert started, and then enjoyed the first songs. Edward was having a great time, dancing, eyes closed, lost in the music, before turning and searching for me, smiling.

Then the rhythm slowed, sensual notes surrounding us, and I got my cue to begin my surprise for Edward. My goal was to turn him on so much that all his inhibitions would dissolve. For what I had planned tonight, I needed him unable to think or protest, just completely wanton.

Sliding my hands down his back, I wrapped them around his abs, bringing us closer. His toned body was pressing deliciously against my hardening cock. Brushing his hair from the nape of his neck with my nose, I licked the sensitive skin before blowing on it. I could feel Edward's body shiver, responding to me so easily.

"I dreamt of you last night," I breathed into his ear.


"Yes. You were drawing on your stand-up table, so focused on your work that you didn't notice me. I came behind you silently, capturing your arms and binding them behind you with my tie. You tried to look at me, surprised by the interruption, but I hushed you. You were safe against me."

Groaning, Edward pressed closer to me, settling my already aching cock in the middle of his sweet ass.

"Did you fuck me?"

"No, not then. That would be too easy, Love. I preferred to tease you until you begged me to."

He swallowed hard as I continued with the light caresses on the very hot skin of his abs.

"I pressed your chest on your desk and pushed your legs open to settle between them. I caressed your body everywhere. I just had this unbearable need of you to quench."

"Need you too…"

"Really?" I wandered down his abdomen, grazing my nails over his hip under his shirt, before nearing his shaft. It was definitely hard.

"You do…I n my dreams you did as well. You looked so uncertain and excited, unsure of what to expect, but already so needy for what was to come. Just like now."

Edward was moaning now, his head leaning on my shoulder, and his back arched to keep the pressure of his ass on my cock. Stroking his shaft lightly, I sucked at his neck, feeling the quickening pulse under my lips. It was divine.

With one last lick, I stopped tormenting his skin and murmured, "I unbuttoned the waistband of your pants, pushing them to your knees before doing the same with your underwear. I dropped to my knees behind you and caressed your shaft. I wasn't touching anything else but your cock. It was so hard, so hot, purple with need and desperate to be in my mouth."


Edward's pleas were injecting pure desire through my veins. I was on the edge of losing control when I needed him to be the one unable to think. After a quick check that nobody was looking at us, I swiftly opened his pants and dipped my fingers under his tight jeans.

"Jasper!" He gasped, warning replacing passion, as I teased the hair just above his hardened length.

"Shhh… I got you."

Edward tensed against me, breathing hard. Continuing my sensual caress, I tried to soothe him back to arousal.

"Nobody is watching us. The lights are too dim for them to see. There is just you and me."

He scanned the room quickly, surely looking for any potential voyeurs. Finding none, he started to relax again, leaning on me. I kept on dancing with him, maintaining my light touch on his skin, doodling my way down to his cock.

His head lolled back on my shoulder as I took his shaft in my hand. He moaned into my neck, lips parted, until his tongue poked out, wetting them for me. I leaned onto him and captured them, longing for a taste of him. His eyes were closed, his breath coming out erratically, as his hands grabbed the back of my thighs, urging me impossibly closer.

"I need you, Edward…. want to feel you in my mouth. Your cock would fill me so perfectly..."

Groaning against his skin, I licked his skin, making him whimper.

"And your musky taste…. so delicious…."

I bit the side of his neck, marking him once again, longing to taste him in a more intimate way. Edward was moaning endlessly, shivering under my hands, goose bumps spreading all over his skin.

" Your cock leaking on my tongue, swelling as I take you further in."

"Jasper…" His tone was so desperate, the extent of his need conveyed by the bare whisper of my name.

"Yes, Love?" I nipped at his ear, teasing him while grinding my body against his.

"Do you want to know if I let you come? If I swallowed you? Or, do you want me to show you? Want me to take you in my mouth now? Have me feel your hot cum slide down my throat?"

Edward turned his face towards me. His eyes were clouded by lust, clearly showing me that he had lost the last shred of control.


All rational thoughts were finally leaving him; his mental barriers were erased by arousal: he was letting lust take over.

Capturing his lips, I devoured his mouth, playing with his tongue. I turned him so he was facing me and kept on kissing him, swallowing his aroused cries. I couldn't wait any longer. I needed to feel him bare against me.

But not here. Not like this.

Zipping him up, I looked into his beautiful eyes.

"Come with me."

Taking his hand, I zigzagged us between the dancing bodies and out of the pit.

I really wanted to realize his fantasy but he was too shy – and me too possessive – to actually do it right in the middle of the crowd. The balconies on the first floor were just perfect for what I had in mind. We would be in public but still sheltered from unwanted scrutiny.

Passing the security check thanks to our backstage badges, I winked at a confused Edward before taking the stairs two at a time. He followed me while asking, "Where are we going?"

