Brian sighed as he leaned back in the white designer sofa. He was already having regrets about this whole thing. As a matter of fact, he'd just made up his mind to leave, but a lady in white calling out his name stopped him.

-Mrs. Newman is waiting for you, sir.

Like a kid caught playing with matches, Brian slowly turned around and faced her. After a seconds hesitation, he entered the door the woman held open for him. She guided him through the room and to yet another door, a tall ornamented one in wood. Breathing deeply in, he pushed the cold metal handle down and took in the room. Red plush floor. Heavy bookshelves. Red, velvet sofas. Matching Chairs. Everything in wood, mahogany he guessed.

-Well mr…

The psychiatrist glanced quickly at a notepad in front of her

- ..Slade, is it? Please have a seat.

With a gesture she placed Brian in the couch closest to her. He suddenly jerked in his seat, his brain had finally deciphered the signals from his retinal areas: This lady was old! Her wrinkled face made his very core writhe in pure disgust. The lines from her eyes and around her discreetly painted lips were already well developed, although she couldn't possibly be more than 35 years old. He realized he was staring, and looked down at his currently fiddling hands and made a point of straightening every fiber of his pants.

- Not much of a talker, huh? I hope this setting isn't troubling you too much, though. Your friend, Curt, said you might dislike it.


He corrected.


Brian stopped his fidgeting for a moment and looked up.

-He's my boyfriend, not friend.

The psychiatrist nodded and wrote something at her pad. Her patient couldn't be more uncomfortable by now.

-Well, your boyfriend seems to care for you. A lot actually.

She added

-And what's more, he seems to worry about you. What is he worrying about Brian?


Brian cleared his throat

- Seeing it as you are a psychiatrist and I'm here as your.. um.. patient, I'd dare to say it's about my mental health.

A slight chuckle and a quick scribbling on her pad again.

-What I meant to ask you was what you think your problem is about?

-Why don't you ask Curt, he was the one who forced me to come here in the first place. Sounds like you two have had a bloody nice little chat about me.

Still a bit sulky for having to talk to this disgusting old hag, he didn't notice that his voice skipped an octave.

She sighed

-I don't wish you any harm, Brian. I really want to help you with what you're struggling with, but I'll need you to cooperate. Is it really so that you don't realize why you're here today?

The singer closed his eyes and refilled his lungs.

-Curt worries about my drinking, my alternate stage persona, about Mandy and my feelings towards her and the rest of the whole darn world… He's also worried about my career, as ironic as that might be, and…um..

He realized he was in the middle of an outburst and went silent-

-The substance abuse?

She added

The blonde elevated his blue eyes to her level and nodded, shocked. What else did she know about him? What had that dimwitted American ass told her about him? His bloody sexlife?

-It's okay, I had Curt here regularly for about three months you know. I've heard some stories.


-I'm not going back there Curt. No matter what you say, I'm not going back to that nosy hag.

Brian stated, as the door slammed shut behind him.

-Whoah, relax love. What did she say to upset you so?

Curt managed to steal a kiss before returning to his juice carton. His lover had hectic red spots on his cheeks, not necessarily a good sign. Brian dropped his coat and slapped the juice out of the Americans hands. It's yellow contents spilled all over the white tiles.

-I've just endured the worst hour and the half of my life, and you proceed drinking juice?! And on top of that, you sent me in there, you told her… told here every blasted detail of my life?! How could you do this to me, don't you love me anymore?

Curt stared blindly at his enraged boyfriend. Had he gone completely insane? Had he shot up some before returning home? But, no, his pupils was small periods in his icy iris' due to the fluorescent lighting of the hallway.

-Of course I love you, how can you even question that? What's the matter Brian, I thought you needed it. I saw myself in you, you know, and god knows I needed a talk with her.

Brian let himself sink to the floor.

-I'm sorry Curt, I didn't mean to accuse you.. I'm just not used to having all this… caring around me. And I felt like some awful miscreature when she stared at me.. It was like an interrogation where she knew me inside out! I just… just…

He felt his boyfriend's arm wrap around his shoulders.

-It's okay, mate. I guess I should have talked to you more thoroughly before sending you off like that. Next time, I'll go with you, allright?

-Who says there'll be a next time?

- Okay, you don't have to decide that now.

He carefully lifted the younger boys chin upwards, 'till their lips met.

-How 'bout we go to bed now? We can clean up this mess later..

-Sound splendid.


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