Naruto: the Chimera

Naruto was in lab tube with green liquid inside the tube. He is ten years old. He had a mask on that seemingly gave him oxygen. He was 5'5 now. He was 130 lbs of muscle. Right now his hair was still spikey with red, black, silver, and promiently blonde. He is unconscience at the moment but if he opened his eyes he would have a level two Bakugan on the left eye and an Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan on the Right. These doujutsu's are activate with chakra. If he doesn't put chakra in his eyes, his eyes would be a snake-like slit on the left and a toad-like bar on the right. The Fox marks were in his eyes too. The fox like slits went vertical in the Toad eye and went horizontal in the snake eye.

His skin was different to say the least. His left side was paler than his right. His whisker marks were thought to be gone and fade away didn't. It got darker and more defined. He has an armor of sharp scales that doesn't cut but shaves flesh and chakra. It recedes in and out of his skin at a moments notice. He also had threads of of this gray matter that lets him change to paper or thread.

His intelligent level has long since passed Shikaku's 230. His dexterity is that to be envied of for all puppeteers. There was what looked like a cut on top of his forehead that can barely be seen was actually another eye. It was the Rinnegan. It too had the Fox Slit except it had two. Also the Rinnegan reached a level in which it spin with the Fox slit twirls with it. On his shoulders there were mini half of a Venus flytrap on each side. He had slits on his hands that were actually mouths.

His Chakra levels were off the charts it had the powers of the strongest people to walk in the generation. He had Hanzo's and Nidaime's water abilities. The knowledge of the bo staff and kenjutsu. He had white chakra that flowed through him the weapon he is using. He had a scythe with three blades strapped to his back.

Because of what happened Naruto has all the elements and sub-elements. Because of the samples he has, he has the contracts of powerful summons. He has the toads, snakes, salamanders, ravens, slugs and monkeys just to name a few. He is extremely powerful but the problem is he hasn't waken up yet. Now the question is how did he get into this predicament. Well this is what occurred.

Flashback : Two Years ago

Naruto was running away from a mob who believed he was the Kyuubi No Kitsune. He was the Kyuubi's jailor after his father sealed it in him to save lives. He ran into an alleyway but it became a dead end. He had a look of despair as the came closer and closer . 'Ah look what we have here a fox just waiting for his predator to come and take him. The civillian said.

That night screams and muffling sounds were heard as blood spilled all over the alleyway.

Now you see there are spies all over Konoha. This particular one worked for a person named Orchimaru. He has been trained as a medic just below the skill of Tsunade Senju the Slug Princess. He has stayed a genin for 5 years but his real level is a low Jounin. He has silver greyish type hair. The most notable thing about this genin is his glasses. He was a part of the crowd but he was very insidious.

He saw the boy on the floor busted up, bloody, ripped apart, knives in different places, shurenkins were in his arms and legs. The boy was pratically target practice. Kabuto has a sick smile on his face. His eyes saw the perfect way to perfect his Master's plan. 'Orochimaru will be pleased with me' . since naruto was uncounscience, Kabuto took the liberty to heal and gave him a sedative to keep him out. Covered him in a body bag and took him out of Konoha.

In Otogakure

Orochimaru was pissed off. None of his experiments were working. 'Damn it! Why doesn't any of these stupid experiments work. '. He was so pissed he destroy all the beakers onthee table as another one bit the dust. He was absolutely livid until he heard someone call him. "Orochimaru-sama ! How are the expeiriments going?" The voice was Kabuto's.

Orochimaru said "what does it look like(pointing to the mess on the floor)?" Kabuto had a smile on his face. "Well I have a present for you. I figured out why none of the experiments work. Its because they did not have another source to keep them alive duuring the experiments. Well how about a certain boy who had a very prideful demon that happens to have 'Nine' its name didnt want to die can keep him alive." Orochimaru who in the beginning was livid started to increasingly become a kid in a toy store with a trillion dollars. Kabuto might have made his day. He struck a gold mine. Naruto the Demon container, why hadn't he think of it before.

Orochimaru was absolutely giddy . "Where is he? I want to see my new body. " Kabuto opened up the body bag and showed an unconscience Naruto. Orochimaru licked his lips, "Yes, He's perfect". Orochimaru was now laughing manaically. He said Kabuto strap him up.

They strapped him up and had a syringe with Harashima Senju's blood in it. Orochimaru with the syringe in his hand said, "Lets hope this work" Kabuto who was on the computer currently looking at Naruto's blood within his body waiting for his master to inject the blood of the First Hokage in to Naruto. "Ready Master?" Kabuto asked. Orochimaru nodded his head as he injected it into Naruto.

The blood shot into Naruto's system and Naruto starteed to violently shake for a moment then stopped. Kabuto gasped. It worked, Harashima's blood mixed with Naruto's DNA. Kabuto said with glee, "Orochimaru-sama, it worked he has the bloodline limit." Orochimaru for the first time in years thanked the gods. He had found a body that could never die, and this boy can become the most powerful ninja to ever exist!"

Flashback End

Over the two years they had been injecting Naruto with the blood of some of the strongest people that ever existed. Naruto who they both thought did not know was awake and now he was merely in the green filled liquid waiting tocome out and destroy the two men that made him into a monster.

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