Reaching the first level, I turned around, catching his belt while walking backwards. "Somewhere private; a place where I can fulfill my dream…."

Pulling him towards me, I murmured in his ear, "And, make one of your naughtiest fantasies a reality."

He frowned slightly, puzzled until realization drew upon him, and he blushed.

"You mean… here?"

Nodding, I tugged on his arm, silently telling him to follow me, escorting him towards a private alcove. The thick wooden door opened on red-carpet covered walls and golden ornaments, before giving way to the majestic view of the scene. The concert was still on, sensual melodies filling the space and reaching us, inciting the audience to passionate foreplay.

Or, maybe it's just me…

With renewed determination, I pressed Edward to the wall facing the scene and kissed him senseless. I badly needed to get any part of his body inside mine.

Focused on their goal, my hands used this time to undress him once again and push down his jeans and underwear.

"Jazz? Are you sure that nobody will see?"

"They are all downstairs watching the show. It's just us. Relax, Love, and enjoy."

My lips brushed one last time against his before my knees bent to the floor. I was finally where I wanted to be since the concert started.

Applause and shouts erupted from the pit as the rhythm of the song quickened to a pulsating beat. The group was playing their most famous song, and the tempo was perfect for what I had in mind.

Let's start this private show!

Blocking out everything else, I focused solely on Edward. Nosing the patch of hair around his shaft, I breathed in the rich aroma of Edward's scent. It was heady, addictive, and absolutely mouth-watering.

Edward's green eyes were watching me, studying my every move, impatient. My lips locked to the side of his shaft, sucking up a dark red mark that caused Edward to growl for me.

"I just love leaving marks on you…" I breathed on him as I held his shaft at the base.

"Your neck..." I murmured, licking a slow path up the side. I looked up. "Your cock."

Watching him getting lost in the pleasure, I opened my mouth over the head of his shaft. He had his lips parted, his gaze still fixed on me as I slid my tongue over his slit.

"Do you want this?" I asked as I flicked my tongue, swirling the tip with a tantalizing sweep.

I watched him nodding eagerly, unsuccessfully stifling a cry, before seizing my shoulders.

"I love this look on you... so desperate and frustrated."

I lapped the clear droplets that gathered on his tip, longing to feast on him. Trying to keep my lust on check, I teased him some more.

"Tell me what you want, Edward. Voice how you want to feel my tongue all over your shaft, the grip of my throat around you."

"Please…" His fingers left my shoulders to press against my neck, pushing me into him.

"Please what?" I asked, lapping at his head again, lingering around his slit.

"Suck me, dammit! "

His hips moved, pushing in my willing mouth. I relaxed my throat, allowing him to slide deeper, until he was all the way in.

With my nose touching his copper hair, I closed my eyes, reveling in the softness of his skin.

Then he began to move, very slowly, as if savoring the tightness of my throat. His chin was on his chest, lips parted, and eyes closed. He was trying to control himself. His fingers flexed in my hair, hesitating, wanting to just grasp and thrust.

Putting my hands on his hips, I forced him to push back and pull in again. Opening his eyes, he looked at me, confused and needy, before I repeated the movement, quickening my pace. I accentuated the strength of each push and pull by placing my hands on his ass cheeks. I could barely hear his cries above the loud music, but I knew he lost control when he thrust harder, driving into me.

I moaned my approval, sending shivers into him. Swallowing around him every chance I got, I was desperate to taste his cum. I heard him growl loudly, his hips snapping up and his hands tightening in my hair. He was finally letting go of his last inhibitions and just fucking my mouth, his moans lost in the acclamation of the public.

Using me urgently, he forgot about the group and spectators downstairs, who only had to turn their heads to get a view of him in the cusps of pleasure. Knowing that they could see his handsome face flushed with excitement, perfect image of total abandonment, was arousing me even further.

I couldn't wait to feel his hot cum poured over my tongue, and to greedily drink it down. I wanted to feel his salty sour flavor lingering on my tongue.

But what I want more is for him to take me.

Right here.

Right now.

That was one of Edward's hottest fantasies, as well as the one he was the most ashamed and reluctant to experience. That's why it was my gift to him for our anniversary. Half-hidden, half-exposed, he would make me his during this concert.

As my mind filled with images of what was to come, I moaned around his flesh. Stopping his movements, I pulled back to suck on the tip. Edward was breathing hard above me, taking support on my shoulders as not to collapse forward. I licked his cock one last time from base to tip, before nudging it with my nose.

Opening his shirt little by little, I ventured back up his body: a small kiss on his hips, a nibble on his abs, a lick on his nipple... I finished my ascent to his ear by grazing my teeth against his collarbone and biting his neck lightly.

"Take me now, Love. Thrust into me like you did my mouth."

