Michelangelo was your average everyday teenage mutant ninja turtle. He lived in the sewers of New York city with his three other brothers, Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello, and their mutant rat father/sensei, Splinter.

Michelangelo was a happy turtle, content with his video games, comics, and TV shows. And saving the world every now and then. But the one thing he loved most of all was his skateboard. And that was why Mikey was out looking for it.

"Oh skateboard! Here skateboard!"


Mikey fell down and placed a hand on his head and glared up at the pipe he had banged his head on. He let out a low, angry, growl, and closed his eyes slipping off into blessed unconsciousness.

After a while, he slowly opened his eyes and looked around. A sudden movement to his left caught his attention. "Usagi, dude?" he asked approaching the white rabbit holding a pocket watch in its paw.

"Oh me, oh my! I'm late!" With that the rabbit dashed off, down a tunnel and disappeared out of sight. Mikey pondered on what to do, follow Usagi, or find his skateboard.

"Well. Usagi did have a pocket watch and it must be getting dark. So I shall go and ask him for the time." Mikey reasoned with himself, heading down the tunnel. Now, Mikey did not even notice that what he had just said was oddly out of character, and he continued down the tunnel, in search for Usagi, and the time.

Mikey ran as fast as he could so he could find Usagi and the time soon. But he forgot to watch where he was going and plunged down a deep black hole.

"Duuuuddddddeeeee!" he yelled as he plummeted to his untimely demise. He blinked. Either this was a very deep tunnel, or he was falling very slowly. So slowly in fact that he could notice his surroundings. Millions of clocks where on the wall of the hole, and each one showed a different time. Somewhere big, somewhere small. Somewhere fast, and others slow.

But they all made the same tick-tock sound. It was like a harmony of many voices, and as he listened carefully he began to hear words.

Tick-tock, tick-tock

Down the hole, Alice went,

A turtle has fallen,

A turtle has fallen.

Where he goes no one knows,

But the ruler of Wonderland

Tick-tock, tick-tock

To the land of Wonderland.

Tick-tock, tick-tock

Tick-a-tock-a, tick-a-tock-a

Down he spirals slowly,

Tick-a-tock-a, tick-a-tock-a

Down he spirals slowly.


Poor little Alice,


It's oh so tragic

Poor little Mikey,

It's highly unlikely,

For him to escape,

The land of Wonderland

Mikey noticed that the clocks had started to disappear. Now in their places, where selves. Some held pictures. Others held books. The green ones held bottles full of different items.

Mikey reached out and took a jar from a shelf and opened it. Inside was strawberry jam. Mikey was feeling a tad bit puckish and ate some of the jam.

Once the jam was gone, all the shelves had disappeared. Only bare walls. These walls were smooth, not rugged like the upper ones, and were painted white. The tunnel also seemed to be growing bigger.

Mikey looked down and saw a white tiled floor approaching. He floated until he was about three feet away from the ground and was suddenly dropped with a thump!

"Ow, dude, not nice," he moaned, sitting up and rubbing his rump. He stood up and stretched, reaching for the sky. A couple of cracks came from somewhere inside his shell. But since no one knows where they came from, they are not important.

Mikey looked around, the room was blank and only had a table in the middle and a curtain to the left. Mikey walked over to the table and saw a key and a small bottle with the words "drink me" on it. Since Mikey has never listened to all those times when Leo lectured him on not drinking things that said, "drink me" Mikey picked the bottle up and popped off the cap and took a sip.

Mikey crinkled his nose. It tasted like that beer Raph drank, when Leo wasn't around and Master Splinter was in his room meditating.

Mikey placed the bottle on the table and felt funny. He looked at the table and felt his eyes pop. The table was growing! And so was the rest of the room! Mikey fell down and landed on his rump.

"Ow! Again!"

Mikey looked up at the gigantic table. He shrugged and turned towards the curtain and walked towards it. Since Mikey never paid attention to Leo's "Never open curtains in a strange rooms" lectures, he opened the curtain. Then he quickly placed it back. His eyes grew wide and he gulped. He peeked again and brought his head back to look at the table.

Taking a deep breath, Mikey pulled the curtain openly completely.

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Little in tha middle but she got much back"

Mikey stared at Leo with wide eyes. Leo looked at his brother. "Dear me Mikey. You need the key to get past." And with that, Leo shut the curtain and disappeared.

Mikey blinked and looked at the tall table. "This is gunna be fun." He smiled evily and pulled out a flamethrower….


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