Yo!! I have only one warning:

I DIDN'T DO IT!!!!!!


"Tomi-chan!! Tomi-chan!!!" aki screamed as she pounced on her sister. Hitomi looked at her and glared, she was just sleeping so peacefully when here sister pounced on her and was bouncing on her back. "Tomi-chan's squishy!! Ohh!! Tomi-chan come, come!! I saw Sasuke and Naruto!!! They went out into the forest!! Let's go!!"

Hitomi perked up as she and Aki ran off following the scent of Sasuke and Naruto, they walked down the path that the two boys went and paused hearing a moan.

"Oh god, Sasuke!! Not here!! Aah, teme, please!" Both perked up and hurried over to a thick bush, debating on whether to look.

"Oh stop being a baby, Naruto... See? you are more relaxed now."

"Sasuke~! Please~! wh-what if someone comes and sees!?"

"Shh, there's noting to worry about... Okay I'm going in."

"Aah!! Unh, Sasuke!! Sa-Sasuke!! Please~ noooo!!!!"

Aki grinned as Hitomi poked her head through the bush and looked to see.

Sasuke was sitting between Naruto's legs, but he and Naruto were playing a game of cats cradle when he broke the string. Hitomi's eyes shot wide as she heard Aki laughing as she ran away from them. Sasuke and Naruto looked up at her and Sasuke blushed at being caught playing a child's game with Naruto.


"APRIL FOOLS!!! ONEECHAN!!!!" She yelled from a distance before Hitomi went after her...


Okay so I did do it.... MWA HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! REVENGE!!!!!!!!