He moaned, breathless, his hands tightening on my shirt and his bare cock seeking release by rubbing on my jeans.

"I want to feel you deep inside me."


He was trying to get out of his lustful haze, but looked so disoriented that I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Your hard cock, filling me, stretching me. Don't you want that?"

He shook his head, eyes still unfocused, unable to understand my words.

And suddenly, all made sense again. His eyes zoomed in on me, perceptibly darkening, as realization set in.


Smirking, I nodded. Reaching for my back pocket, I discretely pulled out the small bottle of lube.

"Isn't this what you dreamt about, Edward? Taking me in public? Marking me as yours for everyone to see?"

"Jazz…." His voice was menacing, daring me to continue. I gave him the lube, goading him.

"Do it! Take me!"

And he just did. Seizing my neck with his free hand, he crushed my mouth to his. His demanding tongue was plunging into me, devouring. Turning us around, he pushed me against the wall. With steady hands, he unfastened my trousers and pushed them down. He then took down my boxers by sliding his hands over my bare ass. Pushing them out of the way quickly, he slipped resolute fingers to my hole.

I moaned and he growled, becoming more aggressive by the minute.

He swiftly grabbed my hips and turned me around. His lips fastened against my shoulder, licking and kissing, as he pushed my legs as open has my pants would allow. He bent me slightly, wanting better access, and slid two slick fingers inside me.

How he managed to get his fingers full of lube in the short time he got me against the wall, I would never know, and I actually didn't care much once he started moving.

He wasn't forceful, but he wasn't tender either. He was intending to prepare me but clearly expected me to get ready fast. I was all too eager to feel him in me, having dreamt about this moment for so long. His fantasy had become mine until I couldn't stop plotting ways to have him lose control and just fuck me against any surface, while people passed by, unaware but still able to catch us.

He pulled out his fingers, replacing them with his firm and leaking cock, pushing his way in.

I stopped writhing, focusing on relaxing. I pushed back to get him deeper, until he was fully inside. He was filling me so completely.

So hard and thick.

He bit me, growling once again, the rumbling coming from deep inside his chest and echoing on my back. We both stopped moving, just treasuring this few seconds before waves of lust would sweep us away.

And then he moved, retreating before thrusting hard into me.

"Oh, God!"


Edward changed position slightly until he rubbed across my prostate, bringing me to the edge of explosion. He was still again while I was desperately trying to calm down. With erratic breaths, I bent against the wall, pushing my hips out to signify that he could move. Following my lead, he thrust into me, staying still inside me for a few seconds, his hands tightening on my hips before pulling out and going back in.

His rhythm was tantalizing. It was a slow rocking, alternating hard thrusts with seconds of inaction, that would have me begging if I could find my voice. I closed my eyes and pressed my forehead to the wall, trying not to collapse under the waves of lust that rolled inside me. I felt ready to cum but it was way too soon. I wanted this to last forever. I wanted him to keep going and never stop. I adored having him so firm and warm inside me, his smooth and slick shaft ramming back and forth, claiming my body over and over again.

Such a rare and precious moment.

Needing to see him, I turned my face towards him but stopped when my gaze fell on a red light across the concert hall. It looked like a red firefly, slowly flying around before settling against the wall.

Edward rid me of my distraction by biting my shoulder.


He moaned into my neck, sending shivers all over my body. I contracted around him, tightening my hold, preventing him to move. I wanted to keep him inside... to have him be mine only.

I was always surprised how much Edward needed me to stay in him afterwards, never wanting me to leave his body, having us connected as long as our bodies would allow it.

"A part of you inside of me," he had murmured once, sated and sleepy in my arms.

At that moment, I finally knew why, and I craved it as well. I wanted to be his, longing to be marked. Edward throbbed in me, sensing my hunger to belong to him.

The arousing tempo and seductive lyrics that were exciting the crowd below created a bubble of lust that encouraged our lovemaking like in some kind of tribal rite.

I was a whimpering mess, keening noises leaving my throat without my consent. I was unable to stay silent and not really sure to care. Nothing else mattered but Edward's hands all over my body, his moans in my ears, and his cock buried inside me.

His groans got louder and his hold tighter, nearly painful, as if his fingers wanted to enter me as well. His thrusts became stronger and faster, rubbing my sweet spot over and over. His cock felt bigger and bigger, taking all the space, overwhelming my body, my heart, and my soul, until it was too much. Unable to contain it, I let it all go, crying out and exploding, lightning flashing from my fingers to my toes and shivers running all over my skin. Edward was pulsating in me, giving me his essence while breathing hard in my ears.

He collapsed onto me as I did on the wall. Our bodies were a tangled mess, a pure picture of contentment after our love fest.

I stopped him before he moved, resting my hand on the one he had on my hip.

