Bella's POV:

"One month." I sighed to myself as I looked at the calendar, it had been one month to this day that I first saw Edward. The sad thing was I haven't seen him since that day. His face was burned into my brain, those black eyes haunted my from day to day. I sometimes even went to the abandoned park every now and then with hopes that I will see him again, but those hopes come to a tragic end. Sometimes I think he may have been just a dream, and I'm still not 100% sure he's real.

Edward's POV:

"One month." I sighed to myself as I looked at my cell phone's calendar, it had been one month to this day that I first saw my brown-eyed Bella. There were so many times that I drove to airport, about to get on a plane to Phoenix, but I had to stop myself. Even though I loved her and knew in my heart that I would never hurt her, I would still be putting her in danger if I choose to be with her. But right now I choose to be reckless and selfish, as I once again drove to the airport, but this time actually getting on a plane. As I got off the exit I received a call from Carlisle. "Hello?" I answered immediately.

"Son, what do you think you're doing?"

"I know that this is wrong, and that you won't approve, but I need her." I finally admitted to him and myself.

"I understand the desperate need for a companion more than anybody, but she's human correct?"

"Yes." I said in defeat.

"And she obviously doesn't know what we are."

"Obviously." I said sarcastically.

"And how long have you known her?" Carlisle said.

"I met her once and we had one small conversation, but you don't understand how I-"

"No I do." Carlisle interrupted

"What?" I said confused.

"I completely understand and that's why I want to let you know that Esme and I fully support you."

"And the others?"

"They'll come around. But please be very careful with what you're doing."

"I will and thank you so much, Carlisle."

"You're welcome, son." I then hung up the phone and pulled into the airport parking lot, then ran towards the doors and waited in line hoping the next flight would be soon. "One first-class ticket to Phoenix please." I said I approached the front of the line.

"Of course." The woman behind the counter , I sat down and waited for my flight to begin boarding, it was only three hours until I would see Bella again.

Bella's POV:

The whole afternoon I sulked around, thinking of Edward and how I longed to see his face and hear his musical voice. Then, the phone rang and I rushed to answer it, hoping to get my mind off things. "Hello?" I said unemotionally.

"Hey hun, what's wrong?" Renee said all too cheerful.

"Oh hey mom, no nothings wrong, I'm just bored I guess."

"Well, do you want me to come home?" I could here the reluctance in her voice.

"No mom, it's fine." I lied.

"Okay well I got to go, Phil's got a game, but I'll call again tonight. Love you."

"Yeah, love you too." I said and then hung up the phone. I then began walking around my house looking for something to do. Nothing good was on TV, I had read all the books that were in the truck in my room, my homework was finished, and I had absolutely no friends to hang out with. So then I decided I would go for a walk around the neighborhood. But right when was opening the door to go outside someone was about to knock and the door and we kind of collided. As I tried to get back on my feet a very pale hand was extended to help me up. Edward!!! I thought. I gladly to took the hand and then looked up at his smiling face. "Are you okay?" He asked with his musical voice, it sounded like he was trying not to laugh.

"Yeah I'm fine, what are you do-" But before I could finish I noticed that his eyes were no longer black, they were a light honey color. "Your eyes, did you get contacts?" I asked suddenly.

"No, it's just the different lighting." He said quickly.

"Oh sorry." I said now embarrassed.

"It's okay." He smiled a crooked smile that made me literally weak at the knees. "So what were you going to say?"

"Oh ummm…I was going to ask you why you're here." I said regaining my train of thought.

"Well Bella, believe it or not, you made quit an impression on my last time we met and I just wanted to see you again." He said tenderly leaning closer to my face.

"I'm glad; I was beginning to think that you were some figment of my imagination." I said and he laughed at this; his laugh was even more beautiful than his voice.

"So, may I come in?" He asked after he was done laughing.

"Sure." I said both nervous and excited.

"I like it." He said walking around admiring the random collections of knick-knacks my mother kept. His beauty seemed so out of place in my average home. After I gave Edward a full tour of the house, we retired to the living room and sat on the couch. We then started talking about everything, for four hours straight.

"Oh mi gosh, it's almost seven o'clock." I said as I stared at the clock, surprised that we had been talking for four hours. "Well, do you want some dinner?" I said getting up from the couch and walking over to the kitchen.

"No thank you, I'm kind of on a special diet." He answered shyly.

"Okay, I guess I'll just have left overs." I said pulling out a container of pasta from yesterday. Then, once I got me food we sat down at the kitchen table and began talking again. I wonder if he loves me. I mean he has to like me if he came to my house right? Maybe I should approach him about his feelings toward me. Yeah, yeah that's a good plan. I thought to myself.

Edward's POV:

"Bella?" I said again, seeing as though she was lost in thought.

"Yeah, sorry did you say something." She said blushing.

"That is beyond frustrating." I said staring into those unnaturally deep, brown eyes.

"What is?" She said a little nervous.

"Not knowing what you're thinking." I blurted out.

"Well we are only human." She said.

"If only you knew the truth." I whispered much too low for Bella to hear.