It was late. The sun had set and she wasn't home yet. I unfolded the letter once again and reread the words:

Out For a walk with Edward.

Bella had been dating Edward Cullen for about 5 months now. I never had any trouble with the Cullen family, but when my 17 year old daughter came home saying she had a date with the youngest Cullen, I panicked. She only lived here a few months and was worried about having a serious relationship so young.

I could relate to that. Me and Bella's mother, Renee, got married right out of high school and soon after, Bella was born. We soon separated and it was hard to get over. I haven't changed much in the house after she left.

But I wanted more for my daughter. I wanted more than a high school romance turned marriage and a divorce. I know Edward cares a lot for her. I wasn't blind. I also knew she felt the same way. That's why last Spring, I was so worried for her when she went to Phoenix. She went to get out of being too much, too soon.

Then she fell. Edward never left her side. I've never seen someone care so much for my little girl like he does.


If Bella is out there right now, hurt or afraid, because of Edward Cullen…

I shook my head. He didn't seem like the kind of guy who'd hurt her. I didn't believe in much but I believed in that.

Sam Uley brought my baby girl home. She was a mess, barely awake. That's when I knew something bad had happened. Billy and Harry told me the Cullens left. Left? But how could someone that cared about someone so much leave them?

As I took Bella from Sam's arms, she kept whispering, "He's gone." I knew that meant one thing. Edward did take Bella in the woods. And he broke her heart.

For that, I couldn't forgive him.

Bella crawled right into bed and fell right asleep.

That was the first night she screamed.