To my reviewers as of 02-04-02:

Yamashita – I have yet to decide if this will be an InuYasha/Kagome or a Kouga/Kagome story.  Though originally it was meant to be an alternative romance [aka Kouga/Kagome] I am having trouble writing Kagome with anyone other than InuYasha.  As of yet the fic is pretty much writing itself, and as I finish it this week [crossing fingers on that one] we will see.  So far the sentiment is against a pairing with Kouga, but I am not one known to follow protocol, so I guess again all I can say is we'll see.  I plan to do some more work on Wednesday but will be writing tomorrow since it is all still fresh in my mind.  Thank you for reviewing and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

Jezunya – Such emotional reviews are so exciting to read, thank you for leaving them.  It is like a play-by-play commentary at a sporting event when someone reviews in this way; always letting me know their reaction to that chapter.  I appreciate it.  As for the happy ending… well, it is a drama but I promise you will not be disappointed.  I have had this fic ready for the last few months now but life in general always seems to get in the way.  Finally this morning I determined myself to work on it and just look at the result.  Three chapters in 6 hours, pretty amazing huh?  Please continue to read and to review, it is always appreciated!

bri – Thank you, that was so nice.  I don't really like Kikyou either so don't expect to much more on her.  I am at a dilemma though on whether or not to bring Naraku back into the story.  Comments on that anyone?

To my reviewers as of 02-05-02:

Lady Priestess – I have been really, really bad about the site!  This fic is complete, or at least it was and then I started changing things again, and now… well, I am finishing it.  I have plans to post the other fics as I complete them too, so look for that in the weeks to come.  Nightmare will probably be next on the list but I also have a number of Magic Knight RayEarth and Fushigi Yuugi fics to keep updated too, so only time will tell. 

sphinx – thank you for the compliments and for putting to paper all the questions I need to consider in finishing this fic.  You're right about InuYasha always treating Kagome so badly and actually that is the point I'm trying to convey by making Kouga such an attractive character.  Kagome's got a very tough decision to make and all of Kouga and InuYasha's faults will come to bear.

Miranda – It is the general opinion of the InuYasha fan fiction community that Kagome and InuYasha belong together.  As my persona preferences go, those pairings with Kagome and SesshouMaru are my favorites, but really when an author chooses a different couple over the standard it always makes for an interesting fic.

Liz-chan – Have you snuck into my mind and read the last few chapters because this review is almost a preview!  I'm glad that you, as well as everyone else, have enjoyed this fic.  It gives me pleasure knowing others appreciate something I love doing so much.

Inuki – Though I am not familiar with Sailor Moon, I do agree with your perspective of the history of InuYasha and Kagome's romance.  They do belong together in the end but it's getting them there that is so much fun.  As with Liz-chan, have you been picking through my mind to read this fic?  It is amazing how many people I meet that just seem to know me.

Kay – I will do my best to resolve this fic in InuYasha's favor.  Though Kagome doesn't know it yet, Kouga is the worse of two evils here.  InuYasha really tripped up in the beginning [of my fic and the manga], but he had a reason and I will get to that I promise.

madeleine – It bothers me at times that Takahashi-sensei has included Kouga only marginally in the original manga.  He is used as an outskirt force that is somewhat fostering the relationship between Kagome and InuYasha, but on a lighter note it is this vagueness in his character that gives me the freedom to make him into an interesting and entertaining character here.  I have sympathized with Kouga and all his wants, which is perhaps the strongest driving force behind my plot.  Thank you for noticing that and commenting on it.  It helps me in the writing of a fic when I know others realize how and why I characterize OOC.

Curr-chan – Thank you for the compliment on my writing style.  I have been told that at times I am too descriptive or not good at presenting enough background information.  It's when reviewers leave favorable comments that I am even more motivated to write.

Kota Magic – Oh, my dear Kota Magic, I am glad that you found this post.  I am put to shame by the neglect of my web site, and have all intents of updating but no time or motivation to touch it right now.  I suppose the lesser of two evils is neglecting the site over these fics for any longer period of time.  I will finish this soon [within the week if time permits], and hope that my extended absence has not caused you to lose faith in me.

To my reviewers as of 02-06-02:

Lady Calliope – I'm glad you were able to find this here.  I was worried that many who visited my site wouldn't also look here for the fic.  Once I get around to updating my site I will include these new chapters there and also make mention that the fics are posted on  I don't plan on keeping the posts here for long once the fic is finished, just because the servers on this site are probably WAY overloaded as it is and they do not need me keeping stories on file that I have posted elsewhere on the web.  I am also pleased that you feel the characters are not OOC.  I am trying to avoid making up personality traits for them but it is so hard at times because there is only a limited amount of background information to go on.  It may not stay that way throughout the fic, so just be warned that you might see Kouga being more gracious then he'd ever be, or Kagome actually saying something cruel, but know that I am trying to keep them as far from OOC as possible.

Yumeru – I wish I could do what you've suggested, but writing two endings for the same story just seems strange to me.  When I come up with a plot, it really only has one ending and that finish is developed through the entire fic, not just something that comes around din the last chapter or so.  If I was to make this a Kouga and Kagome fic, there are already certain things that have happened that I would need to change.  That would be an entirely different story.  I may someday write that fic, but I can't create two endings for this one in the mean time.  Sorry.  There is, however, a bit of hope for Kouga fans here though.  I gave him Kagome's first kiss, so that's an honor InuYasha will never have in this fic's reality.  I really hope you can understand where I am coming from and why I have my reasons for not doing alternative endings.