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This chapter includes flashbacks from when Bella was in the hospital in "Twilight." We never did get to see Charlie there.


I paced back and forth the next morning. Bella was in love with Edward Cullen. He was in love with her. But what didn't make sense was why he would leave if he loved her so much.

Bella wouldn't be up for another half an hour. I knew of that because she slept less now that he was gone.

Usually, I would go to her when she screamed. I didn't last night.

It doesn't do either of us any good for me to go to her. I see my little girl in pain and crying that leads to her sleepless nights. And she doesn't get the comfort she needs when I come. It all leads back to the Cullen kid.

As much as I hated it, that was true.

I didn't know what else to think about or do as I waited for Bella to wake up and come downstairs.

So I sat in the kitchen, thinking back to when I first thought he hurt my little girl.

I ran into the hospital in a panic.

"Where is she?" I screamed at anyone who would listen. "Does anyone know what room my daughter is in?"

Some people looked at me like I was crazy. Others shrugged as they tried to make sense of the man running the halls. Then a nurse answered me in a very calm voice, "Sir?"

I looked at her with a blank stare. Then I got to my senses and walked to the front desk.

"I'm looking for my daughter," I whispered, "Isabella Swan. Maybe she's in here as 'Bella.' Is she here?"

I watched as the nurse looked through files on the computer and then as she found something. "Bella, you said?"

I nodded.

"She's in the ER," the words coming out of her mouth almost stopped my heart. ER? I didn't know that much. Carisle must have left that out. "What's your name?"

"Charlie," I answered, "Charlie Swan. Bella is my daughter. She was in town for her mom. Can I see her?"

"Well," she thought it out a little, "She has some visitors right now, but seeing as you're her father, I can get you in there. It's just down the hall."

"Thanks," I said with a smile. I meant it. Then I started down the hall for the ER.


I turned fast. "Yeah?"

"She's gonna be fine."

I nodded and continued through the long hallway.

In front of the doorway to the ER stood Edward Cullen.

"What are you doing here," I spat at him. He just looked at me with such a concern. Like he was more worried about Bella. To be honest, so was I. But I needed to ask him what happened. "You're the reason she left Forks. How did you come here first, huh?"

He took a breath and answered, "Charlie, Chief Swan, whichever you want me to call you, I'm sure you're mad at me right now. But I was worried about Bella. After our fight and Alice told me she left, I wanted to come talk to her."

Edward took another breath, it seemed hard for him to, and kept going, "Carisle and Alice came with me. Bella was coming to meet me at our room and when she came, she fell down the stairs."

His voice broke on that part.

Carisle spoke for the first time since I saw them waiting there, "She fell through a window, Charlie. Bella was badly injured. I don't know how bad right now, but there was some broken ribs and a cut on her head. I checked her out before the ambulance came the best I could. That's all I know."

"Thank you, Carisle," I replied, "Edward, have you seen her yet?"

"Not since the hotel," he answered, "Do you want to?"

"You know what?" I sighed, "Why don't you go in there and see if she's okay?" I patted Edward's back and saw some of his panice ease as he knew I was okay with his presence at the hospital.

Edward smiled at me. That was new.

"Thank you, Chief Swan."

"Edward? Call me Charlie."

And he nodded at me, the smile still in place as he walked through the ER doors. I went to the small window in the door and watched as Edward sat at Bella's bedside. He took her hand and wrapped it in his own and I saw her eyes flutter. She looked at him with an answering smile to his. Edward kissed their twined hands and I could tell they were happy.

The moment then felt too private and Carisle patted my back now. I almost forgot he was there in the moment of seeing my daughter happy and growing up.

"Let's give them a few minutes, huh, Charlie?" he said with his own smile.

I nodded, "Yeah. Let's sit down."

I replayed the memory of Edward sitting at Bella's bedside. I almost forgot about it until now. And it was all I had to go on to think of them together. It was the most private I'd seen them and I'd never seen her more happy than that moment.

I heard footsteps on the stairs and I knew Bella was awake. She appeared in the kitchen seconds later. I put a new smile on, as I tried to reassure her even though I now understand how much her heart was breaking. I wished her mother wasn't at a hotel at the moment. She should be here.

"Morning, Bells," I said to her as she entered the room.

"Morning," she whispered back.

I was going to try harder for her now that I knew and remembered what Edward Cullen had meant to her.

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