"Stay… just a little longer…"

He nodded against my skin, holding me in place, keeping his softening member nestled inside me. He nuzzled my neck, kissing me behind my ear, licking my sensitive skin and worrying it with his teeth. I shivered, wriggling under his touch, not sure if I wanted him to stop or to continue. I was in an overload of sensations after coming without the briefest touch on my cock, yet I couldn't get enough of him.

When he slipped out of me, I whimpered in frustration. I wanted him back, and I felt utterly empty without him. Slowly opening my eyes, I turned around to face Edward. He was taking off his jeans and underwear. He put his jeans back on before walking closer to me. Using his boxers, he wiped me clean very gently, before taking care of himself. After folding the stained garment and tucking it into his back pocket, he kissed me and caressed my still naked ass.

"You alright?"

His gaze on me was so intense, so full of love, and lingering arousal. Gone was the younger man, barely out of the teenage years that he was when I first met him. My shy and sweet Edward was still self-conscious, but showing a growing confidence that I couldn't get enough of.

"Yes. Kiss me again."

His smile got lost against my lips as his mouth pressed on mine. He focused his attention on my lower lip before licking the upper one, silently asking to enter me once again, if just with his tongue. I eagerly obliged him, missing him so much, taking pleasure in the soft brushes of his tongue exploring me.

We kissed for the longest time, mingling our breaths and souls, still half naked and slightly dripping of each other. And I couldn't care less. I was in my own little world where Edward was the only one to exist.

Until, taking us by surprise, the crowd roared in applause, signaling the end of the concert.


It took me a week to realize that fireflies weren't living in concert halls, glowing with a red halo while guys made love in front of them.

We were at our favorite bar, a couple of blocks away from our flat, having a few drinks with friends. Nahuel was sleeping over at a friend's, leaving us free for the night. I had hoped for an early night in an empty house with a very naked Edward, but Emmett had insisted on our presence, with the pretext that we needed to catch up with the band. Not that it wasn't a good reason, but still…

So, Edward's brother, Rose, Quill, his new boyfriend Seth, Riley, Victoria, Maria, and Peter were all seated at our tables, sharing news about their lives. It was a joyous banter, all smiles, laughing, and teasing. Carlisle, the manager of the bar, came to say hello. He offered us all a free round of beer, as we hadn't been there in a long time. We were happily buzzed when Carlisle turned up the sound of the television, asking everybody to be quiet. The news was about last week's concert, and Carlisle, who had taken Quill under his wing, was more than proud to show off his success to everyone.

"That night was pure perfection," I whispered in Edward's ear. Glancing back at me, he smiled and bit his bottom lip.

All I wanted to do was worry his lip for him, but Emmett bumped into me.

"You two lovebirds behave!"

We both chuckled, instinctively reaching for each other's hands under the table. I squeezed his fingers, entwining them with mine, and turned back to watch the interview of the leader of the group.

"The concert has been an incredible success! The band is amazed by the reaction of the public and that all the tickets were sold in no time. And now, thanks to some strangers, there is even more buzz about us. This year, our tour was about love and sensuality, and we were really hoping that the audience would enjoy it. I guess we got more than expected!"

A dark video was then launched, showing shadows of two male figures having sex against a wall on one of the balconies above the crowd.

"Oh my fucking God!"

Everybody was staring at the screen with open mouths, Edward looking like a deer caught in headlights. I was astonished as well, but suddenly felt completely stupid not to realize what the red firefly had been: the light of a camera.

"Shit! No way! No fucking way!"

Riley turned to us, eyes wide, pointing towards the screen. Maria and Peter looked lost, Emmett started to smirk, and Quill and Seth chuckled.


"Way to go, bro!" Emmett's big hand slapped on Edward's shoulder."I didn't know you had it in you…"

"Stop it. That isn't us." Edward was trying to get out of Emmett's hold without much success, not realizing that the mere fact that he was furiously blushing wasn't helping his case.

"Yeah, sure, it isn't you at all…" Emmett rolled his eyes at Edward, everybody laughing at us.

"How can you even tell? I mean, it is just shadows."

"We probably wouldn't have guessed, if Quill haven't showed us the video earlier while telling us about your little escapade on the first floor for your anniversary!"

"Carlisle!" Edward and Quill shouted, offended, if not for the same reasons.

"Beer is on me again!" The bartender was smirked, not at all ashamed to lay it thick on us.

"So Jasper, you do bottom then…" This time it was Edward's turn to roll his eyes at Emmett's question.

"I do. But next time, I'll make sure there is no camera."

Everybody laughed while Edward leaned closer to me, whispering against my neck, "Are you sure about that? Because I really wanted to try out another one of my fantasies."


Licking my lips, I turned towards him. His intense green eyes and small smile were a promise of future naughtiness….