Summary: The requested sequel to a previous Knight Rider story, in this one, Zoe and Wild are kidnapped by a mysterious party led by someone called the Genie and it's up to Cadge and the rest of FLAG, as well as some unexpected new companions, to rescue them. Who is the Genie? What does he want? Who is Nevada? Read and find out!

Rated: Mature for language, crude humor, and drug references.

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Chapter 1: Introduction/ Prologue

Michael Traceur had been a hansom wild boy in his youth, even when he went to fight the War in Iraq, where he quickly became well known as the man who could get it done. Whether it was invading a terrorist's shelter or crossing a mine-filled field, Michael became a sort of legend in the battlefield. But even legends get tired of war, and Michael had been sitting in a café in Iran, trying to find comfort in his memories of a peaceful life in America when his life had changed do to the introduction of one man in black.

The man in black's name had been Alex Torres, a government operative who invited Michael to work in a secret project with a company called Knight Industries. The project; Michael was to be the driver of the Knight Auto-Cybernetic Roving Robot, Karr, for short… and Karr was a sentient car.

Michael had been extremely reluctant at first to enter into a project that was, to him, an over-the-top science-fiction adventure. But he had been forced to work with the moody sentient machine or go to prison for treason. At first, it had been hard to work with Karr the sentient silver Mustang, as the two were always bashing heads as to who was the superior. But they became good friends; coming out victorious in every single mission that they were given. In the time Karr and Michael had become friends, Michael had come to feel invincible. Things went south, though, when Karr upgraded himself into a cyborg that was too powerful for Knight Industries' liking.

When they had attempted to make Karr de-grade himself, he had fought back and killed seven people. After a hard battle, Karr was taken off line and Michael was given a serum to forget months of work with Karr and sent home on military discharge. When Michael had next awoken after having his memory erased, his plane back was already landing in California. For months afterwards, when ever he looked at the enormous hole between some undetermined point in Iraq to waking up on the plane, he would always shy away from it, not wishing to know what he had done in that large hole. He just assumed that his mind had repressed some memories for his own protection and left it at that.

For the next few months he had lived off of the discharge cash the military had given him, gambling, partying and womanizing at night and sleeping off hangovers in the day. He had nothing to regret, but always he would feel a strange emptiness in himself. It looked like he would live the rest of his what-looked-like short life as a disgraced soldier enjoying what time he had left… until Sarah Graiman reappeared in his life.

Sarah Graiman, daughter of Dr. Graiman, was the genius and beautiful childhood sweetheart of Michael's that he had even made his fiancé until his mysterious disappearance and memory relapse. One night, it appeared that Dr. Graiman had been murdered and the same people who had killed him almost came after Sarah. Enter from stage right the Knight Industries Two Thousand: Kitt, a newer, peaceful version of Karr, although no one had known at the time.

Long story short, Michael rescued Sarah, Dr. Graiman had hoaxed his own death, and Michael became Kitt's driver for Knight Industries once more, this time working in America until Dr. Graiman truly died in a plane crash. Upon the death of Dr. Graiman, Alex Torres, who had been working with in the American Knight Industries base as well, dissolved Knight Industries, fired Michael and all his co-workers, and took Kitt's computer mind in an attempt to resurrect and fix Karr.

It had failed miserably.

Karr had been insane when he had come back on line, killing Alex Torres before Michael, by downloading Kitt's mind files off numerous places on the internet, had resurrected Kitt and together, Kitt and Michael had put Karr down. During that adventure, Sarah had been off mourning her father's death and had discovered that he had left her millions of dollars in the wake of his death. Using this money, Sarah had stared the Federation of Law and Government: FLAG. Working in FLAG other than her, Michael, and Kitt were their good friends who were polar opposites of each other: Zoe and Billy. Zoe was an attractive woman of Asian decent, playful, and always teasing Billy, a young man that one may call a "nerd" and often the butt of the group's jokes whenever he made an attempt at looking stronger than what he was.

Hence it went like that for a while: Sarah would hook in the assignments and Michael and Kitt would stop whatever terrorist or high-class criminal was at work in the US at the moment with Zoe and Billy guiding them. More often than not, something would explode by the end of the assignment and Michael would come home, bruised and beaten up, but with the criminal caught, even for at least a few months, until they would bribe their way out again. So, with the lack of effectiveness on taking out the criminals, on top of the government keeping a close eye on FLAG, do to its controversial beginnings, it was a hard life, but the only one because, let's face it, once you call a sentient talking car your friend, there's no way in the world that you're just going to become a standard office worker.

