What if Bella never moved to Forks, would fate still bring her and Edward together???

* * * *

Bella's POV:

I can't believe she actually trusts me on my own for so long I thought as I waved goodbye to my mom and Phil. They were headed to Florida for his spring training and I got to stay in Phoenix instead of moving all the way to Forks, Washington with my dad Charlie, I was so happy that I dodged that bullet. After the car was out of sight I walked back into the house and made myself some dinner and then watched some TV. Already, I felt scared and alone, with the unbearable silence and the very eerie darkness. What are you doing Bella; you told Renee that you'd be fine. Come on toughen up you chicken I thought as I was walking to my room getting ready for bed.

It was weird waking up to an empty house, again the loneliness hit me. After I ate breakfast I went outside and got in Renee's car, which I guess was now mine, and hurried to school. I hated school in general, but going to a school where there's about 3,000 students really sucks, especially for someone like me, an outsider. As I walked through the halls I felt invisible, I got pushed and shoved and stepped on. Then, since I didn't have anyone to socialize with I went to homeroom and waited for the bell to ring. Soon students whom I've known since kindergarten piled into the classroom.

"Bella Swan, you're wanted in the main office." Mr. Burkes yelled.

"Who's Bella Swan?" Kaelyn Swimmer asked, oblivious to the fact I was sitting not two seats away.

"Do we even have a Bella in our grade?" Drake Smiler asked in a non-sarcastic tone. Was I really that invisible?

"Okay, Mr. Burkes thanks." I said rising from my seat and looking at the confused faces of my peers. Oh mi gosh they honestly had no idea who I was. But I really shouldn't have been that surprised, I mean when was the last time I actually talked to any of them, umm never. So there I was walking to the main office of a school I've been attending since the first grade and probably not one student here knows I exist. I finally get to the office without crying, it took a lot, but I didn't shed one tear.

"Bella Swan?" The secretary asked politely.

"Yes." I said.

"Mrs. Williams, our guidance counselor wants to speak with you in her office."

"Okay thanks." I say, with a fake smile. Why do I need to see a guidance counselor?

"Isabella, please, please sit." Mrs. Williams says a bit too perky.

"It's just Bella." I say shyly.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She pauses to look at what I'm guessing is my record "well, Bella I heard that you're living by yourself now." How in the world did this woman find this out?

"Yes." I say unsure of what she's getting at.

"And how does that make you feel? Abandoned? Unloved? Worthless?-"

"Wow, wow, wow. It's not like my mom left me on a door step or something; she'll be back in like 3 months. And all I'm feeling right now is, alone." I say walking out of her office and then before I know it I'm walking out of the main entrance and to my car with tears streaming down my face. What was I doing? But before my mind could catch up with my body I was driving down the freeway towards an old national park that had this mountain that my mom and I used to "try to hike". Why was I going there?

Edward's POV:

Too sunny, no school today I thought as I peered out the window at the bright, blue sky I couldn't help but smile. After, decades and decades of repeating high school it gets a little ridiculous so it was always fun to skip every now and then. I might as well go hunting, there's nothing better to do.

"Emmet?" I asked wondering where my brother could have gone.

"Yes?" Emmet said walking down the stairs.

"Would you like to come hunting with me?" I asked.

"Sure, what's on the menu?" Emmet answered with a smirk.

"I'm thinking mountain lion." I said as we walked towards the woods "and you know where the best mountain lions are right?"

"To Phoenix!" Emmet said charging into the forest. I didn't even take me a second to catch up with him; I was the fastest runner of the family. "So why the sudden urge for some mountain lion?" Emmet asked as the forest flashed by.

"I don't really know, just a craving." I joked.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I could go for a grizzly right now." Emmet says.

Only a few more hours I thought as we soon reached the Washington, Oregon border.

Within two more hours we reached our destination. We were at an abandoned national park in the middle of Phoenix that was infested with mountain lions. But before we made our way out of the brushes, I saw her. A girl of medium height, extremely pale for someone living in Phoenix, with brown hair, and these deep brown eyes that showed her every emotion, right now she looked sad and irritated. But as I stared at this mystery girl, something came over me, her smell. The smell of her blood was intoxicating, with every breathe I took, the thirstier I became. Suddenly I wasn't the good vampire I pretended to be, my instincts overcame me, I was ready to pounce. But before I could anything that I would deeply regret, Emmet had his arms around me, holding me back. I fought back with all my strength, I thrashed and growled and tried so hard to break from his strong hold grip. But all that was going through my head was KILL HER!

"Edward, Edward relax." Emmet whispered trying to calm me down and let me gain control. But it was hopeless; I never wanted anyone else's blood as much as I wanted hers.