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Summary: Logan and Veronica dated through high school. Lilly wanted to date Logan but never did. Duncan always dated Meg. The Fab Four went to Shelly's after one of LoVe's break ups. Lilly and Logan get together at the party. Duncan left with Meg. Veronica wakes up in the morning and leaves the next day. One month later Keith and Lilly receives letters from Veronica explaining her disappearance. Lilly's letter told her to tell Logan but Lilly never did. Veronica comes back and surprises everyone. Lilly and Logan are dating but eventually break up. Veronica finds out Lilly never told Logan about her disappearance. Troy and Casey show up at school and they know Veronica really well.

So Casey and Troy have slightly bigger role in this fic than some other ones and the tv show. Also Duncan and Veronica never dated. Please review. :)

Veronica was not very excited to go back to Neptune. She spent the rest of sophomore year in a secluded area after Shelly's party. The rape had changed her in more ways than one. She wasn't going to be easy prey for anyone who walked by from now on. She learned to fight back. Veronica had even changed her wardrobe and hair. Veronica refused to be that innocent, frilly girl. That girl was shattered and broken the morning after Shelly's party. No one could protect her anymore except herself. Veronica looked around the room with the past few months flooding toward her once more.

She would be returning to Neptune High due to her father's request. The rest of today would be hiding out in her room trying to avoid anyone who might want an explanation of her nine-month disappearance. So far only Lilly and Keith knew the reason behind it. Keith was over whelmed with grief when he discovered his sixteen-year old baby girl had packed a bag one night and left. It wasn't until about a month after Veronica's absence did Veronica call to let him know she was aright. The following day he received a letter giving him very in depth reasons to why she had left so abruptly. It also included and sealed letter that Keith was to make sure Lilly got in person. Lilly's letter said mainly the same things as Keith's but her's left out some of the details and it asked her to tell Logan that she was okay. Then both were forced to promise to not go looking for her anymore and to keep the incident a secret. Veronica did not want anyone else finding out about the attack. Lilly was told that Logan was to NEVER find out.

She sat in her room looking at all the reminders of her old life. They would be packed in boxes and stored under her bed the following day. It had been really hard at first to not pick up the phone and call Keith or Lilly at first, but after Veronica sent out the letters she felt like she had gotten a huge weight off her chest lifted. From then on whenever she needed to talk to them she just wrote it on paper and sent it to them in the mail. She never wrote a return address, but Veronica liked to think she would know their reactions. Besides she never stayed in one place that long; there were trips to New York, Miami, Richmond, Chicago, and L.A. even. Veronica finally fell asleep.

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