Now, to disrupt this accustomed pattern of life, enter from stage left Cadge, the Cyber Android of Demolitions Game Expert created by Masquerade Incorporated.

One day, Masquerade attempted to show Cadge off at a festival called the Technology Shamroo, when Cadge decided that he had had enough of the cold experiment life and ran away. Rebecca Wild, his human caretaker and mother figure, was soon fired even as Cadge had met up with Billy during a standard supplies pick up. Billy wound up taking Cadge home, where the members of FLAG discovered that Cadge had the ability to switch between different foreign sport car modes for showing off, with each mode having a slightly different personality than the others. Cadge was also a super mimic; an ability that came from his scanning program that allowed him to analyze other cars' moves and copy them. Billy fought for Cadge and since Cadge refused to return to his owners, he had become a member of FLAG.

Sarah, though, had been jealous that another company had made a sentient car without being associated with the Graiman family and had made plans with Kitt to return Cadge to his proper home. Cadge found out about this during a social gathering at the home of Benjamin Spencer, new employer of Rebecca Wild. Cadge became upset and ran off, only to run into Karr, who had been revived by one unlucky mechanic that had accidentally installed his CPU drive into a computer. Karr had manipulated Cadge's desires for fellow sentient machines and wound up activating his highly hostile, weapon-carrying Ferrari FXX form that insisted on being called Nasam as well as recruiting Cadge/Nasam into a plot to have machines take over the world via sentience-broadcasting viruses.

Nasam helped Karr kidnap Michael and Michael almost re-joined Karr, do to a hit on the head giving back all his memories of Karr. Spencer and Rebecca, meanwhile, went to face Masquerade Inc directly and demand where the Nasam side of Cadge had come from and had discovered Cadge's role as a test subject for a new style of warfare where a machine could go into battle by itself without the risk of endangering human lives. Dr. Gomez, the original developer of Cadge, had rallied together a Masquerade Inc. force to go after and off line Cadge before his hidden on-board weaponry could do real damage.

Long story short: Nasam and Karr managed to broadcast a sort of audio virus that made all machines sentient, turning northern Nevada into pure hell. Nasam was forced to shut down when his incomplete program went on the flux, just like what Kitt and Sarah had predicted, and rebooted himself into a better model of himself with weaponry on all alt-forms. Using these upgrades, Cadge had went into battle against Masquerade Inc and won, then had fought Karr when Michael decided not to join Karr after all and Karr almost killed him by forcibly melding with him. After the machines' mortal combat, with Kitt and Cadge against Karr, Cadge had died defeating Karr, who had escaped; crippled, but not dead.

Even though it looked like Cadge was gone for good, Billy was the one who figured out that Cadge had mimicked Kitt's own death-survival tactic of simply uploading his cyber mind in numerous pieces all around the Internet and hence, had revived Cadge. Realizing that they were wrong about Cadge, Masquerade Inc allowed him to be taken into the care of FLAG, where he has been working ever since.

Now that we are updated: On with the show!

- - - -

It starts in a large, empty warehouse, as always. It's night time in an unspecified location, the warehouse is void of furniture or decoration, and one could just feel the grit on one's skin. A lone figure strides back and forth across the floor with their boots clomping dully on the floor. An engine approaches and the person turns to the doors as headlights turn into the warehouse before their owner enters. A yellow light pulses between the headlights, unsure of which one to stay by. The figure merely stops and turns their head to the lights, their face hidden in the shadows of their wide-brimmed hat.

"Welcome. I can grant you three wishes, for a price," the figure says, an amused smirk obvious in his voice tone.

The lights stop moving then suddenly move into the air with the sound of clanking metal and sliding sheets. The figure merely tilts their head back to look up at the lights, but begins to walk backwards, preparing to turn and all-out sprint for their life. A metal claw-hand reaches from the shadows behind the lights and seizes the figure up around their waist, turning him around so that he may face the pulsing yellow light, now hovering high over the head lights.

"I wish the demise of a vehicle called Kitt. I wish for the demise of an agency called FLAG. And I wish for the possession of a man named Michael Knight. Grant me my wishes…"

The claw squeezes, making the captive cry out and writhe in pain. The golden light glows brighter.

"Or I will stuff you back in your lamp and destroy you."

Author's Note: Confused yet? Ah, well, all will be revealed, in time.