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Mikey in Wonderland

Mikey grinned evilly up at the table. With a flamethrower in hand, Mikey was feeling pretty unstoppable. Imagine his surprise when the flamethrower disappeared.

"What the heck!" he said stomping his foot. He kicked the leg of the table and instantly regretted it. "Ow!" he yelled, holding his aching foot. He glared up at the table, tears of pain swelling in his eyes.

He sat down and glared at the curtain. It just hung there taunting him. And taunting him. And taunting him. . .

He could take no more. Mikey looked away from the table and spotted a cake with bright pink icing. It had a sign on it. Curious, Mikey stood up and walked over to the cake and picked up the note. He unfolded it and read it. It said in fancy, cursive writing, 'Eat Me You Moron Of A turtle!' Mikey gasped and glared at the cake.

"How rude!" he said taking a piece of the cake and nibbling on it. He closed his eyes and 'bleched' The cake was awful! It tasted like a combination of Raph's sweat, cat food, and kitty litter, sprinkled generously with bug legs and haddock.

Mikey opened his eyes again when his head hit the ceiling. His eyes widened. His feet were gone!

"Oh no!" he shrieked. "My poor feet have grown so far away, I will have to give them names and let them have their own room! My poor feet. I am so sorry I never treated you better! I hope you can find it within in your toes to forgive me," he called down to his feet. There was no answer, but Mikey swore he heard a 'Moron!" in the distance. Mikey kneeled down and felt relieved when he saw his feet again. Along with the table, and the key. Mikey picked up the key and frowned.

Then he saw it. A small bottle filled with a fizzing black liquid. Mikey placed the key on the ground with a bit of trouble, and opened the small bottle and poured the liquid down his throat. It reminded him of Pepsi. Mikey put the empty bottle down on the table.

A loud rumbling noise came from Mikey's stomach, and slowly made it's way up to his throat. Mikey took a deep breath and let out a loud, "BURP!" As Mikey burped, he shrunk. Soon he was about the size of an action figure.

He picked up the key and made his way over to the curtain. He opened the curtain and there was Leo, sitting on a stool reading a magazine. The odd thing about it was that Leo had glass on.

"Ahem." Leo looked up at Mikey, and sighed, shutting his book.

"Give me the key please," Leo said holding his hand out towards Mikey. Mikey handed Leo the key. Leo slipped the key into the wall and turned it. The outline of a grand door appeared and slowly turned into a full door. Leo opened the door and gestured for Mikey to go in.

Mikey walked through the doorway. The door slammed behind him, and Mikey gave a yelp. He rubbed his tail and glared at the door.

Turning forward, Mikey felt his jaw drop open. There were floors that were at least ten stories tall. And most of these flowers where not too friendly looking. Especially the bunch of tulips and roses in the middle.

"Look at that ugly flower!" one said shaking it's petals.

"Ugly? It is hideous!"

"I agree!"

"Banish it from the garden!"

"Yes! Banish it!"

"Get it out of here!"

Next thing Mikey knew, he was flying through the air and landed with a loud crash on a fork in the road.

"YEOW!" he squealed pulling his fork out of his…. Bum. Now, bringing him to stand up and ignore the throbbing sensation in his butt, he looked at the two paths that attached to the road he was on. Here, he remembered, the old saying, "Take the road less traveled on" or something like that.

"Yea right!" he snorted, looking at the creepy path with cobwebs, skeletons, and a terrible stench coming from it. Here is a prim example of when to take the path most traveled on.

The other path smelled like fresh pizza, and had bunnies and butterflies floating and hopping around, with pretty bright green grass and healthy looking trees.

"Scary road… Happy road. Scary. Happy. Scary. Happy. Happy it is!" So the dumb little turtle went on his way down the path of the scary road.

5 minutes later…

"Agh!" The dumb little turtle came running back to the fork in the road, a look of pure terror on his face. He quickly turned and ran as fast as possible down the scary road, running as if his life depended upon it.

Down the Happy Road…

Raph let out a loud sniff and blew his nose nosily into his handkerchief. Tears streamed down his face as he let out loud crying sounds.

"Why?" he cried out. "Why? Why? Why? Why will no one kiss me and release me from my curse!"

Yes, Raphael, the roughest, toughest, meanest, hardheaded turtle was cursed, with a truly terrible curse. And what was that curse? Why, he was cursed with being an emotional wreck. And this is why, our meanest, toughest, roughest, hardheaded, turtle was crying. Not because he was cursed, but because the curse was making him cry. So in a way, it was because he was cursed.

And Raph had gained a… few… pounds from his current stage.


Back With Mikey…

"I'm off to see the wizard! The wonderful wizard of Oz!" sang Mikey. The authoress picked up her now empty cup of coffee and threw it at Mikey.

"Wrong! You're in Wonderland! Stick to the script!" she shouted going red in the face and whacking Mikey over the top of the head.

Mikey backed away from the enraged albino authoress and began running as fast as he could from her.

"Good riddance!"

A few hours later…

Mikey stopped running and collapsed to the ground, exhausted. He had been running ever since he ran into the mad authoress, and had decided to run as far away as possible from her. Looking around, Mikey stood up and in front of him stood a tall tree with sagging branches, and dead leaves.

"Hello, Michelangelo," a smooth, feline voice purred. Mikey stared at the tree, and a grin began to appear. A head soon followed, then a body….

"Klunk!" shouted Mikey grinning. Klunk blinked.

"I'm not Klunk, I am Cheshire B. Cat."

"No. You're Klunk."















A few MORE hours later…

"Fine! You are not Klunk! Happy now?" said Mikey.

Cheshire-not-Klunk grinned widely and stepped off of Mikey's shell. "There. No where are you off to?"

"I'm not quite sure…"

"Imbecile. Go down the right road, and you come to a tea party. Down the left, is the wicked witch's castle," Cheshire-not-Klunk meowed.

"So… I go to the witch's castle?


"Go to the tea party you idiot!" Chesire-not-Klunk hissed, fur standing on end. Mikey whimpered and began walking down the road.

And then he saw…..

Mikey in Wonderland

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