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Author's Note: Contains spoilers from next week's episode Guilty Pleasures.


Tony: You, me McGee we're done.

McGee: Good.

McGee said and then watched as Tony went to his desk to put his gun in his desk, but then heard Gibbs said to grab their gear. He really didn't think about what he had said to Tony because he was too busy gathering his things to make it to the elevator to catch up with his teammates.

The whole ride over to the crime scene was quiet and wondered why Tony was so quiet. Usually when they were driving to the crime scene Tony would be talking about everything and nothing. It seemed to be that Tony just liked to talk.

As they neared the crime scene tape they found out that Homicide Detective Philip McCadden, whom they had already worked with before was there.

"We've got a body, we've got a crime scene."

"Quid pro quo, Clarice." McCadden replied back.

Tony smiled at the movie reference and then they walked towards the house. When they arrived at the crime scene he saw that Tony was looking around.

"It looks like something out of Kill Bill." Tony said about the crime scene. There was blood everywhere and not only that, but bloody handprints.

"Volume 1" Replied both McCadden and Tony at the same time.

As they were working he could hear the easy banter between McCadden and Tony as they traded movie quotes. He shook his head and then went back to work.

Finally the case was done and McCadden was still in the bullpen and talking to Tony. They were going out for a drink later, but McCadden was waiting for Tony to finish his report. He was slightly jealous of the easy friendship of those two men. Throughout the case Tony had been talking more and more to McCadden and leaving him behind. Was he really jealous of their new friendship? Yes, he was because he wished that he had Tony's friendship back and wanted to make it right. He would have to think of something, but he would do that because he missed their friendship. The saying was right you don't miss something until it was gone. He missed Tony's friendship and didn't realize it until it was gone.

The End