Friends and Lovers

By: Rymsie

Dedicated to: Princess Faux

 InuYasha and all the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi.

Part 1

He stopped for a brief moment to think of her for what must have been the thousandth time that day. It was slowly passing and nothing he did was helping to occupy the time. He'd already hunted and caught enough food to feed the entire tribe, and then there'd been the unnecessary fights with his fellow wolves, fights that were good for his dominant position and excellent training, but nothing was keeping his mind from imagining her face, and his fingers from tingling with the memory of her soft skin beneath them, and his senses from straining to catch a whiff of her on the breeze. It was as though he'd prepared for a battle, honing his skills and filling his blood with a fire that would drive him to the brink of insanity and create the wild beast that could kill mercilessly and indiscriminately.

Shaking with an impatient need, he took a swipe at an unfortunate butterfly that fluttered within range. His lightning fast claws must have missed by millimeters and the insect began scrambling for altitude, to escape its close call. The fact that he had missed infuriated him.

Taking chase, he nimbly launched himself into the air, fully prepared to strike again, this time with all his might, and defeat this new enemy. The silk soft wings turned in a loop, and for an instant he felt the tickle of tiny insect legs as the creature again dodged his attack and even used his passing hand to launch itself away. It soared up into the forest canopy, casting a shadow like a leaf, and then disappearing into the afternoon.

He sighed, calming the pounding blood in his ears and the burning, killing fire in his veins. Dropping to the ground, he began back towards the caves, his mind once again free to think on her.

He'd claimed her for his own, the woman he would take to mate and, though they would only be half-breeds, have pups with. There was a new litter in the tribe, just this week in fact, and he had already had the privilege of examining them. Two males and a female, all three very healthy and happy, which was good news for the tribe. Over the last few years they had lost more members to death, both natural and premature, than had been born. The lack of males to do the mating and his personal apprehension to mating with a female he had no intention of staying with had meant there were few births this year and even fewer the years before.

But the woman he'd chosen was different. She was human so could have his pups at anytime during the year, as opposed to the tribe females, who could only conceive during the spring. Because the pups usually arrived in late fall and early winter, they had even more going against them with the decrease in available food and increase in cold. This most recent litter was early, which he hoped indicated they would survive.

A light breeze carried the scent of a female in heat, and he had to stop for a moment to let the instinctive responses of his system pass. Turning his nose into the wind, he let the light sweetness pass over him and absorb into his every pore, arousing his body and igniting dread in his stomach at the same instant. He wanted only one and every time another touched him he risked not being able to resist, not staying faithful as she was to him.

But there was something different about this scent. Instead of communicating the hunger and intensity he had come to associate with females of his tribe, this scent was soft. It seemed to whisper only enough to gather his interest, enough to make him check a second time, as he had already done, to see if he had actually detected it. It was enticing rather than insistent. He realized he could lose the scent as easily as he had picked it up and so decided to investigate. Besides, few to no females were receptive this time of year; it would be worth his time to see just what was so attractive.